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One-click experience of three kinds of switches, blood hand ghost 3 player variable speed mechanical keyboard T98 eternal robbery version evaluation

Whether it is gaming or office work, you need to choose a keyboard that is handy. When games and office conflict, how do you choose? Nowadays, in the age when children don't make choices, everyone must choose me. A keyboard that meets the needs of different scenarios still depends on the new product of Shuangfeiyan's peripheral brand - Bloody Ghost.

Some time ago, Bloody Ghost launched the 3-player 3-speed mechanical keyboard T98, which can enjoy 3 key strokes with one key, which also attracted the attention of many people. After that, Bloody Ghost launched a new version of T98 - the joint model of Eternal Tribulation. For peripherals and game lovers like me, there is naturally no resistance. It is also accompanied by a co-branded mouse - Bloody Ghost ES52 max. I have been experiencing this combination for a while, and when this combination is placed on the table, it immediately has an inner taste.

Bloody Ghost 3 Gamer 3 Variable Speed ​​Mechanical Keyboard T98

Next, let's start with the keyboard and talk about the experience of using this combination. The keyboard has two colors, Ning Hong Ye and Tian Hai. The one in my hand is Ning Hongye. The gray, white and red color combined with the red game elements can highlight a kind of Jianghu atmosphere. In addition, in the integration of game elements, T98 is also very detailed. Many commonly used large keys, as well as letter keys, have elements of eternal calamity.

The keyboard uses a 98-key arrangement, which saves about 20% of the space compared to the traditional 104-key space. At the same time, it also ensures the complete small keyboard area, as well as the direction keys with separate design, which is very friendly to those who like to use small keyboards. A shortcut key function is also added to the F key, and the combined use of Fn further increases the work efficiency during office work.

The keyboard as a whole is made of ABS material, and the surface has been slightly frosted, which feels delicate. The logo of the ghost of the bloody hand is kept in the lower right corner, which further increases the visual sense.

At the moment when the three-mode keyboard is rampant, the bloody ghost 3 player 3 variable speed mechanical keyboard T98 still insists on the wired design. The advantage is that the transmission of the game is more stable. The disadvantage is that the connection line will affect the cleanliness of some desktops. Its keyboard and cable use a separate design, support three-way wire slots, and can be routed according to your own desktop situation.

The back has two sections of gussets, which can achieve 3° and 8° tilt correction, and the bottom has anti-skid pads to increase the stability of the keyboard.

The keycaps of T98 use the full PBT sublimation process, the surface has a slight grainy feel, the thickness of the keycaps is 1.3mm, and the pressing feel is excellent. Here I still want to talk about the details of Shuangfeiyan. Compared with the regular version, the Eternal Tribulation version has many game elements. Even so, each keycap is handled very well, and the details of the patterns and characters are also very delicate.

T98 uses Shuangfeiyan's self-developed LT shifting shaft, which is also the core selling point of this keyboard. For this reason, this keyboard also specially designed an "LT" independent button for the LT shifting shaft. So what is so special about this LT shift shaft? Let me briefly talk about its principle here.

There is a built-in light sensor in the LT shaft. We can control the amount of light entering by pressing the LT shifting shaft. The light sensor in the LT shaft can change the travel trigger of the shaft body by recording how much light enters. T98 has set three different levels of brightness, so we can experience the feel of three different axes on this keyboard at one time.

The total stroke of T98 is 3.8mm, and the trigger pressure is 39gf-45gf. By changing the height of the stroke, the trigger pressure will also change. The pressing feel is a straight up and down linear feel, the initial size is 45gf, the feel is similar to the conventional red switch, and it is very comfortable to type on. This keyboard is also suitable for office use in public places, and its percussion is almost silent. The reason is that its interior is filled with sound-absorbing structure sponge, and the rebound point and bottoming point of the button have also been optimized for silence, using TPR soft rubber.

The second gear is a trigger stroke of 1.5mm, which is more suitable for gamers. After switching, you will obviously feel that the trigger stroke is shortened, and the pressing force has also changed. I usually play some shooting games in this gear. The game has certain requirements for hand speed and response, but it is not particularly intensive. This gear can basically meet most competitive games.

The third gear has a key stroke of 1mm, which requires a high hand speed, and you can basically start with a light touch. It is more suitable for high-end gamers or professional players. For ordinary users, it takes a certain amount of time to adapt. If you are not careful, it is easy to accidentally touch it.

I have tested three games, League of Legends, CF and Eternal Tribulation successively. My personal feeling is that the key travel of 1.5mm is completely sufficient, and the short key travel of 1mm is already uncontrollable for handicapped people like me. As for daily typing, the 2mm keystroke is still very comfortable.

Bloody Ghost ES52 Max

The bloody ghost ES52 max uses three colors of gray, white and black in color matching. The color matching and game elements complement the keyboard, and the style is still very unified.

The Bloody Hand Specter ES52 max is designed for the right hand, the overall size tends to be large, and the grip fits well. The mouse material also has some slight frosting and damping, which is very friendly to people like me who often sweat.

In terms of configuration, the customized version of BC3332-A game engine is used, which is more accurate in motion tracking and button feedback, and problems such as delay and jumping labels are also solved well. The button at the bottom can be set to 4 levels of silent height and 4 levels of response speed. With the combination of the two, it is easy to find the feeling that suits you.

Lighting is also a highlight of this mouse, with RGB light strips on the waistline, Logo and bottom. The 4M memory can record multiple sets of lighting effect modes, which can be easily adjusted with the front scroll wheel.


As a peripheral manufacturer with 40 years of experience, Shuangfeiyan and its brands have almost run through my peripheral career. First of all, in terms of workmanship, Shuangfeiyan is very worthy of recognition. This set of 3-player 3-speed mechanical keyboard T98+ES52MAX mouse set is undoubtedly created for the general public. It not only achieves an excellent office experience, but also meets the needs of various types of game players, and cooperates with the eternal game. Elements, whether it is appearance or strength, it is difficult for me to refuse.

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