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New products for the second quarter are here! Tiger Batu F75 Drunken Gold Fans TTC Neptune Axis, Meet SLAM DUNK

The host has always loved compact keyboards. In the second quarter, Hubatu launched new products. Among them, the Hubatu F75 that I will talk about today is my favorite one. The 75-key 70% arrangement is the perfect table match. Hubatu F75 comes in 4 colors, which is masculine, Hanjiangxue is female, and the other two colors are female. This keyboard is designed for female users, so it is more suitable for female friends. The reason why I bought the Hubatu keyboard again is that in addition to its good functionality, Hubatu has always insisted on independent design, and the reason why I like it is that it does not engage in homogeneity.

The outer packaging is a light and luxurious box design, and the overall texture is obviously better than that of a keyboard under 500 yuan. The packaging box maximizes the rear design of the keyboard. The shape design is displayed on the box. By the way, because I went to see "Slam Dunk" on the night of product shooting, so I also met SLAM DUNK during product shooting!

Open the package, there are accessory boxes on the left and right sides, the middle keyboard is protected by hard sponges on both sides, and the pressure-proof and dust-proof transparent protective cover is on the top, which is very tight.

In terms of accessories, we still pay attention to details. The aviation plug-in cable is the same color as the keyboard, a pair of magnetic feet (higher than the other pair already installed on the keyboard), a key puller, a shaft puller, and a special cleaning box. The cleaning tools in the cleaning box are very rich, which is also suitable for girls who love to clean.

It turns out that I mostly use a vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard, and occasionally there are keyboards equipped with cleaning tools, but none of them are as powerful as Tiger Batu, which can better clean the corners of the keyboard.

The Hubatu F75 equipped with TTC Neptune axis, the RGB lighting effect will not disappoint. I can’t wait to turn on the lighting effect after turning it on. Sure enough, every family has the lighting effect, but the lighting effect is still what you pay for.

If the other three colors are the "Zhannv" colour, then this voluptuous gold fan is the "Zhannen" colour. The first feeling of this keyboard is very round, it should be specially optimized for women, and there is no touch of the hand. Angular.

The 75 keys are 75% arranged, and the F key, arrow keys and 4 function keys are reserved. Among them, the direction keys and function keys are clearly separated from the main key area, which is not easy to touch by mistake. The overall layout is coordinated and the practicability is not reduced. In the upper right corner is an LCD color screen and an aluminum alloy double-stage knob. The operating feel of this knob will be significantly better than the other two keyboards with knobs in my hand. I think Hubatu F75 has not only paid attention to the design, but also to the details. I also used my heart.

The golden decorative strip on the back side still circles the rounded design sense. The English "RICH OVERNIGHT" is printed on the left side, which means "get rich overnight", and the four Chinese characters "Paper Drunken Gold Fan" that everyone yearns for are printed on the right side. Don't think about being a drunken fan in this life, go to work steadily during the day, and go home and type at night, that's my destination! But let alone, using this keyboard 51 to play the national essence during the holidays has already been beaten twice, and the money for the keyboard has been paid back!

The 1.14-inch color screen can display time, connection mode, system switching, and GIF pictures of your favorite themes, etc. The color screen is used with the side knob to enhance the interactive experience and fun. Before sending your girlfriend, you can load her favorite theme or Happy birthday elements, such a gift for a straight man is also heart-warming!

In the lower left corner of the keyboard is a metal decorative nameplate printed with the Tiger and Batu logo, and the cartoon letter style is also a bit naughty.

Hubatu F75 supports wired/Bluetooth/2.4G three-mode connection, and one-key switching between Mac/Win dual systems.

The wired C port and the power button are placed on the left side, and the one-handed switch is smooth. The golden decorative strip substrate has almost no gaps in the stitching. Every decoration detail of the Tiger Batu F75 is designed with rounded lines or rounded corners. The whole is more coordinated and unified.

The well-received metal magnetic nameplate at the bottom of the previous generation product has been retained, but this time it is no longer a fixed design, but a magnetic design. The nameplate is laser-engraved with cartoon tigers and rabbits, which is cute and exquisite.

The receiver is hidden under the nameplate, which is a rare design method, which is convenient for storage and not easy to drop, very clever!

The magnetic silicone foot pad is more firmly connected to the bottom of the keyboard, easy to replace, not easy to get dusty, and easy to clean.

Hubatu F75 adopts PBT two-color injection molding + pad printing keycaps, which are wear-resistant and not easy to oil. The quality control of keycap materials and character craftsmanship are all of the quality of major manufacturers. It is very heavy in the hand and will not be light.

Tiger Batu F75 is equipped with the new Neptune shaft launched by TTC this year. The shaft structure adopts an integrated straight-in-the-bottom upper cover long track structure. Since the upper cover of this shaft body comes with a 6mm long slide rail, TTC also calls this structure It is a high-speed iron shaft. This structure makes the shaft center and the upper shell seamlessly connected, and always keeps sliding on the long track. The pressing is stable and smooth, and the feedback is good.

The Neptune switch is a linear axis, with a total stroke of 3.8mm, a trigger stroke of 2.0mm, and a trigger pressure of 41g. The life of the switch body can reach 100 million times. The price of a single new Neptune switch is 4-5 yuan. The workmanship quality is definitely considered a high-end switch level.

Hubatu F75 adopts the hottest Gasket structure nowadays. Although various companies are launching Gasket structure keyboards, I personally feel that the quality is uneven. According to 80 points, 85 points are good, and 90 points are excellent, Hubatu F75 can score 95 points. The brand-new Neptune switch and Gasket structure make the bottoming feel of Hubatu F75 not as soft as other Gasket structure keyboards. While maintaining the unique soft elastic feel of the Gasket structure, the response speed and texture of the tapping feedback are excellent. price! The percussion sound is also pleasant and consistent, and the code words are very emotional!

Hubatu F75 supports full-key hot-swappable, adopts TTC triangular hot-swappable shaft seat, supports most three-legged/five-legged shafts on the market, and can be replaced at will with high playability!

Full-color dynamic RGB, supports five levels of backlight brightness and 22 kinds of RGB lighting effect adjustment, rhythm with the music, full desktop atmosphere, free space to decide by yourself!

Finally, the battery life that everyone cares about, Hubatu F75 has a built-in 4800mAh large-capacity lithium battery, and the longest battery life is about 400 hours when the lighting effect is turned off and the wireless connection of the display is off, and the battery life is about 16 hours when the light effect is turned on. The battery life is about 60 hours, and it can be fully charged once a week for 1-2 weeks, and a few students can do it once a month.


Hubatu is a keyboard brand that sticks to its own path and makes original designs! Compared with the previous generation, the new Hubatu F75 is indeed more brilliant. Exclusive private model building, Gasket structure, TFT color screen, TTC Neptune axis, full-key hot-swappable, three-mode/dual system one-key switching, customized Type-C aviation plug-in cable, 4800mAh large battery and long battery life, etc., in terms of appearance design and The configuration can enter the first echelon. The starting price is 749 yuan, which is reasonable, and it will be 618 soon. Waiting for a good price is definitely worth it! If you buy it for your girlfriend, I personally recommend the color matching of Yuexia Chanjuan.

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