Novelty and Fun Research Society Article 107: Gasket structure keyboard top class! Support full-key hot swap & customization! Evaluation of ROG night devil three-mode mechanical keyboard!

[Foreword] Recently, a friend asked me if I wanted to change a keyboard and mouse, which one or which brand should I buy? I asked back: "Is the money in place? If it is in place, buy ROG!" Of course, this is not a joke. As a high-end hardware brand under ASUS, its devices are top-notch in the market in terms of appearance design and product performance. In addition to expensive, there is probably no disadvantage~~

The PO owner recently finally achieved the second small goal of the ROG family barrel. Some time ago, he started the new product of ROG in the first quarter of this year-Yemo three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard! Let me share with you the hands-on experience of this work of faith~~

The price of ROG's peripheral products is relatively high. Therefore, in addition to the original outer packaging, they will be wrapped with thick bubble paper and enlarged express boxes during express delivery to avoid damage to the products during transportation.

The outer packaging is still in the classic red and black color scheme. The front is a rendering of the product, and the fonts are all laser-crafted. The back is a detailed introduction of the product.

After unpacking the outer package, there is also a paper inner box with a flip top, non-woven keyboard bag, ROG laser small card, etc., which make the opening of the box full of atmosphere.

In addition to the keyboard body and paper instructions, there is also a full set of accessories and tools in the package, including a complete lubrication kit (shaft opener, key puller, shaft puller, shaft plate, brush, Krytox GPL-205-GD0 lubrication oil), wireless receiver extender, Type-C cable, additional NX axis and satellite axis under-axis pads and other accessories.

The ROG Nightmare keyboard adopts 75% arrangement, and the overall layout is compact. The three-mode wireless design improves the user experience and makes the desktop more tidy and refreshing.

The keyboard adopts a gray + black color scheme with rich layering, and the combined functions of some keys are designed with side engravings.

The keyboard adopts a three-stage foot support design. The front and rear flip foot support design and the non-slip silicone pads at the bottom four corners make the keyboard difficult to shift during use.

The prodigal eye logo at the bottom is very nice~~

The switch switch key of the Daredevil keyboard is set on the rear side of the fuselage, which supports quick switching of 2.4G/Bluetooth mode, and next to it is a 2.4G receiver storage compartment with a magnetic suction function and a 2.4G receiver.

The 2.4G receiver can be used with the attached extender to realize the signal extension function.

On the other side is the Type-C connector, which supports functions such as charging and wired connection.

This Daredevil can be said to be a large piece of aluminum. Although the size is only 466 (length) x 155 (width) x 39 (height) mm, the measured weight is about 1162g, and it is quite heavy to hold.

There are three versions of the ROG Nightmare three-mode mechanical keyboard, namely Hawthorn Red Switches, Mocha Brown Switches and Glacier Blue Switches, all of which use ROG’s self-developed NX mechanical switches. From the perspective of parameters, the data of Mocha Brown Switches Between the red axis and the blue axis.

The keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable, and the 5-pin shaft seat is compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin shafts. The high compatibility makes DIY games more abundant. In addition, all shafts are factory-lubricated.

The large key has also been moistened. This time, the large key structure of the Night Devil is a structure between the balance bar and the satellite shaft. There are padding cotton on both sides of the shaft body for cushioning and noise reduction.

The keycaps are double-color injection molded PBT light-transmitting keycaps. The matte process has an excellent texture. You don’t have to worry about oiling or fading of the keycaps after long-term use.

When in use, the keys are crisp and have a sense of micro-steps, and the tone of the large keys will be a little deeper. With the support of ROG SpeedNova wireless technology, a gaming experience with almost zero delay can be achieved.

Many brands of mechanical keyboards now use the Gasket structure, and Nightmare also uses the Gasket Mount structure. Like most flagship mechanical keyboards, PORON foam is added on the basis of sound-absorbing cotton to further cushion and absorb sound.

The Daredevil keyboard also adds a 2-inch OLED display, which is automatically turned on when it is turned on, and can display parameters such as caps lock, connection mode, PC/Mac mode indicator, battery power, etc., and can also customize animation effects.

Next to the display is a 3-way rotary switch button, which supports quick switching of multiple functions. The switch has a memory function, such as switching to the RGB brightness menu, and the RGB brightness will still be adjusted when the rotary switch is turned up or down next time.

Of course, if you buy ROG peripherals, you must be greedy for its RGB lighting effects. Like other ROG peripherals, this Nightmare also supports AuraSync synchronization. You can download the Aura settings through ASUS official website.

You can also quickly switch between 10 RGB lighting effects and 0/25/50/75/100% brightness through the 3-way rotary switch button at ordinary times, and the atmosphere feels good~~----

In addition, Daredevil is also very good in terms of battery life. In 2.4G mode without turning on the OLED screen and lighting effect, the battery life can last up to 2000 hours. According to the use time of 8 hours per day, the full battery life can last up to 250 days.

All in all, this Daredevil three-mode mechanical keyboard is in place in terms of materials and functions, and the buttons and lighting experience are very good, especially the package provides a full set of DIY tools, for consumers who like customization It is full of sincerity. Of course, everyone says that ROG is delicious, and the price is really expensive. If you count the subsequent customized accessories, it is really Ollie~~~

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