Novelty and Fun Research Society Chapter 106: Being cute only takes Daryu! Daryou X Sanrio joint model の Yuguigou A950 three-mode wireless mouse evaluation!

[Foreword] I have to say that in recent years, more and more peripheral brands have begun to pay more and more attention to the purchase needs and experience of female consumer groups. In addition to working hard on the appearance and color matching of new products, they have launched various cute or In addition to fresh peripheral products, some well-known brands have rich product lines and high market share, so they have the resources to cooperate with well-known big IPs to launch various co-branded peripheral sets for female consumer groups.

If there is a female friend who wants to buy new peripherals recently, I will strongly recommend Dareu to her, not for anything else, because it will soon launch a new IP co-branded series - Dareu X Sanrio, Sanrio believes in girls Everyone is familiar with it. Founded in 1960, Sanrio is a world-renowned distributor of modeling character brands. It has more than 500 portrait stars, including the familiar Hello Kitty, egg yolk brother, and cinnamon dog.

And this time Dareu and Sanrio’s joint name is to develop a series of new products around a number of well-known IP characters under Sanrio. The first one to hit is the cute and bursting Yugui Dog series!

The Yugui Dog co-branded series consists of a four-piece set. The suits are Xiaofangtang Z82 three-mode wireless keyboard, A950 three-mode wireless mouse, H105 three-mode wireless handle and Yugui Dog co-branded mouse pad. The PO owner started this time with A950 Yugui dog co-branded three-mode wireless mouse, let me share with you the actual experience~~

When the PO owner saw the product picture of the Yugui Dog series for the first time, he felt that this suit was really a girl's heart burst. The main colors of powder blue and white can be said to fit perfectly with the IP shape of the Yugui Dog.

The cuteness starts with the outer packaging. On the front of the powder blue outer packaging is a big image of a cinnamon dog.

On the side of the package, you can see the main selling points of the co-branded mouse, including support for three-mode connections, convenient charging, KBS2.0 buttons and AIM-ML sensors.

When you open the package, you can see the mouse body and charging base at the top. In addition, there are mouse umbrella cords, paper instructions and Dareu stickers.

In fact, Dareu’s A950 has released many color schemes before. Personally, I think this joint model of Yugui Dog is eye-catching in terms of color matching and pattern design.

The mouse adopts the self-developed KBS2.0 button, and the split button has a built-in self-lubricating POM material shaft and a balance spring, which can realize all-round triggering and smaller triggering force.

The surface of the mouse adopts a skin-like design. The product size is 123 (length) x 64 (width) x 39 (height) mm, and the measured weight is about 88g.

The wireless three-mode mouse has three connection modes, namely 2.4G/Bluetooth and wired connection, and the wired connection is the mainstream Type-C port design.

In addition to the 2.4G hidden storage compartment at the bottom of the mouse, there are mode switching buttons, Bluetooth pairing switch and magnetic charging port design.

In addition to charging the mouse, the equipped magnetic charging base can also be combined with the mouse umbrella cord and 2.4G receiver to realize the signal extension function.

Yugui dog is so cute, it is of course the most suitable for girls to use. Take a girl's hand shape with a palm length of 15.5cm as an example, you can compare the different grip effects.

For PO owners, using a wireless three-mode mouse is usually used to connect with 2.4G for desktop computers and Bluetooth for laptops.

In the actual measurement, the macbook is connected in bluetooth mode, without pairing, and the identification and connection can be completed in 2~3 seconds.

A950 Yugui Dog co-branded mouse supports 50-12000DPI custom adjustment, the factory default 5 levels of DPI, which are 400/800/1600/3200/6400, and the corresponding RGB lights are red/blue/green/yellow/purple , of course, the user can also customize any value of DPI in each gear through the driver (not customizable in Bluetooth mode), stepping 50DPI below 10000DPI, stepping 100DPI above 10000, as far as personal experience is concerned, the default DPI of 3200 and 6400 It can basically take into account both office and game usage scenarios.

Taking the screen resolution of 1920x1080 as an example, use the Mouse test to compare the differences between several DPIs.






When drawing the mosquito-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-repellent-coil under Track mode, you can see that the track of the mouse point is very dense, and the return rate of the mouse is relatively high.

You can compare the track diagram of another wireless three-mode mouse that the PO owner is currently using.

When drawing a well in normal mode, drawing horizontal lines is more stable than vertical lines, with a slight sense of jaggedness but no obvious disconnection.

Peripherals without RGB lighting effects are incomplete. As a well-known peripheral brand in China, Daryou RGB lighting effects can be said to be one of the housekeeping skills. Although the Yugui Dog co-branded model is soft and cute, the mouse The main body and the charging base also have built-in A950 exclusive magic color RGB lighting effects.

In addition, the mouse has a light sleep function, and the mouse light will go out when it is not used for a period of time.

Although the mouse is only 88g, the body has a built-in 930mAh lithium battery, equipped with AIM-WL wireless low-power sensor and a new wireless transmission technology, even in the wireless state, the power consumption is very low, calculated based on the use time of 4 hours a day, in In 2.4G mode and Bluetooth mode, the usage time can reach 12 days/30 days respectively.

Although this Yugui Dog co-branded A950 wireless three-mode mouse just changed a set of skins on the basis of the original A950, it is very powerful in terms of product model matching and IP image design of the co-branded suit. After seeing this joint model, female friends are full of praise. In addition, the suit is cost-effective, and you can also buy it according to your needs. Friends who like cinnamon dogs really can't miss it~~

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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