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Of course, the new computer must be equipped with a new keyboard, CHERRY KC200 MX office mechanical keyboard out of the box

A while ago, the keyboard in the office suddenly went on strike, so I hurriedly replaced it with a new one, but the office environment was complicated, and I didn’t know which keyboard to choose, so I chose an old brand—the new product from CHERRY ~

CHERRY can be regarded as the big brother in the mechanical keyboard, and the cherry switch once became synonymous with high-end, stable quality, and high-quality feel. The first mechanical keyboard I bought many years ago was his most basic black switch. Later, I bought the most classic CHERRY G80-3494 as my main office keyboard. It has been used for a long time without damage. This The keyboard has a retro shape, but it takes up more space on the desktop. After changing the computer, I put this keyboard away.

Taking advantage of this opportunity to change the keyboard, I opened the CHERRY store, which I haven’t visited for a long time. I used to think that the keyboard design of this brand is more straight. There are many new products that meet the trend of young people with color matching, such as the low-axis product MX-LP6.1, which is a mini keyboard with 68 columns and three-mode wireless. So I chose another basic colorful color matching wired keyboard, KC200MX.

This keyboard has four colors, all of which are pretty good-looking, and belong to the kind that can be used by both men and women.

The positioning itself is an office keyboard, which is more suitable for my usage scenario, but it also has functions such as full-key no-click, 1000Hz return rate, and button customization, which is more than enough for games.

The next step is to officially enter the unboxing ~

I chose the combination of pink, dark pink and light pink, which is cute and playful, adding a touch of vitality to the desk.

This keyboard is equipped with multimedia keys, and you can quickly control the volume, calculator, etc. through the keyboard. After all, it is very social to suddenly release the sound of a short video in the office. One button can clean the world, which is very practical.

With a full-size keyboard and traditional key positions, it doesn't take much time to get used to it, and you can use it right away. Although the length is a little longer than 86 keys, it is still very practical for office scenes. The numeric keypad is really indispensable at certain times~

The keycap adopts a floating design, which is easy to clean, just blow or wipe it, and the entire keyboard looks lighter and more flexible.

The openable support feet on the back can be opened or folded according to your own usage habits, and a rubber pad is added to the support feet, which makes the two angles have high stability. I personally like a larger slope, so basically They are all locked and opened. Some people like to use the desktop stand and tuck the keyboard under the stand. At this time, the legs can be folded to lower the height of the keyboard and make it easier to tuck in. There are rubber pads on all four corners, so you don't have to worry about slipping.

I still like the fonts of English letters on the keyboard. The keycaps are designed with ball caps. The corners are rounded, which looks very soft and cute. The English fonts are also round. The combination of the two is harmonious and unified.

The keycap is made of PBT material, which is more wear-resistant and not easy to oil.

With a metal matte panel, it will not easily scratch and at the same time, a sense of sophistication emerges spontaneously.

Although the keyboard is dull, several function keys such as caps lock and numlock keys have lights on the lower edge, and the switches are clear at a glance.

With CHERRY KEY assistant software, you can also customize the keys in the F area.

This keyboard is equipped with CHERRY self-developed MX mechanical switches, and the optional switches are classic red, tea, and green switches. I have used the red axis and the green axis. This time I will try the tea axis. The tea axis is also called "universal axis" by players.

The pressure grams and trigger key travel are in the middle of all kinds of shafts. The pressure grams of 55cN and the key travel of 2mm are compatible with the micro-operation requirements brought by the short and medium key travel and the moderate pressure grams. Sustainability, low knocking sound, excellent for office use, whether it is matched with a scene that requires a long time of input, or occasionally relaxing in the office to play a game, the tea switch is a good choice.

The full key has no impact, and the high return rate of 1000hz is more than enough for daily text input.

It is also completely controllable to play a game while working at home.

This keyboard is still very thoughtful - good-looking, comfortable, practical, and detailed.

After all, it is the first office keyboard launched by CHERRY, and the price can be regarded as full of sincerity. With the promotion of Double Eleven, the starting price is really shocking~

As the big brother in mechanical keyboards, CHERRY has not been resting on its laurels in its few classic switches, but has been innovating. In recent years, whether it is the LP short switch or the ultra-short switch used in notebooks, in the Today, when various keyboard brands emerge in endlessly, Cherry can still come up with some eye-catching designs~ to expand the female user group and office user group, and the price is also very good. I believe this change will also allow CHERRY to have more consumer audiences. , into the desks of more people, for example, my female colleague next door has already asked me for a link...

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