Nerf GK75 keyboard - high configuration and compact small steel cannon keyboard

As a productivity tool, the mechanical keyboard is an indispensable device for me. Although the company is equipped with a membrane keyboard, I still take one from home and use it in the company.

But recently, the company has changed from a desktop computer to a notebook computer. With a secondary screen, the desktop space is suddenly crowded. The previous mechanical keyboard is placed on the table, which takes up a lot of space; and the touch panel area of ​​the notebook is placed under the keyboard. , causing the keyboard to be unstable and always swaying left and right, so I had the idea of ​​replacing the keyboard with a smaller one.

Then I started to search for suitable keyboards from the Internet. Based on my experience with keyboards, I sorted out a few demand points.

1. Want a wireless keyboard. There are usually meetings and outings. It was a wired keyboard before, and it was very inconvenient to unplug the cable every time I took the computer away from the work station; and with more and more things on the desktop, all kinds of cables piled up on the desktop, which seemed extraordinarily messy, so the wireless keyboard was preferred .

2. The keyboard should have volume controls. Before controlling the volume of the computer, I always used the mouse to control it on the bottom bar of the desktop. There is a rotating volume button on the previous Alice keyboard, which is very convenient to use, especially before each meeting, the volume can be muted by pressing it. So when buying a keyboard this time, you should also choose one that can adjust the volume.

3. The keys must support programming. I am ashamed to say that I have been using mechanical keyboards for so many years, and the key programming is only used from the last keyboard. Before I used it, I found it troublesome and I didn’t want to set it. Now I am used to it, and I feel troublesome if I don’t use it...

Finally, based on the above requirements, I found this SKYLOONG GK75 mechanical keyboard. This is a wireless keyboard with a Gasket structure of 75% layout. It is small in size and has all the functions I need. And just in time for their crazy kit festival, the super low price of 238 yuan. So it's time to place an order and wait for the delivery~

Arrival display~ The packaging can be said to be unpretentious. The three boxes are the keyboard body, keycap and switch body. However, there are really many logos. In one photo, there are 6 logos.

After unpacking the outer packaging, the switch body and keycaps are packed in a small plastic box, which is quite ceremonial. The accessories are relatively simple, including manuals, keyboard cables and adapters.

Take a look at the keyboard body. The upper cover adopts a black and transparent design. It feels matte and does not leave fingerprints. The texture is very good. The yellow positioning plate is very conspicuous, the space bar positioning plate can be disassembled separately, and the workmanship is very good.

The back of the keyboard, the lower cover is also made of black transparent material, the anti-skid pad is thick, and it is equipped with two-stage support feet. What I like very much is that although this keyboard is a wireless keyboard, the position for plugging in is still reserved for three-way The outlet is very friendly to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

You can see the product label on the back, and there are two physical buttons, which can be used to control switching connection methods and computer systems. I really like this intuitive switching method, which is much more convenient than combining buttons to switch.

Turn it on and see the lighting effect. RGB is impossible to miss, and it is impossible to miss in this life. Lighting can be driven to customize the effect. It is quite interesting to play with it occasionally.

The side photo, this height is about the same as the keyboard I used before, and I don’t need to get used to it.

Then there is the keycap. I chose the Glacier Optical Switch Bumblebee V3. The main reason is that I like keycaps that are lighter to press, so I chose the lowest pressing weight among the 6 types of switches provided by the official. It's really light and light, which is my favorite type.

The keycaps are also poured out. There are 5 official colors. I chose the industrial titanium gray version. The overall tone is low-key gray, some large keys are yellow, and there are gray supplementary keycaps. It can be used in the company and can be low-key.

The CNC aluminum alloy knob is exquisite in workmanship. It is installed on the top right of the keyboard. It can be rotated to adjust the volume and pressed to mute. This is my favorite function. When watching videos, you don’t have to look for the volume button in full screen. And you can also customize functions through macro programming.

Take a closer look at the positioning board and the main board, the holes are located precisely, and there is a layer of Lite Gasket silicone sandwich cushion between them. The function is that the button is pressed down, and the hand feeling is not so hard, and there will be a feeling of overall rebound, which can improve the hand feeling a lot, and can play the role of noise reduction.

Check the effect on the upper shaft body, it is very simple to install, just align it with the hole and press hard, and it is installed when you hear the click sound.

The effect of the big space bar, the positioning plate of the space bar can be removed.

Remove the positioning plate of the space bar, and a shaft installation position is hidden under the positioning plate, which can be replaced with a split space bar, and the playability is higher.

Put on the keycaps to see the overall effect. There are still a lot of supplementary keycaps, and you can choose your favorite color for the big keys. Because it is used in the company, I didn't install too bright yellow, so I used white + gray tones. The keys are compact, but there are all the keys that should be there.

There is no difference between the letter area and the ordinary keyboard. With the black top cover, it looks very handsome. Although it looks dark at first glance, when you use it yourself, the yellow positioning board on the bottom can still be exposed. gas. The overall feel of the keys is light, and it is easier to use for long-term typing. Because of the mechanical optical axis, the response speed is very fast, and the typing feels smooth.

The carriage return uses a low-saturation green color, combined with the yellow base of the volume adjustment button, it plays an embellishing effect, and the overall look is not so dull. The large keys feel less shaking, and there is no loose feeling, and the overall texture is in place.

Take a picture from another angle, the top is a yellow supplementary keycap, and when you get tired of this color in the future, you can change the keycap and it will be a new keyboard, hahaha.

Finally, the RGB lighting is displayed. Because the keycaps are made of opaque materials, the lighting is not very conspicuous, and it is also a feeling of inner coquettish. I still like the finished product very much. Whether it is the feel of the keyboard, the sound or the material, it all meets my expectations. From the perspective of the comprehensive price, I think the price/performance ratio is also good.

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