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Once the fever is gone, it has to be a pirate ship: K70 RGB TKL mechanical keyboard

In 2015, I contributed my first article to Worth Buying. At that time, my desktop looked like this.

7 years have passed and I now have two desktops. A set of minimalist and elegant daily life, a set of full RGB games.

The only two things that haven't changed are Apple's devices and Corsair's keyboards.

Corsair's keyboard was changed from the K65 of the year to the K70 RGB MK2.

In the field of peripherals, it is difficult to find a brand with a heritage of product design, and Corsair is one of the few.

The K70 RGB TKL still uses an all-aluminum frame, which is why I always like Corsair.

The texture brought by the aluminum frame and the brushed metal process is unmatched by those large plastic keyboards. I have always been very assured of the workmanship of Corsair. The K65 7 years ago left a deep impression on me.

On this K70 RGB TKL, the shadow of K65 can still be seen. Center logo, ladder frame design, etc.

Of course, K70 has evolved in many places, such as changing the Logo to RGB, a gentler frame angle, and more exquisite multimedia buttons.

I think this is the inheritance and persistence of design, and it is also the embodiment of the brand's historical heritage.

Corsair has always had this over-the-shoulder design, which makes the multimedia key area slightly higher than the main key, making it easier to use in daily use.

Beveled chamfers are also made on the edges, which will be very delicate in appearance.

Four non-slip foot pads at the bottom, side-opening single-section bracket.

Bracket opening/closing angle comparison.

It can be seen that regardless of the angle, the over-the-shoulder design makes it easier to press the multimedia shortcut keys.

The layout of 87 keys is more compact, which can effectively reduce the footprint on the desktop. If your desk is not big and you don't want to use the keyboard too cramped, then 87 keys is actually a good choice.

As a lover of small-sized keyboards, now I have collected Corsair, Logitech and ROG. In terms of design, I think the pirate ship is the best among the three.

With 87 keys, the Corsair K70 RGB is a little smaller than the Logitech model.

The multimedia buttons are also very delicate, with good tactility and rebound, highlighting a delicate.

Especially the volume adjustment wheel, which is actually made of all aluminum, can you bear it...

There is a USB-C port in the middle, and on the right is a special switch for one-key switching to competitive mode.

The detachable USB-C port is very convenient, you can always take it out to play games. The quilt of the data cable is also made of nylon, and the details are very elegant.

The K70 RGB TKL is equipped with PBT two-color injection keycaps, which are not easy to wear and fade compared to traditional ABS.

The PBT process should also be improved, it will be less rough than before, and the touch will be milder.

The water outlet is also handled well, after all, it is produced by pirate ships.

There is no problem with the light transmittance, it is very clear.

Corsair's proprietary OPX RGB optical mechanical switch body, 1.0mm trigger key travel. With AXON ultra-speed processing technology can achieve 8000Hz polling rate.

But strangely, it is not equipped with a key puller.

The response is faster and the feel is smoother. The light source points around the surroundings, and the light is also very uniform.

The large key uses a satellite shaft, that is, two small sub-shafts are added at both ends of the key for support.

Compared with the balance bar, the satellite shaft will be more stable, durable and easy to disassemble. However, the force transmission guide is not as direct as the balance bar, and if the handle is not handled well, it will easily become dull and stuffy.

However, the pirate ship handled it well, without that kind of meaty feeling.

If gaming has color, it must be RGB.

This time, in addition to the K70 RGB TKL, Corsair also sent a matching Saber RGB Pro mouse and MM700 RGB oversized mouse pad.

If you want a one-stop solution for a full set of RGB solutions, this combination of three devices can be said to be the best match.

No one loves anyone when the lights are turned off at night, enjoy the exclusive time that only belongs to you.

Check out the animation.

The keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad light up together, and the gorgeous colors are the best combat effectiveness.

The light transmittance of the keyboard is very nice, and the belief lights of the three pirate ships light up at the same time.

With ICUE's software support, you can customize lighting effects, brightness, modes, flashing speed, and more.

After using Logitech and ASUS software, I know what it means to be difficult to use. A series of problems such as crashes, flashbacks, and unclean uninstallation are always a headache.

This is really not to blackmail his family, and those who have used it should have a deep understanding.

In contrast, Corsair's ICUE lasted a few days without issue. The response is fast, the recognition is normal, and the settings are intuitive.

There are many preset options in the lighting effect, and you can also adjust the corresponding area, speed and other details.

For example, I like this rainy lighting effect very much. It is very beautiful with good light transmittance and brightness.

Both the mouse and the mouse pad can also be set, allowing you to achieve a completely unified lighting effect if you wish.

K70 RGB TKL can achieve a polling rate of 8000Hz through software settings and AXON super-speed processing technology.

This should be the current flagship configuration. Compared with the general gaming keyboard, it has achieved an eight-fold improvement, and the key registration rate has increased by four times.

8MB onboard storage, can store 50 sets of different configurations. You can customize macro programming, button remapping, lighting effect settings, file configuration, and more.

You can also customize the launcher and multimedia keys.

The button on the right side of the USB can switch to competitive mode with one button. When the macro function is disabled, it switches to a static backlight that is less susceptible to interference.

When enabled by default, it will automatically switch to red static backlight.

Of course, the light color can also be customized, you can change it to any color you want.

Even if you are playing games, you can reach out to the buttons for one-key switching. Just open it, and the competition will come.

Full key non-impact anti-ghosting, rich lighting color matching, full response performance, who would not want to play a game of CS.

The actual game experience and tactile feedback are not picky.

This is what Corsair brought to me, the rich sense of paragraphs, appropriate starting and strength, and fast feedback and response, so that the experience of playing games can jump to a higher level.

At night, when the hustle and bustle fades away, open a bottle of happy water and immerse yourself in the world of Red Dead Redemption alone.

When the lights are off, no one loves you. Once RGB is turned on, the battle is full.

I actually have a little nostalgia for Corsair, just like I do for Apple devices.

K65 is the first mechanical keyboard that I was planted on the site. It can be said that it enlightened my understanding of mechanical keyboards.

Although I bought Filco, Leopold, ROG, Logitech, etc. after that, I still like Corsair very much.

I think it is not only because of the nostalgia of the first acquaintance, but also the unique sense of design, refinement and performance.

Whether you are just a taste of games or e-sports players, Corsair can give you a good boost.

The aluminum frame is matched with a stepped design, and even the volume roller is made of aluminum. Few manufacturers are willing to give you this kind of material at this price;

The detachable nylon cable in the center is convenient to carry out at any time. Faith Logo, also changed from initial etching to RGB;

One-click switching to competitive mode allows you to focus on playing without interference;

AXON super-speed processing speed up to 8000Hz polling rate, OPX RGB optical mechanical shaft, 150 million tap life, 1.0mm trigger key travel, etc., there is almost no compromise in performance.

Once the fever is gone, I think it has to be a pirate ship.

Now, the Corsair JD.com self-operated store also has a list-posting activity. 50 yuan E-card will be given away when the order is published before 6/20, which happens to be the 618 promotion, so you can consider it~

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