New upgrade, better! HyperX ORIGINS PBT origin game mechanical keyboard experience

HyperX, as an internationally renowned peripheral brand. Its keyboard and mouse, earphones, microphones and other categories are all available. Especially its Alloy series keyboards are very popular among players. What I want to share with you today is the new Origins PBT version of the Origins series. As its first series of keyboards, just like the origin of the Chinese name of Origins, HyperX has given a lot of effort. There are also many members of this series. In 2021, the Origin 60 small-sized mechanical keyboard with a compact layout of 61 keys was launched, and its keycaps are directly made of PBT two-color injection molding. The Origins PBT version released this time makes up for the regret that the previous game was not equipped with PBT keycaps, and some details have been optimized and changed to make it more handy. Let's take a look at its specific performance:

Although it is the latest PBT version, it can be seen from the seal on the package that there is not much difference in appearance from the previous Origins keyboard, which can be said to be in the same line. The box body design still adopts HyperX's classic game style of red and white intersection + eye-catching black characters. Two-year warranty, multi-axis optional, let’s sell it first, so I won’t expand further.

On the contents, in addition to the pieces of paper, there are braided USB-C port connection cables (the cable is 1.8 meters long, which is convenient for wiring), key pullers and other accessories. It is worth noting that there are two additional replacement keycaps, one long and one short, at random. I like the red ESC key very much, so I installed it directly when I got it. Let’s take a close-up first:

Compared with the 87-key PBT competitive version released last year, which cut off the numeric keypad area, the HyperX Alloy Origins PBT version uses a full-size 104-key arrangement. The specific size of the entire keyboard is 442.5*132.5*36.39mm, and the upper right corner is laser engraved The nameplate is shining brightly, and the indicator light area with mirror treatment is very high-end. The keyboard also uses a durable aviation-grade aluminum alloy shell, which is heavy enough and stable on the desktop without displacement.

Although it is a standard full-size keyboard, the Alloy Origins PBT version adopts a compact narrow frame design, which does not take up much space on the desktop. The surface of the alloy back plate has been finely sandblasted, which is very comfortable to use. Complementing the matte-textured black keycaps is understated but refined. In addition, there are smooth transitions and rounded corners on the edges of the keyboard, so even if you touch the corners, you won't feel scratchy. In terms of details, HyperX has always been very careful, this is the style of a big factory.

The new version of the keycap not only changes from the ABS laser engraving injection molding of the previous work to the PBT keycap, but also adjusts the printing details. The icons on the latter's F1-F12 multi-function keys have been changed to side printing, which is also neater in terms of front view. Among them, F1-F3 with FN key can switch different lighting effects, and F6-F12 can realize multimedia playback adjustment and other functions. It is still very convenient to use.

More local details show:

The biggest selling point of HyperX Alloy Origins PBT is the PBT material keycaps with two-color injection molding process. Compared with ABS keycaps, PBT keycaps will not be oiled (strong oil resistance), and because the surface is frosted, the experience when typing is also better. The pattern of some function keys is printed on the side to avoid direct contact with fingers, which can keep the pattern clear and easy to read for a long time. In addition, the nozzle of the keycap is neat and there is no burr. Although the characters are dark when they are not illuminated, their light transmission is very good, and they are colorful and clear under the blessing of light effects.

The keyboard adopts the design of machine cable separation, even if the cable is aging, it can be replaced at any time. The outlet of Origins PBT is located on the right side of the keyboard for easy positioning. The Type-C port can be plugged in both forward and reverse, and its notch is deep, so it is still very firm after plugging in.

There is a whole piece of aluminum alloy backplane at the bottom of the keyboard, and an information label is pasted in the middle. There are non-slip pads and feet on all four corners, and the keyboard itself is relatively heavy, so it will not move randomly even on a smooth table.

The left and right ends are three-stage pads, which can be switched between three angles of 3°, 7° and 11° by laying them flat and folding them in sections. We can adjust the inclination angle at any time to obtain a comfortable experience.

After talking about the keycap, let's look at the lower shaft body. The HyperX Alloy Origins PBT version uses self-developed shafts. Like its other series of keyboards, the Origins series mechanical keyboards also have fire switches, water switches, and ice switches to choose from. The one I have is the fire switch. Looking at it from the side, you can see the red switch below through the keycap. As a linear axis, the fire axis has a pressing force of 45 grams, a key stroke of 3.8mm, a trigger key stroke of 1.8mm, and a life span of up to 80 million clicks.

After removing the keycap, we can see the red shaft core, the transparent seat cover and the LED lamp beads dotted on it. HyperX's mechanical key switch adopts the exposed design of the lamp beads, which can bring a wider range and brighter RGB lighting effects.

The large keys of the keyboard, such as the space bar, adopt the satellite shaft design, and the cross balance bars on both sides are very stable. The percussion feel is also crisp enough, very refreshing, and not dragging its feet.

Here's a close-up: The so-called linear axis means that its trajectory is a straight line. Therefore, the feedback is accurate and fast when tapping. There is no sense of stagnation when pressing, and it is brisk all the way, which is very suitable for micro-control and typing parties during games.

Lighting effect performance: HyperX Alloy Origins PBT supports 16.7 million color RGB lighting effects, and has a variety of built-in lighting effects that can be switched at will. We can also download and install the "HyperX NGENUITY" driver software to customize the color, speed and other adjustments of the background light, including key macro entry, etc. can be set. Origins PBT allows gamers to save three sets of custom profiles in the keyboard's onboard memory.

The brightness and fluency of the lights are good, and the colorful breathing and gradients are as smooth as flowing clouds and flowing water. It is beautiful and dazzling especially at night. Here are some more pictures:

The pattern of the replacement space bar cap is beautifully printed, and there is a sense of radiance under the dynamic display of RGB color comics.

HyperX's keyboards all support full-key rollover, and Alloy Origins PBT is no exception.

In terms of user experience, the full-arrangement + compact narrow-frame design makes it easy to play games or write manuscripts. The fire shaft in my hand goes straight up and down when I hit it, and it is very light. But there is no soft, loose feeling. Key response is fast and precise. Although it is a 104 keyboard, it does not take up much space, and there is still a lot of space when it is paired with a mouse. And its three-stage design makes the wrist more targeted, and it will not be too sore after typing for a long time.

Summary: As an upgraded version of PBT keycaps, HyperX Alloy Origins PBT (Origin) inherits the classic appearance of this series. The addition of PBT keycaps can not only resist oil stains, but also significantly improve the feel. RGB lighting, NG customization, 3-stage adjustable keyboard angle, and compact design under full size all make the overall quality of this keyboard outstanding and outstanding. Whether it is playing games or a text user like me, it can be easily controlled, and it is worth recommending.

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