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One of the most worthy mass-produced "customized" keyboards on Double 11, Durga K330W PLUS

There are only the first and countless mechanical keyboards. When you have the first one, you always want to feel the charm of other keyboards. Like me, I bought various cheap keyboards at the beginning, but I was not satisfied with it later. I gradually started to change the keycaps and shafts, and gradually wanted to assemble one by myself. However, the price of customized keyboards is indeed a headache, and I can only sigh.

I have never assembled a keyboard, and I have always had the fantasy of DIY, and I want to spend a little money and experience the fun, so I decided to disassemble the keyboard and reassemble it. In order to meet this dream, I I bought this Durga K330W PLUS with relatively high playability and high-quality mass-produced keyboard.

First of all, the keyboard you received is complete and can be used after unpacking, but this article adopts a flashback method, and I hope there will be no misunderstanding.

Why take apart the keyboard? Because I want to experience the fun of assembling a keyboard, which is also one of the fun of customizing a keyboard, but in reality I have never owned one, so I can only disassemble a mass-produced keyboard to satisfy my desire. Dismantling the keyboard is not a complicated handicraft. It only needs patience and a little bit of hands-on ability to control it easily.

Our common keyboard is generally composed of keycap + shaft body + PCB board + shell, but the reason why K330 PLUS is called the customization in the mass production industry is because it adds more important parts to improve the texture and feel of the keyboard. , through dismantling, we can see that in addition to the common keycap + shaft body + PCB board + shell, K330 PLUS has added sound-absorbing cotton + silicone pad + positioning plate to improve the quality, which has raised the entire keyboard to a higher level.

The K330 PLUS positioning plate is made of all-aluminum material. Compared with the traditional steel positioning plate, the pure aluminum lining plate has the advantages of better flexibility and lighter weight, and is more user-friendly in terms of portability.

This is the first step of assembly, align the pure aluminum liner and the silicone pad neatly. The pure aluminum liner and the interlayer silicone pad in the PCB board, the soft texture can play a good shock absorption effect, combined with the sound-absorbing cotton at the bottom, it keeps the keyboard stable and low-noise while fast coding, and also reduces noise to a certain extent. phenomenon of resonance.

The resistance welding process of the corners of the PCB board is also very meticulous and regular. The overall workmanship can be said to be very good in my heart. The pin codes used to fasten the bottom surface of the connecting shaft head are neat and tidy. For my obsessive-compulsive disorder It looks very comfortable.

The satellite shaft of K330W PLUS has been adjusted and lubricated before leaving the factory. If you look carefully, there is obvious grease in the steel wire and dummy shaft. Judging from the lubrication stains on the PCB board, the "materials" are quite sufficient.

The K330W PLUS Bluetooth wireless battery life can last about 200 days. In addition to good keyboard tuning, it is also inseparable from the support of this large 3600mAh battery, which brings a revolutionary guarantee for long battery life.

Put a layer of sound-absorbing cotton on the bottom case of the keyboard. Quickly tapping the keyboard during use can effectively eliminate the noise and cancel the resonance of the sound cavity. Don't look at the small layer of cotton, it is really effective. Be sure to connect the power line and switch line to the PCB, or the keyboard will have to be disassembled again.

After the overall large structure is assembled, the shaft body is installed. Because it supports hot swapping, the shaft body can be replaced as you like. As long as you are happy, it is not impossible to install a different shaft body for each key position. The rich Feel, can be said to be very NICE.

Because the lubrication of the satellite shaft is very good, there is no need for us to re-lubricate, just install it directly. Remember that the first step of installing the shaft must be to install the satellite shaft of the big key in place, and then install the other shafts.

The shaft of K330W PLUS this time adopts the customized shaft crystal shaft jointly launched by Jiadalong, which abandons the traditional cherry shaft used in the past. As we all know, the quality of the cherry shaft in recent years is really not as good as before. This time, the customized The shaft body is optimized on the basis of the CAP shaft, so the overall feel is smoother and more comfortable.

The material of the keycap is PBT material, which will not be oiled for a long time. The two-color molding process will not cause the characters to wear after long-term use. If you look closely at the closing process at the end of the cap, it is also carefully made. Also more stable.

So far, a keyboard has been assembled, it can be disassembled or installed, and there is basically no obstacle in the assembly.

The Duga K330w Plus version has no obvious difference in appearance from the original version, with 60% arrangement and standard 61 keys. Days of battery life, 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth, and wired three-mode design, small and portable, but also has very good applicability.

The Q, W, E, and R keys on the left half of the keyboard support Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and wired three-mode connection switching functions. The downlink letter keys take into account the multimedia keys. Both of them realize the key functions through the Fn+ key. Practical and easy to use at the same time.

60% of the keyboard is equipped with a standard layout of 61 keys. The original factory height PBT keycaps are used. When the conventional keys are reserved, more functions can be triggered through the FN combination key and the prompts engraved on the side of the keycap. And even if you want to replace the regular-sized keycaps in the later stage, you don’t have to worry about supplementing them.

The power switch of the keyboard is set on the back side, the sliding design is easier to use, and the other side is the Type-C interface, which takes into account both charging and wired connection.

The right part of the keyboard takes into account both the functional keys suitable for office work and the convenient keys. They are switched through the Fn key in the lower right corner. It is worth mentioning that Dujia set the Fn key in the corner. It feels very convenient to use, especially when using the convenient keys, you can also operate conveniently after pressing Fn with your ring finger.

The foot support adopts a one-piece structure on the side. Next to the right foot is the storage compartment for the 2.4G wireless receiver. The snap-on design is convenient for taking and taking, and at the same time it can be well stored and stored. It is very user-friendly. design.

Durga K330W Plus adopts 60% configuration, which is very small and has unique advantages in portability. The 61 keys combined with the Fn keys are practical and can also realize the function of a full-key keyboard. It supports full health and no punching. The application scene of the keyboard has been greatly improved, and the wireless also makes the desktop look more concise, and it can be used in both fixed and portable ways.

Moreover, Dujia has its own exclusive original "Zeus". After downloading "Zeus", it can be identified through a wired or 2.4Ghz connection. Various tabs on the left can be used to edit macro commands, modify keys and combination keys, and customize according to your own habits. Define button combinations to improve work efficiency and upgrade gaming experience! The point is that it has onboard memory! You can save your modified key configuration permanently, and you can become your typing home wherever you go with it.

This time, the Duga K330w Plus three-mode mechanical keyboard upgrade supports the hot-swappable function, which has been qualitatively improved in terms of playability, and the replacement of the switch body has become simpler, more convenient, and safer. Although the customized crystal switch equipped has increased The hot-swappable base is still stable in terms of keys, and the addition of silicone pads and noise-absorbing cotton inside ensures the shock-absorbing and noise-absorbing effects of the keyboard, and still maintains an excellent experience in terms of key feel feedback.

How should I put it? Durga K330w Plus still retains the stability and solidity of Durga as always, but this keyboard has greatly improved the playability. It is a good news for those who love tossing. You can toss about everything you want to play with the quilted cotton,

So I prefer to call it one of the most worthy mass-produced "customized" keyboards for Double 11.

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