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Not only the backlight is added, but the white light version of Duga K610w does have a lot of highlights

In the first half of this year, Dujia launched a new three-mode mechanical keyboard K610w and K620w. In addition to adopting a new appearance design, these two keyboards also support full-key hot-swapping, and the battery life is also very good. Therefore, it has quickly been loved and praised by many users after its listing. What this article brings is the hands-on experience of the K610w CORONA white light version newly launched by Dujia recently. This three-mode keyboard has achieved further improvement on the basis of the matte version K610w. After installing a brand-new axis body, I found that the experience is indeed full of features after getting started.

At present, both K610w and K620w have launched white light versions, but in terms of color matching, there is only one version of Echo to choose from. According to Dujia’s consistent practice, RGB versions are likely to be launched in the future.

Accessories are still very rich, including dust covers, cables, interface converters, key pullers, shaft pullers, and cable management belts.

The K610w white light version still adopts a very fashionable double layered design. The color of the keycap is composed of three different colors: white, light blue and dark blue. The buttons with different functions are partitioned by different colors, which looks more orderly.

The K610w white light version continues to use the two-color keycaps made of PBT material with the height of the original factory, but some adjustments have been made on the details. You can see that the function keys that are different from Windows and MacOS have been marked with double layers, so that users do not need to It can be easily used in various systems by replacing the keycaps, and the design of such keycaps also reflects that this keyboard has good adaptability to various systems.

Different from the matte version of K610w, this time the white version uses Kaihua’s brand new turbo series shaft body with four buckles. It can be seen that the shaft center adopts a wall-type design and is made of high-smooth composite POM material. , The buttons feel very stable and smooth.

At present, there are four versions of red switch, brown switch, silver switch and mute red switch to choose from. The author used the mute red switch version. The feel is quite different from that of Jiadalong’s custom mute red crystal switch used in the matte version. . Jiadalong's customized silent red crystal switch seems to be tightly surrounded when it is pressed down. The stability is very good, but the feel is not as soft as the ordinary red switch, and it needs a little force. The Kaihua Turbo Mute Red does not have the feeling of being tightly surrounded. It feels similar to the traditional red switch. It is very light and soft, rebounds quickly but not strong, and the mute effect is very good. In the area of ​​the space bar, you can see the silicone pad used inside, and a layer of sound-absorbing cotton is placed at the bottom of the keyboard to further eliminate the key sound. If your family or colleagues are sensitive to the sound of keyboard keys, I believe this keyboard will satisfy them.

The K610w white light version also supports full-key hot-swapping, not only does not have to worry about the problem of the switch body, but also for users who like tossing, they can easily experience different button feel and playability by changing the switch body every three to five times. very high.

The design of the back of the keyboard is exactly the same as that of the matte version, and the foot support is a classic two-stage design, and users can freely choose between three heights. The storage compartment of the 2.4G wireless receiver is located next to the right foot support on the back. This design is quite practical, not only has no effect on the appearance, but also does not have to worry about the receiver being lost easily.

The power switch and the Type-C interface are located on the left edge of the top of the keyboard. The switch is small and slightly protruding, so you can easily touch it even if you don’t look at it. It is quite convenient to operate. The battery life of this keyboard is very good. If you don’t turn on the lights, the official said that one year’s charge is enough in Bluetooth connection mode, and half a year’s charge in 2.4G wireless connection mode. If you turn on the light, depending on the brightness and lighting effect mode, the battery life is between 3 days and 12 days, which is much better than most three-mode mechanical keyboards on the market.

The author is very satisfied with the appearance of this keyboard. Although the 104 full-key design is adopted, the borders around the keyboard are relatively narrow. It looks very stylish and capable, and it is very suitable for both home use and business occasions.

The keyboard with white light looks like it has vitality, giving people a sense of freshness. What is commendable is that the keyboard does a good job of controlling the light leakage, and it will not look dazzling from any angle in a dark environment.

The author finds that the echo color matching is really suitable for white light lighting effects. The addition of lights will not have any impact on its own temperament, but it seems to bring a little vitality, giving people a feeling of waking up from a deep sleep. In contrast, the island color scheme is obviously more suitable for cool RGB lighting effects, and I look forward to the RGB version appearing soon.

In addition to the good-looking appearance and excellent hand feel, the K610w white version can also use the DURGOD Zeus Engine driver to customize the functions of other keys except the FN key, and even save the customized settings in the onboard memory of the keyboard. Even if different devices are replaced, users can still easily use the keyboard according to their own habits.

If you don’t need a numeric keypad, then you can consider choosing the K620w white light version, which is smaller and smaller. Except for the different key positions, the two are completely consistent in terms of user experience. The choice of mechanical keyboard, what do you think?

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