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One key to change the three-axis monopoly to choose difficult, Shuangfeiyan 3 players 3 variable speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 experience

In recent years, as the popularity of competitive games has continued to rise, many small partners have begun to focus on computer peripherals after the hardware configuration has reached their expected performance. So recently a friend asked me, if I want to buy a mechanical keyboard, is there any recommendation?

To be honest, as a large category of peripheral products, mechanical keyboards do have a lot of homework to do when purchasing. First of all, we need to find out what our requirements are, whether to choose a large-sized full-key keyboard or commonly used keys. Secondly, the switch body is the key, the linear switch is what you just need, or the paragraph switch is your favorite; then there is a wireless keyboard that can make the desktop more concise, or a wired keyboard with a more extreme experience; Finally, I think the most important point is the brand, and the tuning of different brands is also crucial to the experience of mechanical keyboards.

As one of the cores of a mechanical keyboard, I personally suggest that friends should first consider the shaft body when choosing a mechanical keyboard, after all, this is the soul of the mechanical keyboard. However, when choosing, many friends will encounter difficulties. How can I know where my own point is? I can’t test every kind of shaft, and the cost of replacing the shaft by myself in the later stage is also high and troublesome. Recently, Shuangfeiyan launched a bloody hand ghost 3 player 3 variable speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 (hereinafter referred to as T98), which allows players to enjoy the different textures of three types of switches on one keyboard, so this Shuangfeiyan bloody hand How does the ghost 3 player 3 variable speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 perform? Let's take a look.

Appearance and Design

From the packaging, we can clearly see the exclusive logo of the Bloody Ghost, which is also the exclusive symbol of the main game peripherals. The bloody hand design of the mosaic is compatible with this Bloody Ghost 3 player 3 variable speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 pixel The green design fits perfectly with the color scheme.

In terms of main accessories, Bloody Ghost 3 player 3 variable-speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 is still very rich. In addition to this 98-key mechanical keyboard, there is also a very well-made data cable, key puller and a set of replacement camouflage. keycap.

The first time I turned on the keyboard, I felt very curious, isn't it really the Gundam Good Man Kai Zaku color scheme? But to be honest, people who like this dark green color scheme will definitely not put it down, and those who don't like it are probably already starting to pick keycaps.

Looking at the details, every corner of the T98 is handled very well, and it looks like a big factory workmanship.

As the earliest famous peripheral brand in China, the workmanship is really just right. The design of the keycap, color matching and vignetting treatment, I personally feel that there are unique thoughts everywhere.

As a mechanical keyboard with 98 keys, T98 perfectly combines functional attributes and experience attributes on the basis of practicality. Compared with the traditional 108-key keyboard, this keyboard can save more than 20% of the space. .

In terms of keycaps, Shuangfeiyan T98 adopts a two-color injection molding process with a matte texture. The keycaps feel relatively comfortable to the touch, and the fingers are not easy to be sore after long-term tapping.

In the lower right corner of the keyboard, the logo of the bloody ghost looks full of texture, and the game style is oncoming.

The details on the back of the keyboard are still excellent. The multi-point non-slip design with simple and capable lines, combined with the main color of dark green, fits very well.

T98 supports two-stage leg height adjustment, 3° and 8° respectively, plus the original height of the keyboard, the three-stage height can basically meet the needs of different players.

What needs to be praised is that the back of the keyboard adopts a three-way wire groove design. This design not only takes into account the lines and design of the back, but also improves the overall coordination and stability of the keyboard. routing and location.

Self-developed optical axis support, one-button three modes

Among domestic and foreign brands, most brands use third-party shafts to realize their product functions. In terms of shafts, we are familiar with Cherry, Kaihua, Jiadalong and so on. As the earliest brand in China, Shuangfeiyan is equipped with a self-developed optical axis on the T98 this time, so what are the unique features of this optical axis?

The LT optical axis equipped on the T98 adopts a linear axis design, straight up and down, without a sense of paragraph, and the trigger is more crisp and neat. It can also bring better, more intuitive and accurate trigger feedback on the speed change we will talk about later.

When I remove and install the keycap, I can clearly feel that the optical shaft is more stable than most of the shafts I have used in the past, and the deflection angle does not feel too much when I press and shake. It is more conducive to the trigger experience during the game, more accurate and reliable.

Behind the function keys of the T98, there is a key different from other keyboards, that is, the red LT key. This key can realize a unique shaft shifting, allowing one keyboard to meet three operating needs. Three players, all You can get different input experiences with one key on one keyboard.

As Shuangfeiyan's patented three-segment optical axis, we can use the LT key to switch between different key strokes, and one keyboard can achieve three different axis experiences. This design is indeed worthy of the player's affirmation. After all, we There is no need to purchase additional keyboards, and at the same time, more keyboard storage space can be saved.

When we start the experience normally for the first time, the keyboard will enter the player 1 state by default. In this state for ordinary players, the keyboard can easily follow the normal hand speed of the player. The trigger pressure of 45g plus the trigger stroke of 2.0mm can Realize the input experience similar to the ordinary red switch mechanical keyboard.

I personally think that the player 1 mode is more suitable for normal text input work, typing is very comfortable and has its own sense of rhythm. In terms of games, I personally suggest that you can try some games that do not require high input frequency, such as racing games like Need for Speed, or some small desktop games.

Player 2 gear is positioned as an e-sports player. The trigger stroke is 1.5mm, and the speed has increased by 50% compared with 2.0. During the operation, we will obviously feel the change of the pressing stroke and pressing force, and the triggering rhythm will become more accurate. close.

According to the official data, we can achieve a 50% increase in button speed in the player 2 mode. Such an operation has been suspected of physical cheating. This kind of operation is fed back to the performance of eating chicken. Under the same environment and the same reaction speed, we can shoot earlier and faster than the opponent.

Player 3 mode should be exclusive to super e-sports players. The trigger stroke is only 1.0mm. The advantage brought by this is that the button function can be realized by pressing lightly, which doubles our game hand speed.

For ordinary players, I estimate that such a trigger speed may bring more false touches, but in the world of LOL, super players, I believe they will bring higher KPIs and more extreme operations Experience and achieve more amazing god-level operations.

I tested several different games, and felt the trigger texture of the keyboard in different modes. Personally, I feel that the force feedback of player 2 gear is more suitable for me. I don’t know which mode other friends will like when using it. trigger itinerary.

It should be mentioned that if you prefer the beeping sound of mechanical keyboards, then this bloody ghost 3 player 3 variable speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 may disappoint you, because this is the sound I have used The smallest mechanical keyboard ever. In order to make the input sound of this mechanical keyboard extremely small, TPE soft rubber is used to control the rebound point of the LT optical axis inside the keyboard, and the inside of the keyboard reduces the cavity volume and is filled with sound-absorbing sponge, which can maximize the quietness of the keyboard Attributes.


I have been using this bloody ghost 3 player 3 variable-speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 for half a month. Let me talk about my personal experience with this mechanical keyboard. First of all, this pixel green and camouflage keyboard, the friends who like this color scheme will definitely like it, after all, the keyboard with this color scheme is really hard to find, full of personality; secondly, in terms of workmanship, design and materials, As a traditional domestic peripheral manufacturer, Shuangfeiyan’s products have always been known for their durability and reliability. This bloody ghost 3 player 3 variable speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 is also very good from my personal point of view; also, this The layout of the 98 keys of this keyboard is still very good, taking into account the practicality and space utilization; the most important thing is that the 3-speed optical axis of this mechanical keyboard has changed the player's understanding of ordinary mechanical keyboards, and finally found a way to A new way to achieve multiple travels in one keyboard.

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