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Numiao Technology releases AM AFA high-end customized keyboard, with 18 kinds of softness and hardness adjustment

Angry Miao, founded by Li Nan, released a very special new keyboard product called AM AFA, which is expensive and unique in shape. It claims to be the world's first three-stage adjustable soft and hard Leaf-Spring keyboard , 18 kinds of softness and hardness can be adjusted, interpreting the high-end customized design concept of constantly pursuing the ultimate feel.

This AM AFA keyboard has a sci-fi shape and is inspired by the Macross VF-19. It features CNC drilling and special-shaped arrangement of keys, and a separate structure. The entire hollow metal frame can only be formed by anodizing, spraying or baking paint.

In order to adjust the feel of the typing key shaft, the official said that AM AFA has an adjustable soft and hard suspension structure. The design inspiration comes from the twisted tooth suspension on the car in the 1950s. The shock structure realizes the adjustable keyboard typing experience for the first time.

There are three sections of shrapnel with adjustable gears inside. Just put the rubber plug into different gears to give the inner tank different vertical elastic strokes, and realize different hand feel adjustments in the rebound range.

In addition, Angry Miao’s metal shrapnel also provides two different material choices: phosphor bronze and stainless steel. Through the replacement of materials, the rebound strength of the typing experience can be adjusted, and a set of bottom pads and two sets of adjustment pads can be freely combined and matched. This allows AM AFA to combine up to 18 different sounds and feels without changing the shaft and keycap.

The split structure is not uncommon, but the left and right typing modules are packaged as independent button boxes, and the battery, motherboard and wireless charging module are also packaged separately, so users can even adjust the softness of the typing modules for the left and right hands. .

The Numeow AM AFA high-end mechanical keyboard is priced at 4,800 yuan, the brand new HOVER magnetic levitation wrist rest is priced at 210 yuan, and there is also a finished set priced at 5,600 yuan. ), maybe this design will inspire you, creators come on~

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