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New technology trend item: Flying Times, this is hip-hop joint keyboard and mouse experience

As an old factory of peripherals, Shuangfeiyan not only successfully created an e-sports sub-brand like Bloody Ghost, but also launched a very trendy sub-brand "Flying Times". The keyboard and mouse set we experienced this time is Launched by Fei Times, this is the street dance joint version.

The element sense of FS98 is very strong, which makes people feel its "trendy" atmosphere at a glance. The four colors are very jumpy. The version in my hand is "Quanxin Power", which is "This! The name of Liu Yuxin's team in the fifth season of "It's Street Dance", the color scheme and pattern are taken from the team's poster, and there is a strong cyberpunk style after lighting up the backlight.

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, everyone must be concerned about the switch. After all, the switch is the soul of the keyboard. FS98 is equipped with a custom red switch from Master F1. This switch is specially tuned for the launch of this keyboard. From It can be judged from the name that it is a linear shaft body. The official initial pressure is 30gf, the trigger pressure is 45±20gf, the total stroke is 4mm, and the trigger stroke is 2.0±0.6mm.

Office code word experience:

After the actual tapping, the feel of the master F1 customized red switch is still remarkable. The falling and rising are very oily, and the strength is moderate. Both the large and small keys have a consistent tapping experience, and the tapping is tough but effortless. , the rebound is quick and soft, and the sound of the red axis is softer than the one I know. It feels very comfortable for the fingers to enter text for a long time.

Game experience:

When playing games, I usually turn off the indoor lights, which will be more immersive. Because FS98 has its own RGB backlight, you can see the characters on the keys well in a dark environment. In addition, this keyboard is compressed For the editing keypads (ie Ins, Home, PgUp) that are not commonly used by many players, the horizontal length of the keyboard has also been reduced a lot. When playing MOBA games, the hands finally need not be opened.

In addition, the original keycap has a custom cut corner design, which makes the whole machine look more personalized. In addition, no one can stick to a switch without getting tired of using it. Even if you are a keyboard novice, you will eventually have to customize these things after playing step by step. Of course, FS98 has seen this for a long time and supports it. Full-key hot-swappable, which gives users a lot of room for operation. The PCBA board is compatible with common triangular shafts and pentagonal shafts. This can be changed according to preference. , Caps is replaced by a paragraph axis.

Wire groove design, a very practical bonus item, three directions follow the psychological line.

Key and wire separation (USB-C).

The two-stage foot support can be lifted at 3 different angles according to your own needs.

Of course, the backlight is not absent. The keyboard is prefabricated with a variety of colors and combinations of lighting modes. In addition, in order to meet the needs of gamers, the return rate of FS98 is also designed at 1000Hz, which is consistent with the parameters of the main gaming keyboards on the market. Faster response than normal keyboard's 125Hz.

Released together with FS98, there is also the FM30 mouse, which uses the same theme as the keyboard, which can be said to be a natural match. There are also four color options, with RGB lighting effects on the LOGO and the scroll wheel.

The volume of the mouse is a little bit big, which is more suitable for boys' hands, and the weight is 78g. As for the button feel, the pressing pressure of this mouse is slightly heavier, and the sound is crisp and also has obvious elasticity. This kind of special feel makes it feel particularly exciting in games that require frequent mouse clicks.

There are two adjustment buttons at the bottom of the keyboard, and the status is indicated by the color of the LED light, and the CPI and configuration files can be quickly switched as needed.

Download the software from the official website of Shuangfeiyan, you can customize the function buttons of the mouse, and then store them in the mouse, which is the configuration file mentioned above.

Rate of return, CPI, and lighting effects can also be adjusted as needed.

Experience summary:

Flying Times is the hip-hop co-branded keyboard and mouse, which is very in line with the tastes of modern young people. Through the jumping color contrast and personalized appearance, it has embarked on a differentiated road. And feel, is also unambiguous, full of materials.

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