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No fear of water intrusion, more comfortable to use! Rapoo V530 limited edition waterproof keyboard experience

The summer is scorching like fire. When working or entertaining, many friends will choose to put a cup of cold drink next to the computer desk to cool down and relieve the heat. If you are not careful, it is easy to spill liquid on the keyboard, especially for mechanical keyboards, due to the large gap between the keys, in severe cases, it will cause damage to the shaft body or a short circuit on the PCB board, which will lead to partial failure of the keyboard or even scrapped. Just like many portable devices have added waterproof function nowadays, a keyboard with excellent waterproof performance is particularly important. As a well-known domestic peripheral brand, Rapoo has also launched waterproof keyboards. V530 and V520 are IP68 waterproof/dustproof, and they are not afraid of any liquid invasion. For example, the popular RGB lighting has not been left behind. Recently, the V530 has launched a variety of limited edition color schemes, making the already fashionable appearance even more eye-catching. Let's take a look at the performance of the V530:

The dark gray outer packaging is simple and elegant, and the limited keyboard renderings painted on the bright side of the box are eye-catching. Rapoo's products have always followed the cost-effective route, with solid workmanship and affordable prices.

In terms of accessories, in addition to the main body of the keyboard, there are manuals and key pullers, and there are no spare keycaps.

The V530 keyboard adopts a standard 104-key layout, which completely retains the numeric keypad area, which is more worry-free and convenient in daily work. Narrow frame with floating keycap design, simple and comfortable. The keyboard panel is made of aluminum alloy, and its surrounding edges have been cut by CNC, which is tough and handsome. In particular, the Rapoo LOGO below the function key area also has a brushed effect, which adds a bit of value to the appearance.

In addition to the regular version of black, Rapoo V530 also has a variety of limited edition "skins", which are Blue Lagoon Iced Tea, Coconut Grove Mojito and Fendai Iced Soda. You can see the strong cold drink style from the name , and I started with the Blue Lagoon version.

White "cream", blue "popsicle", pink "pulp", the contrasting color treatment of different color keycaps with refreshing and beautiful colors, in this hot summer, people will feel a little "cool" just by looking at it ". In addition, different colors are also very good to distinguish each function key area, making it easier for people to distinguish and more layered.

The cable outlet is placed on the right side, and the V530 is designed as an integrated machine and cable, which is not detachable. Its cable is still relatively long, wrapped in TPU rubber. The junction has also been specially reinforced.

It is worth mentioning that the USB plug of the cable is gold-plated, which is resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

The biggest feature of this keyboard is naturally its excellent waterproof performance. Not only is the exterior of the keyboard perfectly fitted, but the internal PCB circuit boards are also protected by layers of hydrophobic nano-coating, so that the waterproof level of the V530 has reached the highest level. IP68.

Here is a popular science for everyone. The first number stands for dustproof, and the number 6 means that it can completely prevent the intrusion of foreign objects and dust; while the second number stands for the waterproof index, and 8 belongs to "the electrical appliance is sunk under the specified water pressure indefinitely. It can ensure that it will not be damaged by water immersion". That is to say, the dustproof and waterproof levels of the keyboard have reached the highest requirements. Even if you pour the water in the water glass directly on it, it can be "unscathed" and work normally.

The brackets on the left and right sides of the back of the keyboard and the surrounding rubber feet can play a good role in stabilization. The single-section foot support design is not bad for use. In addition, if you look closely, you will find that there are drainage holes on the back edge of the keyboard.

The measured tap directly rinses the keyboard, and it can still be used after wiping it clean. There is no abnormality in each key. In daily life, don’t be afraid of accidentally spilling beverages, boiling water, etc. on it, as it won’t cause any damage to the V530 (of course, it’s better to wipe it carefully).

Let's enjoy the close-up of some details of V530: Although it is an entry-level mechanical keyboard, the workmanship and materials are not sloppy, and it can still withstand tossing.

The keyboard also supports multimedia shortcut control. Through the combination of F1~F12 and Fn keys on the top, volume adjustment, play/pause and other operations can be realized, which is convenient and worry-free. In addition, the V530 has no rush for all keys, which can achieve precise control and quick response during games. The lock can also be turned on through the Fn+WIN key to avoid accidental touch.

Rapoo V530 adopts the infrared silver shaft developed by itself, and its service life can reach 50 million times. The shaft body adopts the way of infrared light blocking to conduct, and innovative shrapnel sound, which has strong stability and reliability. The response is also very fast (key travel 3.8mm, trigger travel 2mm, trigger pressure 55G).

From the point of view of the use feel, it is a bit similar to the green axis, with a strong sense of paragraph and a more rhythmic sense when typing. It is still very friendly to a text worker like me who codes every day. It is very exciting to type, and it is not bad to play a game occasionally, the impact is crisp and the rebound is strong.

The keycap of the Rapoo V530 is made of PBT material with two-color injection molding process. Its light transmission is really excellent, and the characters will not fade or become oily after a long time of use. A closer look at the keycap has a certain curvature, and the feel when tapping is still very comfortable. The impact is very crisp, with a clear sense of paragraph.

There is no such thing as "light pollution" in games. For this reason, Rapoo has also equipped the V530 with a dual-color RGB backlight system. The keycaps have good light transmission. The front is ice blue monochrome, while the left and right sides are more dazzling RGB Colorful lights.

The keyboard has a total of 19 preset button lighting effects, and supports full-key lighting effect customization. The playability is quite high. We can switch the lighting effects through the Fn+Prtsc key combination.

Let’s show a few partial details: the ambient light on the side is switched on and off through Fn+Ins, but unfortunately it cannot be customized. However, the effect of "side face" is brighter than that of the front face.

Summary: As a mechanical keyboard with excellent waterproof performance, the Rapoo V530 can be used as an Internet cafe, as well as daily coding and games. Especially the limited edition of several mixed and matched colors, the colors are beautiful and the appearance is very good-looking. The self-developed switch body has a good percussion feeling, and with the dual backlight system, the effect is not bad. It can be said that as an entry-level mechanical keyboard, the V530 limited edition basically does everything you want. It is very cost-effective among competing products of the same "rank".

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