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Since JTK has reduced a large number of group openings, it has gradually become a spot product, but the accumulation of word of mouth is not easy. I hope that the domestically produced original keycaps will be better and better.


You are horses, racetrack horses

This keycap is a secondary creation themed keycap designed by buger, inspired by the squid game. Squid Game (Squid Game) is a Korean TV series, which will be launched on Netflix in September 2021. It tells the story of 456 poor people participating in a life-and-death game in order to obtain high bonuses. However, this keycap will be produced in 2023, and probably not many people remember this Internet celebrity drama.

Color matching:

Teal is paired with deep pink and white, a trio of colors that mix and contrast. These colors are also taken from the clothes of the managers and "horses" in the play. Blue-green is a fresh and modern color, which corresponds to the alertness and flexibility of the character. It is alert, agile, and has control, highlighting the sense of majesty and mystery.

Personality section:

Personality parts 1 and 456 correspond to the serial numbers of two important characters in the play, and the rest are from the design and Korean in the level.

Real shot display:

From Le Zong

Keycap information:

Material: ABS material

Height: original factory height

Process: two-color process

Personal Rating:5

There will be higher requirements for secondary creation keycaps. The color of this keycap is quite satisfactory, not particularly brilliant, and the personality design is not particularly good, but it is still quite a common personality. As for the work itself, this is not particularly attractive to me. After all, if the film and television works Pay attention to cooking skills, maybe the second dimension is more popular

Buying advice:

In stock, if you like it, you can consider buying it. In terms of matching, the main color of blue-green may need more consideration.

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