New options for customization! Rapoo V700DIY gaming mechanical keyboard, full-key hot-swappable + Symphony RGB

It has to be said that as long as products related to technology and digital products are becoming more and more popular, take keyboards as an example. Compared with ordinary mechanical keyboards, most users have begun to choose keyboards that can be customized by DIY as the mainstream. At the same time This kind of keyboard also has a richer selection of shortcut key settings. If you want to have the same rich design and appearance, most of these mechanical keyboards start at five or six hundred in price, but the author recently discovered a A customized gaming mechanical keyboard that can be bought for less than 300 yuan.

This keyboard is the Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard that supports hot-swappable and full-key RGB backlighting. Silver/white switch, the axis comes with a factory run, more playability and convenience, it can be said that it has all the functions it should have, let’s talk about this customized mechanical keyboard Rapoo Hands-on experience of V700DIY.

This time, on the packaging, Rapoo V700DIY still continues the cool and simple black and blue style. In order to let users understand the keyboard more intuitively, the front of the packaging can clearly see the display diagram of the keyboard body, the model and the characteristics of the keyboard. In terms of accessories, except for a beige USB In addition to the Type-C data cable, it can also be seen that the Rapoo V700DIY adopts a key line separation design, and also provides a key puller and product manual.

Let’s talk about the appearance of the keyboard body. This time, the author got the Rapoo KA-12 Rapoo independent hot-swappable linear elastic white switch. The switch is a linear fast silver switch, which adopts a full-key size design. The full-textured frosted aluminum alloy panel features a silver-white, simple and cool feature. Whether it is vision, touch, lighting performance, or knocking, it has a certain improvement compared with the previous generation.

In order to bring convenience to users, the overall appearance of the fuselage adopts a narrow frame shape. The dorsal fin shape is added to the upper right corner, and 4 additional function keys + a function scroll wheel are added to the upper right of the keyboard. Through the "M" function key, users can switch out the lighting effects they want, including the key switch of the scroll wheel mode and the mute key. etc. The keycap is also equipped with two-color injection molding made of PBT material, which can effectively reduce unnecessary troubles such as hand sweat slipping and character printing wear. The indicator area on the right also intimately provides instructions for uppercase and lowercase in the digital area and WIN lock status, while the design provides practicality, the recognition of the keyboard is also much higher.

Because the Rapoo V700DIY uses a split-type key wire connection, it provides a USB Type-C connection interface on the side of the keyboard. The plug-and-play design is also more convenient for users’ daily use and storage. The keyboard bottom shell provides anti-slip stickers and The design of the silicone tripod can ensure stable support for desktops of different materials.

This time, Rapoo V700DIY has independently developed a gray linear fast silver switch, a white linear elastic white switch, and two hot-swappable switches. The total stroke is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 1.3±0.5mm, and the trigger pressure is 45±10gf. The click life of the Changrun satellite axis can reach up to 50 million times. It is relatively stable, so Rapoo V700DIY can not only be used for games and entertainment, but also suitable for business office.

Here, the author replaced the white switch on the keyboard to try the effect. If the user has some hands-on ability, he can try to replace it by himself. The replacement of the switch is also very simple. Just take the key puller that comes with the package to remove it. After taking off the keycap, align the shaft body you need and press it up.

The total stroke of the Rapoo V700DIY spring white shaft is 3.4±0.4mm, the trigger pressure is 35±10gf, and the trigger stroke is 1.2±0.4mm. The internal structure of the shaft body adopts the POM shaft center + high-transparency PC cover + extended spring + alloy copper sheet +PA base, so when tapping, the touch trigger will be faster and tougher. If you like a keyboard with a lighter touch, you can replace it with a Rapoo independent hot-swappable linear fast silver switch. On the contrary, if you want to type out For a more resilient feel, you can choose Rapoo's independent hot-swappable linear elastic white axis.

In addition, Rapoo V700DIY is compatible with most of the five-pin hot-swappable keyboards on the market, and can be customized to replace the plug-in shaft. The hot-swappable metal shaft seat can be hot-swapped 10,000 times. Friends who like to pursue RGB lighting effects can also DIY independently. Any combination and matching can be carried out through purchasing.

The Rapoo V700DIY gaming mechanical keyboard has a variety of built-in lighting effects, supports full-key magic color RGB backlight system, and can be set independently for a single key in the game mode. Just click the "M" key in the upper right corner to play games, Switch freely between the two office modes. If you want more cool and beautiful RGB lighting effects, you can also download the dedicated driver software from the official website, so as to further customize each key position.

After replacing the shaft body of the Rapoo V700DIY game mechanical keyboard with the original white shaft, I played a few games. I personally feel that the response is very fast when tapping and releasing skills, and this is all due to the fact that the keyboard supports full keys. The feature of the non-contrast design, even if you press multiple buttons at the same time, there will be no key failure. If you use Rapoo's independent linear fast silver switch, you can easily perform various sharp operations, and the response is fast. In terms of keyboard performance, it also meets the needs of users for game entertainment.

After these few days of use experience, generally speaking, the Pennefather V700 DIY play mechanical keyboard is really delicious. While the price is less than 300 yuan, it also adds a variety of luxurious configurations, with hot-swappable shafts, With high-standard RGB lighting effects and PBT keycaps, compared to other customized keyboards with the same configuration but much higher prices, Rapoo V700DIY can be said to be the choice for rookies. If you like to play games and love DIY exclusive keyboards Friends, you may wish to try this Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard.

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