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Observation and Information Station Part 1: The folk 2022 keyboard shaft ladder map is online

Our first shaft ladder map is online. Through the 5-AB test method of GW2.0, the consistency and smoothness of the shaft are obtained. The total score of the two items determines the overall quality and quality of the shaft. ranking order. Therefore, to rank in the forefront is a very high requirement for the mold, material, and quality control of the shaft body. Let’s take a look at the current ranking of the ladder map.

The ladder diagram this time is based on the linear axis, and because of the different conduction principles, we have divided it into contact type (left) and non-contact type (right). The contact axis is the structure with contacts that everyone is familiar with, such as the CHERRY MX-like axis used in most keyboards at present; the non-contact type is a new conduction method that does not require contacts, including optical axes and electrostatic capacitance axes. Although the principles are different, they can both achieve a straight up and down linear feel.

There are a total of 15+4 shafts in the ladder map this time. Because of the cost-effectiveness and playability, the contact type is still popular at a glance. We have not measured many non-contact types at present, but we will keep updating. There are several axes in the ranking that are particularly worth commenting on.

First of all, the No. 1 sky axis V3 is Dareu’s high-end customized axis. Many people should know that this axis is good, but it may be a bit surprising that it can reach the highest point of the ladder. Since data such as 95.30% consistency and 90.36% smoothness can be achieved, it means that its mold and quality control must be stricter. At present, the minimum retail price of this shaft is 2.4 yuan/piece, and it is worthwhile with a clean and silky feel.

Secondly, let’s talk about the big brother of the non-contact: ROG’s RX red axis. It also surprised me. The surprise is not the ranking, but its smoothness can be as high as 98.51%. You must know that the highest level of other shafts is only 92%. Only after seeing the dismantling of the RX optical shaft will you understand that this is called genius. Its X-structure linkage device has inherent advantages, and the resistance is shared and resolved quickly. The shaft core is extremely stable and the smoothness can be close to perfection. Among the shafts we have tested so far, it is the only shaft that presses the corners and the center with almost the same force (the average difference is only 1.49g), which is impossible for traditional shafts to surpass.

What's more, the ash wood axis V3, which reached the top 3 of the contact type, directly replaced the position of the TTC ACE axis. As a new axis tested recently, it comes from LEOBOG, which is really almost LEOPOLD. Nobody's entry into the top three is entirely based on strength, with a consistency of 91.05% and a smoothness of 91.61%. The test performance is very balanced. Moreover, this shaft has good elasticity, low friction sound, and clear and clean rebound and impact sound. The retail price is only 7 cents each, and its appearance is average, but its cost performance is undoubtedly the highest within the top 10.

Finally, the non-contact NO.2 is Li Chi's electrostatic red switch, which is the same as Corsair's OPX optical switch, and there is no difference in appearance from the contact mechanical switch. It just depends on the capacitance value (change) to achieve conduction. If you want to control the change of capacitance value to achieve accurate conduction of the switch, the hardware accuracy and matching requirements are higher than the traditional axis. At the same time, it must take into account the feel, so it The data "must" be very good, the final consistency is 93.58% and the smoothness is 91.88%, which is also better than most axes.

Judging from the current ladder map, most of the TTCs are at the top, and the overall level is good, which may also be because there are more people testing it. With the increase in the number of axes participating in the follow-up, to see if it can hold on, it is estimated that there should be more than one comer from behind like the gray wood axis V3. It is worth noting that the linear optical axis of RAZER has a very high consistency (95.58%), but the strength increases too much when pressing the corners (similar problems also exist with Polestar’s cyber axis), resulting in obvious changes in the feel of different positions. If it can be optimized correctly, it has a chance to surpass Li Chi's static red axis. In the end, the two Cherry MX axes that have accompanied several generations of players are ranked 14th and 15th, and have fallen behind. Judging from this picture, the times make heroes, and the domestic axis, which has experienced ups and downs, finally ushered in its own era.

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