No short board? Comfortable and good-looking office keyboard, Dujia Hi Keys experience evaluation

What I bring to you today is the experience sharing of Dujia Hi Keys wireless mechanical keyboard.

I recently rearranged my desktop and bought a bigger table. All the table objects from the host to the monitor have been replaced with brand new ones. Because spring is here, my overall style this time is closer to nature. , the overall tone is mainly log color, green and blue, and I think it looks very good when combined overall.

Among all the good things I bought this time, there are two things that I am most satisfied with. One is a candlelight lamp, and the other is a mechanical keyboard. Personally, I want a keyboard because I seldom play games and mainly use it for office work. It is simple and practical. At the same time, I don’t like those keyboards that are too large and take up the desktop space. So this time I chose the Duga Hi Keys with a simplified 84-key layout. This keyboard is very good in terms of workmanship, materials and control texture. , The face value is also very online, I can't help but share it with everyone.

Durga Hi Keys has two colors, dark blue and silver white, I personally like dark blue, its blue is a kind of dark blue, adding a textured gray, it is particularly attractive, and the Esc key, space bar The and Enter keys are also designed to be yellow, and the color matching is particularly comfortable, simple and not monotonous.

In terms of configuration, the 84 keys make the size control of this keyboard very good. Compared with the traditional 104 keyboard, it is almost 1/4 shorter, which better frees up a part of the desktop space. If you put a mouse, I think the sense of control is just right, and I usually have more objects on the desktop, and the more compact keyboard will not make the desktop look crowded.

Dujia Hi Keys adopts a newly designed square keycap, the key position is too large, the advantage is that it is not easy to accidentally touch, the four corners of the keycap look very tough, and the upper end is made with a small waist-like inward arc, It looks more dynamic. Compared with most mechanical keyboards, the surface texture of Hi Keys keycaps is brighter, the touch is delicate and soft, and the texture is very comfortable to use.

In terms of key layout, Dujia Hi Keys adopts a new ergonomic curve design. From the side view, the keycaps are arranged in an arc from top to bottom, with a slight bulge in the middle. At the same time, no matter the bottom row or the top row, fingers can easily touch it, and long-term operation can effectively reduce fatigue.

The bottom of Durga Hi Keys is designed with non-slip support feet, which can make the keyboard achieve a comfortable slope angle. The non-slip pad at the bottom can make the keyboard more stable. At the same time, there is also a receiver storage compartment at the bottom. It is a magnetic design, it can be opened by pressing, and it is very convenient to take.

In terms of switches, Duga Hi Keys has two types of switches to choose from, the paragraph brown switch and the silent red switch. I choose the brown switch, because I personally like the feel of the paragraph. Every time, it will give you a crisp feedback, very rhythmic, and the control of the sound is also quite good, there is a sense of hearing feedback, but it will not feel noisy.

For today's users, multi-platform and multi-device input requirements are already very common, so multi-mode connections for mechanical keyboards are necessary. Duga Hi Keys supports two connection methods, 2.4G and Bluetooth, of which Bluetooth Support to connect two devices, that is to say, the keyboard can be connected to three devices at the same time. The keyboard can be effectively compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android and other operating systems. What's more ingenious is that it can be realized through the toggle switch on the top of the keyboard. It is very convenient to quickly switch between multiple devices, and this indium-plated toggle switch is very textured and looks very good.

In terms of backlight, the keyboard has a white ambient light, which supports brightness adjustment through key combinations, and there are eight lighting effect modes that can be switched freely. The light source is located on the upper part of the keycap shaft. From a visual point of view, it is very soft. It can have a good sense of positioning and atmosphere in a dark environment. It is practical and beautiful.

In terms of battery life, on the premise of turning off the backlight, Duga Hi Keys can reach about 360 days of battery life using Bluetooth, and about 200 days of battery life using a 2.4G connection. If the backlight is turned on, it can also achieve 7 days depending on the usage Up to 90 days of battery life. In actual use, I turned on the backlight in Bluetooth mode. I have used it for a month and have not charged it once. The battery life is very good.

The overall experience of using Dujia Hi Keys, if I can find an adjective, I think it is the textured King Kong in the mechanical keyboard. Configuration, excellent feel, comfortable ergonomic design, multiple connection methods, and long battery life make this keyboard both good-looking and practical, which can be called good-looking and capable of typing. In terms of purchasing suggestions, I think girls can choose white, and boys I still recommend choosing blue. The above is my sharing of this keyboard. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area.

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