New design, good looks: Dujia Hi Keys wireless bluetooth dual-mode backlit mechanical keyboard experience

As an IT practitioner, the computer is an indispensable part of my daily life. Since I use it a lot, I attach great importance to the control experience, especially the mouse and keyboard, which must be handy. When it comes to feel, the mechanical keyboard is doing my part. Recently, I saw Dujia launched a new mechanical keyboard: Hi Keys. It adopts a simple layout of 84 keys, which is very stylish from appearance to color matching, which makes people unforgettable. So how does this keyboard work? I just got one, so follow me to try it out.

Dujia's mechanical keyboards have always been outstanding in appearance, and this Hi Keys has put a lot of effort into the appearance, which looks more modern. Let's take a look at the packaging first. The pure black carton with eye-catching handwritten model, coupled with artistic lines, gives people a bright feeling.

Durga Hi Keys has two colors to choose from, dark blue and silver. You can also see the appearance of these two models on the back of the box. Each model is matched with multi-colors. It is really difficult to choose, because they are all good-looking. Thinking of the white backlight used in this keyboard, I think the white version may be more eye-catching in use.

The following are all the items in the package. Except for the Durga Hi Keys mechanical keyboard body, it is mainly a Type-C cable and a user guide. As a mechanical keyboard, it is a bit surprising that it is not equipped with a key puller.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the keyboard. The size of Duga Hi Keys is 322*138*33.7mm. It uses an 84-key design without an independent numeric keypad, so the overall appearance is very small, but the weight is 826.5g. The material is very solid.

I have used many mechanical keyboards, most of which are horizontal and vertical, but Duga Hi Keys is a little different. From the side, it has a slight curvature as a whole. This design even runs through every keycap. Looking at this small change, it makes the entire keyboard look vivid.

Looking down from the top of the keycap, it feels like a square with a little roundness, which is really different. The keycaps of Dujia Hi Keys are made of ABS material, with clear engraving and delicate touch, which can ensure that the surface will not produce oily shine after long-term use, and the front of the keycap adopts a two-color closed molding process, which can effectively prevent characters from wearing or fading And so on.

For mechanical keyboards, the shaft is the most critical part. Next, let's take off the keycaps and take a look. Although Dujia didn't come with a key puller this time, it's not a problem if you play a lot with the keyboard. Durga Hi Keys currently has two types of switches: red switch and brown switch. You can tell from the color that mine is a brown switch, because I prefer a segmented feel, and every tap can have a clear feedback.

The workmanship and feel of the keycaps are quite good, and the handwriting on the surface is very clear and neat, and it is quite artistic.

The charging interface of Duga Hi Keys is the most popular TYPE-C nowadays, and the interface is located on the back of the keyboard, which does not affect the appearance at all.

The Duga Hi Keys mechanical keyboard adopts a wireless dual-mode design. There are two Bluetooth channels and a 2.4G connection mode. The switch is a knob on the back, which has a clear sense of position when rotating.

Let’s take a look at the bottom of the keyboard. It is designed with two non-slip feet and two tiltable brackets that can be folded. After being supported, the slope can be further improved, which can bring a more comfortable experience. There are also anti-slip pads on the bottom of the feet. Details Well done.

There is also a storage compartment for a 2.4G wireless receiver at the bottom of the keyboard. It is worth mentioning that Dujia designed the cover as a magnetic suction type, which can be opened by gently pressing one side, which is really convenient .

The switch of Durga Hi Keys is located on the side. It is a round button. When it is turned on, it will light up a white light, which is very beautiful.

Turn on the switch of Durga Hi Keys, and the white backlight will light up, which is not fancy, but very practical, and the letters on the keyboard can be clearly seen in low-light environments. And it can also switch 8 atmosphere modes through Fn+F2, and the effect is equally cool.

In terms of feel, its keys have a more obvious sense of paragraph, and the key travel is moderate, and the feedback is very comfortable. Its large key position uses carefully adjusted satellite switches, which can also bring a smooth feel.

This keyboard is suitable for a wide range of scenarios, whether it is office typing or gaming, it can be very competent. Its key feedback is fast and clear, and there is no obvious sound when typing, even if you play games at night, it will not be noisy. Looking at others.

When pairing via Bluetooth for the first time, a random six-digit number will pop up on the screen, which needs to be entered in sequence on the keyboard, and then press the Enter key to successfully pair. This method undoubtedly increases security.

Durga Hi Keys supports simultaneous connection of 2.4G wireless and two sets of Bluetooth devices, and can switch freely between three devices, and there is almost no waiting time. It is simply a powerful tool to improve efficiency during busy work.

Finally, I want to talk about the battery life of Duga Hi Keys in particular, because its battery life is far beyond my knowledge of wireless mechanical keyboards. In the case of not turning on the light, the Bluetooth mode can be used continuously for 365 days. Of course, this is the official figure, because it is only half a month since I started, and I have not had the opportunity to use the battery warning. However, if you can really achieve this kind of battery life, it will be really impressive.

In general, the Duga Hi Keys wireless bluetooth dual-mode backlit mechanical keyboard brought me an experience that exceeded my expectations. It has a high appearance value and a very modern design. In terms of hand feel, the tea shaft has a clear sense of paragraph and is very quiet, which can be applied to various occasions. In addition, it supports wireless dual-mode, which can connect multiple devices at the same time and switch freely. If you are also a mechanical keyboard lover, this keyboard is a very worthwhile experience recently.

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