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New choice of women's wireless keyboard and mouse, colorful, thin and convenient control, Rapoo E9350G keyboard & M700 mouse out of the box experience

The keyboard and mouse can be said to be consumables for daily computer accessories. Having a suitable keyboard and mouse can not only improve the efficiency of work (yú) work (lè), but also make people feel better. In the process of keyboard and mouse click, you can get a pleasant experience, especially now with the popularity of tablet PCs, many friends will also equip tablet PCs with wireless mice to input documents and improve work efficiency. Recently, the author was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the Rapoo E9350G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard and the small and thin M700 multi-mode wireless mouse. Today we will share the experience of using this set of Rapoo wireless keyboard and mouse.

▲First of all, this combination of E9350G and M700 is not only very small and portable, suitable for mobile scenes, but also the chocolate independent keycaps of the keyboard, the classic scissor foot structure, the hand feeling is very good when tapping, and the silent micro-motion design of the mouse is also Let us be very quiet every time we click, so we don't have to worry about disturbing others.

▲The keyboard and mouse of this Rapoo both support 2.4G connection mode and Bluetooth connection mode, three intelligent connection modes of Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and wireless 2.4G, which can be quickly switched between different terminals such as notebooks, computers, and mobile phones Devices, we can even connect the keyboard and mouse to computers, tablets or even mobile phones at the same time, and quickly switch input between different devices.

▲This pink color scheme is very small and fresh, which is officially called "popular pink" color scheme. Because most of the keyboards and mice on the market are black and white, this combination of E9350G and M700, in addition to the traditional black and white colors, also adds pop pink and cool purple colors, so that consumers, especially female consumers , with more options.

▲This E9350G wireless keyboard uses ABS chocolate keycaps. The surface of the keycaps is concaved, and the curve fits the fingertips. It has a good positioning performance in use. The keycap characters are screen-printed and UV-coated, and the blue shortcut key icons can help users quickly identify key functions of the keyboard. In addition, the keyboard also supports Windows and Mac dual systems to meet the one-to-many cross-platform office needs.

▲E9350G is a membrane keyboard with a scissors key structure. The scissors structure keyboard can not only reduce the height of the keys, but also provide a more stable feel than the traditional membrane keyboard. The key travel is 1.5mm, and the large key position is designed with a balance bar. The key life span is 5 million times, so there is basically no need to worry about the key life.

▲The front end of the E9350G wireless keyboard is equipped with a power switch, a Type-C charging interface and an antenna window. This keyboard can only be connected via Bluetooth or 2.4G wireless at present. The Type-C interface is only responsible for charging the built-in battery of the keyboard, and cannot be used as an ordinary USB wired keyboard for connecting to a computer USB interface.

▲This E9350G wireless keyboard has a built-in 300mAh lithium battery, which supports charging while using. With Rapoo's low-power chips and energy-saving technology, its battery life can reach 60-96 hours.

▲The thinnest part of this E9350G wireless keyboard is only 5mm, and the thickest part is less than 13mm. It is indeed sharp from the side. There are 5 anti-slip pads on the bottom of the keyboard. The inclination design brings about a 15° lift angle to the keyboard, coupled with the ultra-thin bottom frame of only 5mm, the actual comfort is still very good, and there is another regret that there is no design due to the pursuit of thinness The storage position of the 2.4G wireless receiving module is easy to plug and forget. It is recommended that the keyboard can be designed with a storage position like a mouse, so that the receiving modules can be stored one-to-one.

▲As for the mouse, the M700 multi-mode wireless mouse also adopts a slim and stylish design. There is a Bluetooth pairing button and a power button at the bottom. It provides three intelligent connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and 2.4G wireless, and can be used on three devices. Quickly switch between.

▲This M700 has a special way to open the battery compartment. Because it uses a magnetic battery compartment cover, when opening the battery compartment cover, just press the arrow at the bottom. One AA battery can provide long-term Up to 9 months of battery life.

▲The M700 also has a separate storage position for the 2.4G receiver module inside the battery compartment. This point should be praised. It is very convenient for the storage of the receiver. At least it will not be confused with other receivers. I think the design of this point is still very good. with effort.

▲This M700 uses a stamped metal upper cover and metal rollers. The upper cover is also made of frosted technology, which complements the metal frame of the keyboard. It can be said to be a perfect match. And the mouse adopts silent micro-movement,

▲The response speed of the Rapoo E9350G buttons is average, the trigger force is moderate, and the rebound feedback is more obvious. The keys on the M700 and E9350G are quiet enough that high-intensity inputs don't bother others. The Bluetooth connection between the two devices is very stable, and there is almost no delay. However, in the software test, we found that whether it is in Bluetooth mode or 2.4GHz connection, the E9350G only supports up to 6 keys without punching, which is enough for ordinary office work, but if you play games that require multi-key operations , may not provide the best gaming experience.

▲In general, Rapoo E9350G keyboard and M700 mouse are two products with a lot in common. They not only support Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and 2.4G wireless mode, they can connect multiple devices at the same time, and the sound is very Quiet, to avoid disturbing other people as much as possible. In addition, these two products also have a tacit understanding in color. The E9350G keyboard and M700 mouse are available in four colors: black, white, pink, and purple. It can be said that they are a natural pair and are very suitable for use in office scenarios.

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