New group buying MG VOODOO丨The graphics card hits the keycap


I haven't seen you for many years, and I miss you very much. Melgeek is back in the arena. Many friends may have always thought that the impact of pirated manufacturers on these genuine manufacturers is dispensable, but MG is the best example. For melgeek, customized products may have become a thankless task. business, while piracy and plagiarism and the deterioration of the community environment will become the last straw that breaks the camel's back.

Now that the ball cap market is declining, I hope this ball cap will not be the last ball cap that MG will launch.


This keycap is a graphics card-themed keycap designed by BUGER, the designer of "BUGER·WORK", inspired by the Voodoo (voodoo) graphics card.

Today, the best graphics cards on the market are printed with the name of Nvidia or AMD, but more than 20 years ago, there was another strong player in the graphics card world-3DFX.

On November 6, 1995, 3dfx released the Voodoo (voodoo) graphics card, the first real 3D graphics accelerator card.

Color matching:

Dark gray green, emerald green, dark green.

The color inspiration may come from the abstract concept given by the Chinese translation of Voodoo, and of course it is also inseparable from the green circuit board of the graphics card.

Both dark lime green and dark green are duller colors, so used together they can create a sense of staid, grown-up, yet lively and vibrant at the same time. Vibrant green characters are full of vibrancy, life and sharpness in contrast to the darker shades of green. However, the eyes are all green, and it is inevitable that there will be some confusion.

Personality section:

Voodoo smile, various accessories representing the graphics card, various plugs, graphics card supplier LOGO, very buger design style. At the same time, the fully open mold personality of the two-color process also enhances the collection value.

Rendering display:

Keycap information:

Material: ABS material

Height: MG Height

Process: secondary molding keycap

Personal Rating: 7-9 Weird and funny.

I haven’t seen MG for a long time, and even the keycaps have become more beautiful, but we still have to be cautious of MG’s usual color overturning.

Speaking of the keycaps, this set of keycaps is inspired by the graphics card. It has the design characteristics of BUGER. The individual design is exquisite and durable, and the style is unified. I feel that the level of the keycaps designed by BUGER has gradually risen again, and the color is also very unique. However, it may be difficult to form a group in the current market. Recently, the keycap design of the key ring is more and more pleasing to the user, or design a pink or low-invasive secondary keycap to cope with the market. I still hope that more and more designers will be able to create their own styles in the future.

Purchasing suggestion: MG height ball caps and photography enthusiasts can consider buying. This set of keycaps is indeed too poisonous in terms of matching. Compared with the MG Salon, which is also green, the matching range of this set of keycaps is obviously small. One circle, but it is estimated to have a different flavor with a silver kit.

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