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Only faith cannot be let down, Cherry peripherals are easy to share with the whole family bucket

Although the rise of domestic mechanical keyboard shafts has had a certain impact on Cherry, when it comes to mechanical keyboards, the brand that can never be avoided is still Cherry! If you want to talk about the development history of mechanical keyboards and switches in detail, Cherry is even more inseparable! Although the new products are overwhelming, but only faith can live up to it! In particular, many new friends who are new to peripherals are still willing to choose to trust Cherry among the many brands and types! The Cherry axis and the peripheral products under the Cherry brand have also steadily occupied a considerable part of the market in recent years. Today I would like to share with you a set of peripheral family barrels from Cherry~

The outer packaging of Cherry's products has always been minimalist, so the packaging diagram is not lost. This set of peripherals includes MX 2.0S wireless mechanical keyboard, MC 1.1 Plus gaming mouse, HC2.2 gaming headset, and an oversized desk pad. Except for the table mat, the other three peripherals are all white.

The size of the table mat is about 950x400x4mm. The overall pattern is pretty good. The middle part is a faint dark pattern of gears. The animal heads on the left and right sides (let’s call it that) add a lot of domineering feeling to this table mat.

Faith tab in the upper left corner.

The four sides of the mat are hemmed, and the bottom is made of rubber material with non-slip texture. After opening, it can be rolled flat and there is no obvious odor.

The design of the MX 2.0S series keyboard is from the well-known German designer PROF.PETER RAAB. It is based on the Bauhaus design concept and has been nominated for the 2021 German Design Award.

The entire keyboard is a square German charm, with a total of 109 keys, which is one more cherry built than the conventional 108-key arrangement. The layout of the keyboard is relatively compact. There is no separation between the F area and the main key area. The function key area and the small key area on the right are also adjacent to each other. It is comparable to the 96 configuration and occupies relatively less space on the desktop.

There is an engraved brand logo in the upper left corner of the keyboard.

There is also a large logo on the back side, and a phrase that literally translates to "design for victory".

This is a three-mode wireless keyboard. There is a push-type power switch on the other end of the rear side. The opening is slightly small. People with thick fingers may need to use their little fingers to press it smoothly.

The side of the keyboard is a highly recognizable trapezoidal beveled surface with a stepped design. The matching keycaps are a set of two-color light-transmitting keycaps with OEM height. The surface of the keycaps has a strong matte texture, and it should be PBT material by visual inspection.

The keyboard uses a design without a steel plate, and this one is equipped with Cherry's own MX tea switch. The feel of the large keys is quite good, the consistency is very good, and it is not meaty.

The bottom case is very simple, and the red nameplate sticker is very conspicuous. There are not many anti-slip stickers, and the area is not too large. There are also anti-slip stickers on the one-piece foot support. The red 2.4G wireless receiver is stored in the magnetic storage compartment on the upper side by default.

Mouse model: MC 1.1 Plus, the size is about 127x70x44mm, and the weight is about 105 grams. It is a medium-to-large right-handed ergonomic mouse.

Although the mouse is positioned as an entry-level mouse, the left and right side skirts have been treated with anti-slip textures, which must be praised. The highest point of the mouse is slightly behind the middle, and the two side buttons on the left are basically at the highest point, so you don’t have to worry about touching it by mistake, and the hand feel is quite good.

The left and right buttons adopt an integrated design, and each is provided with a concave finger groove. The left and right buttons should be equipped with Omron 20M micro-switches. There is a slight difference in the feel of the left and right buttons, but there is basically no empty key travel, and the overall is not bad. The scroll wheel is a translucent design with moderate damping and clear scale.

The highest DPI of the mouse is 6200DPI, 220IPS tracking speed and 30G acceleration. According to these parameters, if no customized changes are made, it should be equipped with a PMW3327 sensor, which is in line with entry-level positioning. There are three large-area Teflon foot stickers on the bottom case, which are still very stable when sliding.

There are four light-emitting areas of the mouse: the scroll wheel, the light strips on the left and right sides, and the Logo on the tail. Various lighting effects can be set through the driver software.

This mouse is too big, and the 19cm hand length is just right for lying on the ground. Longer hands can switch to use the grip method, but it is not very friendly to users with too small hands.

The headphone model is HC 2.2, which is equipped with a detachable microphone by default, and is connected to the device through the USB interface.

The more distinctive feature of this headset is that it can be folded and stored, which is especially suitable for carrying out and putting it in a backpack or luggage without taking up space.

There is also a very large engraved Logo on the head beam.

The head beam can be stretched and extended to adapt to players with different head shapes, and the internal metal structure is also a guarantee of service life.

The surface of most areas of the earphones has been finely frosted, and only the skin-like coating has been applied to the Logo area of ​​​​the shell. The light-transmitting Logo can only emit a single red light.

The volume plus and minus and microphone mute buttons are set on the left earmuff, which are all three physical buttons of the headset.

The headset is equipped with a 50mm driver unit and supports virtual 7.1 surround sound effects. It is good for playing games and watching movies, and has a wide range of applications. The leather earmuffs are very comfortable to the touch, and now you don't have to worry about stuffiness when the weather is cold.

The weight of the earphones without wires is about 266 grams. The overall weight is quite light, and there is no discomfort such as pressure heads and chucks when worn for a long time.

A few words at the end, maybe it will be difficult for Cherry to reproduce the grand occasion of being the only one in the past, but Cherry shaft will still occupy a part of the market share for a long time. If I am asked to recommend peripheral products to friends who are not familiar with peripheral products, I will also recommend Cherry-axis mechanical keyboards and Cherry's peripherals. As I said at the beginning: Only faith cannot be let down! As an old peripheral player who has been in the pit for many years, how can there be no Cherry family bucket?

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