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Gradient purple has a unique flavor

This keycap is a gradient purple keycap jointly produced by zhudi×LiI BzC. and Key Workshop. It is made into a character similar to the image of a little devil.

Color matching:

Gradient from white to deep purple, white is a pure, clean and simple color, while purple is in the middle of warm and cool colors in the color spectrum, it can convey a sense of stability and elegance at the same time, this high-contrast gradient can produce a A highly contrasting visual effect can also create a sense of mystery and romance.

Personality section:

Some characters, in fact, in this set of keycaps, the personality itself is just a little embellishment, and the gradient color is the most attractive place.

Real shot display:

blue sky shooting

Keycap information:

Material: ABS material

Height: original factory height

Process: secondary molding process

Personal Rating: 6—7

I personally think that this set of keycaps is less difficult to match than the previous set. At the same time, this color design is also more popular, and the gradient color keycaps are also unique, but the personality part still needs more polishing. .

Buying advice:

Currently there are platforms for sale in stock, and the white kit is recommended. White can enhance the purity of this color gradient, and it can also make the keyboard look more clean and tidy. The black kit can add some contrast to this color gradient, and at the same time can create a sense of stability and elegance. Light purple is also a good choice, dark purple is not so good.

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