On 11.8, I bought 90 pieces of ash wood switch V3, and this wave of prices will directly seal the gods! ! !

Some time ago, I bought a small bug 98 keyboard kit, and the gold powder switch V2 for the switch body. It is a bit wasteful to think that the keys that are not frequently used such as the number keys are also used with gold powder switches. In addition, the ash wood axis v3 planted grass that has received rave reviews on the Internet before, so I want to try some ash wood axes.

I saw a lot of good price history at a certain station. The moon was dark and the wind was high, and the price was 35 yuan for 100 pieces, but I didn’t have such a good price for several nights. So as a bait, I originally planned to buy 60 pieces at 33 more. Unexpectedly, I saw some comments from netizens on a certain website, and I bought 70 pieces for 15 yuan. The price is too sweet. So I also studied it according to his method.

eventually is 11.8 Start with 90 pieces , converted to 0.13 yuan per piece. The price is simply delicious! The purchase method is a secret, and it is posted at the end of the article.

After the order was placed, it was shipped the next day, a very small package. Don't think it's a can at this price.

Open the package, inside is a kraft paper box.

Open it to see the ash wood shaft in the bag. One purchase is 30 pieces, I bought it three times and got 90 pieces. So the picture below shows the quantity of 30 pieces.

The goods arrived one after another, because I bought them one or two days apart. This is a partial ash wood shaft.

The appearance is ordinary gray. Of course, it is usually not seen under the keycap. The structure is a large buckle structure, which can be opened with one hand. Compared with the opening method of the gold powder shaft, I still like this.

The cross part is a semi-enclosed design.

Contrast with gold powder shaft.

The large buckle structure used for the ash wooden shaft can be disassembled as soon as the two hands are pulled apart. very convenient.

The axial guide rail has obvious factory run, and it feels a little oily when disassembled.

In terms of materials, the nylon bottom shell, the top cover of the pc and the axis of the POM, the axis has a wall structure to enhance stability, and the axis is a tripod axis.

The spring is about 1.9-2CM long. As a comparison, the gold powder shaft is slightly longer.

Ash wood shaft

Gold powder shaft

Gray wood shaft V3 parameters

Shaft Type: Linear Shaft

Initial pressure: 30 gf Min

Conduction pressure: 40 soil 3gf

Mechanical life: about 60 million times

Shaft material: POM material

Total stroke: 3.6 soil 0.3m

Conduction travel: 1.5 ± 0.3mm

Bottom pressure: 53 soil 3gf

In terms of feel, the starting pressure is 40 grams and the bottoming pressure is 53 grams. More like the feel of the red axis. As a comparison, the trigger pressure of the gold powder switch is 37g, which is much lighter. The sound of rebounding and following the hand is relatively clear. According to what is said on the Internet, it is the sound of mahjong.

If it is for this price, then this shaft is undoubtedly fried. But purely from personal experience. The effect is definitely not as good as gold powder. May be preconceived. I used gold powder for a while, and then changed the ash wood shaft today. It feels heavy to type on. The sound performance is not much felt, and the feeling is similar. But after using it for a while, I feel quite used to it.

The two axes are equipped with keycaps, the ash wood axis will be shorter, and the gold powder will be higher.

There is also the biggest disadvantage of the ash wood shaft purchased this time. Many feet are crooked when the goods are received and opened. Fortunately, I can still use it normally after I straighten it. In view of the shortcomings of this price, I still ignore it.

I used a new user of a certain sound, and there is a 10 yuan coupon, and members who join this store have a 3 yuan coupon, plus the new user binding card has a discount. I spent 2.8 yuan, 4 yuan, and 5 yuan this time. Offers vary. Friends who are interested in it can find out by themselves.

Generally speaking, the ash wood shaft at this price is already very popular. No other objections are accepted. If you are interested in value friends, go and start a wave. Well, this is the end of this content, thank you for your patience to watch. Follow me, and I will tell you more good things and good prices next time!

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