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NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard evaluation: multi-mode, beautiful, light

Small-sized mechanical keyboards have emerged in an endless stream in the past two years, and the layouts of 40, 64, 68, 75, and 84 have also been continuously introduced. The combination of various styles and designs has also brought more choices for users. In order to further reduce the space occupied by the keyboard, many manufacturers have also set their sights on the short shaft, which is a branch of the shaft body, hoping to not only bring users the functional requirements that meet daily needs, but also have a smaller and lighter size. , so that users can easily carry it when they go out. Recently, we received a low-axis mechanical keyboard with a 75% configuration from NuPhy, which provides a three-mode connection solution and key adaptation for the MAC system. Next, follow the author to see how it performs.


The NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard adopts a very fresh packaging and color matching style. The packaging envelope uses the light green color of the avocado kernel as the main color, and with the rendering of the fuselage with simple lines, it has a more elegant look and feel. Behind the cover is a two-dimensional comic-style display picture, which further improves the overall recognition of the package.

The inner box of the package is packed in dark gray corrugated paper, and the front is the outline of the keyboard outlined in black lines. The overall style design is very pleasing to the user's attention. The accessories section is very rich, providing product manuals, stickers, braided cables for black USB Type-C interfaces, key pullers, three short shafts, three replacement keycaps, 2.4G wireless receiver, and orange magnetic support feet There is no spare bottom non-slip mat, and the brand image poster on the back of the manual also takes into account both beauty and practicality.


The NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard adopts 75% arrangement and 84-key layout. The body size is about 316mm×133mm×16mm, and the body weight is about 523 grams. The overall size is small and thin, and the weight control is also relatively appropriate. , It is more convenient to carry while reducing the space occupied by the fuselage. The 84-key compact layout can basically meet the daily use of users, but for users who just need a small keyboard, they still need to prepare an independent numeric keypad for use. The keyboard body adopts an integrated aluminum alloy upper cover, taking into account the shell frame and positioning plate. The structural scheme is still very good. While providing excellent texture performance, it also makes the tapping feel more stable and solid. The gray and white keycaps are matched with three colored keycaps, which also brings a more eye-catching look and feel. With the simple style keyboard design concept, it is more pleasing to the aesthetic preferences of current users.

This keyboard provides three connection solutions: wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0. In Bluetooth 5.0 mode, three sets of device pairing information can be stored, and it has good compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS and other platform devices, which is convenient Multi-platform, multi-device users can use it. At the same time, it also adapts the key positions of Mac OS, so that users can realize functions such as screen brightness and multimedia control quickly and conveniently, with higher convenience performance.

The NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard adopts a new interactive design. RGB light bars are added to the left and right borders to improve the visual perception of the keyboard while also taking into account the pairing indication, power check, uppercase and lowercase status, and open status in wireless mode. Functions such as sleep mode and switching operating system have high convenience and practicality. The RGB light bar supports the adjustment of lighting mode, brightness, and color. At the same time, the light bar on the right can also display the remaining power permanently, which has a good performance in functionality and gameplay.

The top frame of the fuselage provides a system switching switch, a keyboard mode switch, and a USB Type-C interface. Users can switch between two different operating system supports according to their own platforms. The mode switch part provides switching between off, wired and wireless modes, which is convenient for users to turn off the power to save power when not in use; 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0 modes are switched by combination of buttons, and the operation logic is still simple and easy to understand. The USB Type-C interface also has high practicability and compatibility at the moment. Users can easily find compatible cables to charge the keyboard or use it in wired mode. It has high ease of use and further improves the user experience. Use experience.

The keyboard bottom case adopts a black translucent style, and the design also adopts a simple style scheme. The metal nameplate on the top and the Tiffany blue non-slip mats at the four corners also make it look fresher, more eye-catching, and more recognizable. The lower part of the bottom shell is treated with stripes across the keyboard, which can improve the overall look and feel of the bottom of the keyboard and make it look more layered.

The four non-slip foot pads are made of soft rubber, which provide support for the keyboard and also have good anti-slip performance. They are very stable on commonly used wooden and glass desktops, without slipping or displacement. Through the orange magnetic support feet in the accessories, users can also adjust the tilt angle of the keyboard according to their personal preferences to obtain better input comfort.


The NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard is equipped with Jiadalong low-level switches, and provides three switch bodies for users to choose from: low-profile red switches, low-profile blue switches, and low-profile switches. The author's keyboard has a short red axis, a linear feel scheme, a total key travel of 2.5mm, a trigger key travel of 1.5mm, a trigger pressure of 45 grams, and a click life of about 50 million times. The bottom is stable and rebounds quickly, and the feel performance is relatively good. The optimized satellite axis scheme is adopted for the large key position, and the dummy axis is lubricated. The shaking and abnormal noise control is very good, and the hand feeling is crisp and neat, without sensuality.

This keyboard also provides a switch hot-swappable solution, but currently it is only compatible with Jiadalong short switches, and the replaceability is a little bit worse. However, users can still easily experience the knocking feel brought by three different shafts on a keyboard, and the playability is still good.

The keycap part is made of ultra-thin PBT material, five-sided thermal sublimation process, spherical cap shape, and opaque solution. The surface of the keycap has a slight grainy feel, which feels dry and delicate. The sublimation treatment also makes the color of the keycap more colorful. At the same time, it can better resist oiling, abrasion, etc., and has a good performance in terms of feel and durability.

RGB backlight:

The NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard provides a full-range RGB backlight function, supports more than ten lighting modes and brightness, and color switching. The dynamic speed can also be adjusted through the driver. The lighting playability is relatively good. However, the one-piece aluminum alloy top cover and opaque keycaps also reduce the brightness of the light. Under normal lighting brightness, the maximum brightness of the keyboard light is still a bit weak, and the performance in the dark environment is still relatively good. The dynamic performance of the light It is smooth and natural, and the RGB light strips on both sides also bring a better look and feel.

Driver settings:

Through the driver software under Windows, users can also easily change and adjust the lighting and key functions of the NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard. However, currently only the wired mode connection is supported, and the driver can be recognized normally. The interface of this driver is simple and intuitive. The lighting page provides a wealth of preset lighting modes. Users can adjust the lighting color, brightness, and dynamic speed by themselves, making the lighting adjustment easier and more intuitive. On the button page, you can reset the function of the key position, and preset options such as keyboard keys, multimedia functions, and macro keys, which are convenient for users to replace and adjust. The macro function part supports the recording and editing of macro keys, allowing users to customize exclusive key functions according to individual needs.

Use test:

The user group of NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard is positioned as the office group and travel users who have certain requirements for the keyboard feel. Therefore, the needs of this part of the group have been taken care of in terms of connection methods, equipment adaptation, and body size. The multi-mode connection mode and good device compatibility can also allow users to seamlessly switch between multiple platforms and devices, further improving work efficiency and excellent feel, and also turning all types of devices into "productivity tools." ". The compact and thin body size can be easily placed in computer bags and backpacks without taking up too much space or increasing the obvious sense of weight. It is very friendly to travel users. It has a built-in 2500mAh lithium battery, which can provide a battery life of up to 48 hours. The highly compatible USB Type-C interface and the side-charging solution also allow users to use it with confidence without worrying about battery life. There is also a built-in sleep mode, which needs to be turned on manually by the user to work normally. When the keyboard is not in use, it will automatically sleep to save power.

The NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard provides multi-system support, and is adapted for Mac OS keys, which is convenient for Mac users to quickly control computer screen brightness, multimedia control and other functions. Under Windows, the keys in the F area need to cooperate with the FN key to realize the proper key functions. Users can download the latest firmware from the official website to improve this problem, let the F area keys realize the proper key functions, and then use the FN Key combinations to trigger additional functions. After testing, its switching response speed in the three connection modes is still very fast, and there is no "key swallowing" or delay in the wake-up trigger, and the connection in the wireless state is also very stable, without delay, disconnection, etc. Appeared, the user experience is still very good.


The NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard not only has a high appearance value, but also is very complete in functionality, which can meet the user's needs for input functions, and has good device compatibility and key adaptation to the Mac OS system. Support can also bring a better user experience for users. At the same time, the Jiadalong short switch can also provide users with a good tapping feel, RGB lighting and rich combination key functions also enrich the playability and practicality of the keyboard, and the overall performance is still very good. At present, this keyboard has been officially released, and the price starts at 699 yuan. There are more combinations and matching schemes. Users who like it may wish to pay attention.

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