Not only the shaft switches are produced, but also the classic mechanical keyboards - talk about the classic mechanical keyboards produced by CHERRY

Now when it comes to mechanical keyboards, many players may think of mechanical keyboards from international manufacturers such as Razer, Corsair, and SteelSeries, and some players will think of keyboard products from domestic manufacturers such as VGN, Keychron, and AKKO. But for many old players, the first impression in their minds is likely to be the brand of CHERRY. After all, the journey of getting started with fever is accompanied by the figure of CHERRY, whether it is an axis switch or a finished keyboard.

In 1953, Walter L. Cherry founded CHERRY in Waukegan, Illinois, USA, which has a history of 70 years. In the past 70 years, in addition to launching the legendary MX switch shaft, CHERRY has also produced many classic mechanical keyboard products, so let’s talk about those classic products launched by CHERRY today.

The G80-3000 series is a classic mechanical keyboard launched by CHERRY in 1989. It is an evergreen product that is still on sale today. It is a legendary existence in the field of mechanical keyboards. The early G80-3000 series were mainly black, tea, and green. With the birth of the red switch in 2008, the G80-3000 equipped with the red switch was named G80-3494 separately. The design without steel plate and the soft red color The axis has achieved the reputation of "red axis artifact" spread by word of mouth among enthusiasts.

The design language of the G80-3000 series is very retro, completely different from the current popular narrow-frame keyboards (this is nonsense, how can it not be retro if it was designed in 1989), the large body, forehead and F area are very suitable for MOD live. When the author entered the pit keyboard, many bigwigs in the forum carried out mods on the white 3494, which left a very deep impact on the author. The retro appearance of the G80-3000 series and the structural features of no steel plate also doom this keyboard to have a long-term vitality. For players who pursue a soft and elastic feel, it is worth a try.

In the current peripheral market, the hottest keyboard configuration is the 980 configuration. This configuration, registered as a patent by Leopold, actually originated from CHERRY's G80-1800 series. The G80-1800 series was born in 1989 and was launched by CHERRY for saving space and optimizing service life. The early G80-1800 series were used as matching keyboards for servers and minicomputers.

With the Compaq (Compaq acquired by HP in 2002) customized version of the G80-1838 entering the market as a foreign garbage keyboard and the realization of any six-key no-stroke on the G80-1863, it eliminated the game process (especially at the time of Warcraft). Formation operation with Interstellar) The keyboard is locked due to key conflicts, and the G80-1800 series has completely entered the player's field of vision. When the 980 configuration was only produced by Leopold, the thread-cutting G80-1800 series can be said to be good news for poor gamers. It only costs a few hundred yuan to experience a compact configuration.

The G80-1800 series has two very famous sub-models, namely G80-11800 and G80-11900. The upper part of the function keys of G80-1800 is merged into the F area, and a trackball (11800) or touchpad (11900) is added in the lower right corner. Because these two sub-models are equipped with Logitech's trackball and 1000dpi touchpad, they still have a certain degree of playability. However, it is very difficult to buy the new G80-11800 and G80-11900 in the market now, which is a pity.

The G80-3000 series and G80-1800 series are all produced by CHERRY keyboard factories in Germany and the Czech Republic. After entering the new century, CHERRY established a fully automatic mechanical keyboard production line in Zhuhai, Guangdong, and began to manufacture and produce CHERRY mechanical keyboards in mainland China ( It should be noted that the CHERRY switch body has always been produced in Germany. The so-called CHERRY switch produced in Zhuhai is a rumor, and the Zhuhai factory only produces mechanical keyboards). MX2.0 is the first mechanical keyboard produced in mainland China. The design language of narrow frame and low flat keycap has changed the retro style of CHERRY in the past. After many iterations of improvement, it has also achieved a new product series.

Based on MX2.0, MX3.0 was born. MX3.0 replaced a set of stepped keycaps on MX2.0, upgraded the separation of key lines, added positioning steel plates, and improved the support for multimedia buttons. With subsequent iterative upgrades, two products, MX2.0S and MX3.0S, have appeared. These two models have continued the design of CHERRY's steelless keyboard, and have a relatively Q-bomb tapping experience, which can make people feel superior. The taste of a century old original keyboard. The difference between MX2.0S and MX3.0S lies in the shell material, the former has a plastic frame and the latter has an aluminum alloy frame.

For MX2.0S and MX3.0S, the two mainstay products, CHERRY also attaches great importance to them - the newly launched MX Ergo Clear jade switch is arranged on these two mechanical keyboards. The jade switch is optimized by replacing the spring, adding lubrication, and adding gold contacts on the basis of the white switch. It is between the white switch and the brown switch in the CHERRY MX family.

Running for the MX Ergo Clear jade switch, Tanhua also recently started the MX2.0S jade switch version. After several weeks of experience, I feel that the jade switch is a segment switch with relatively light pressure and no click sound of the green switch. It will have an obvious and strong sense of step in the hand, but it does not have as loud a sound as the green switch. For friends who love the feel of paragraphs and have a certain need for silence, the MX2.0 jade axis version will be a good choice!

The MX8.0 series can be said to be a phenomenal product launched by CHERRY in the second decade of the 21st century. Its appearance has changed the heavy and rough design style of CHERRY keyboards in the past. With its smooth touch, durable service life and extremely high craftsmanship, especially the white version of MX8.0 was a mechanical keyboard that stood at the pinnacle of appearance at that time. Most importantly, the ammunition box packaging used in the MX8.0 series raises the keyboard’s bigger to an unsurpassable height, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a belief.

After the launch of the MX8.0 series, because of its outstanding texture and very big packaging, it has become the best choice in the peripheral circle as a gift for partners and friends for a period of time. Of course, MX8.0 is not perfect, and it is a pity that it does not have a wireless connection. However, this regret has been smoothed out by CHERRY recently. That is the MX8.2 wireless keyboard. In addition to introducing a double-layer noise reduction design to improve the input experience, this keyboard also has a new obsidian version, which makes the lighting performance of the keyboard even better. Good visual perception.

For a long time, the price of CHERRY keyboards has been relatively expensive, lacking entry-level cost-effective keyboards. It was not until the appearance of the MX1.0 series in 2017 that this changed. Although looking at the past from the current point of view, the MX1.0 series seems to be an ordinary mechanical keyboard, without any special highlights. However, at that time, MX1.0 with driver software blessing, simple design style, and convenient after-sales service was still very popular with entry-level players.

What is commendable about MX1.0 is that in addition to covering full-size and TKL configurations, it also provides two options of backlight and no backlight, giving players a very rich choice. In the past few years, the MX1.0 TKL matte version was the first choice for many players because of the appropriate price, the original CHERRY MX shaft, the TKL configuration and the original brand bonus. With the changes in the peripheral market this year, CHERRY has also made timely changes on the MX1.0 series, delegating the steel-free design to the MX1.1, lowering the threshold for the experience of steel-free keyboards.

2018年初,CHERRY推出了全新的MX Low Profile RGB机械轴,也就是LP矮轴。轴体的高度从MX轴体的18.5毫米骤减至11.9毫米,键程也从4毫米减至3.2毫米,同时手感和质量不变。在经过不断完善改进LP矮轴后,CHERRY带来了搭载LP矮轴的MX-LP6.1&MX-LP2.1无线键盘。三模无线、消音结构、纤薄设计、多彩配色等卖点集于一身,着实有些出人意料。

MX-LP6.1&MX-LP2.1因为采用了扁平的MX-LP轴体和60%配列有着纤薄轻巧的体形尺寸,所以这把键盘的便携性达到了极致,再加上键盘采用低延迟的CAWT无线技术;2.4G连接延迟低于1ms,搭配笔电出行能够兼顾日常办公和游戏的双重需求。是一把非常适合有便携需求玩家使用的机械键盘。两者的基本功能基本一致,仅在外壳材质上有所差异——LP 6.1高配金属外壳,LP 2.1为普通塑料外壳。

Mechanical keyboards have been with the public for half a century, and I don’t know how long physical keyboards can still exist as mainstream input devices. However, keyboard terms such as MX mechanical switches, thin film circuits, electrostatic capacitors, shaft bodies, character layouts, and keycap heights will remain forever in the memory of our generation of enthusiasts.

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