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Optical axis body + optical micro-movement, Durga GK90 + GM90 wired RGB gaming keyboard and mouse experience is a bit interesting

If you have more contact with keyboard and mouse peripherals, I believe you must have known or even used Dujia products. Most of Dujia’s peripheral products give the impression that the workmanship is solid and the experience is stable enough, not only the use experience is relatively good , At the same time, it can also meet the needs of most home users and business people in terms of appearance. Just recently, Dujia launched the GK90 and GM90 keyboard and mouse set specially designed for game users. This set of products is very different from Dujia's previous products in terms of design style. In addition to incorporating a large number of RGB lighting elements, At the same time, the optical axis body and optical micro-movement are also used, which can be said to play "light" to the extreme.

Although Dujia has also launched products with RGB lighting effects before, the design style of those products is still more traditional and formal, which looks more stable and low-key. The GK90 and GM90 sets of keyboards and mice newly launched by Dujia adopt a relatively ostentatious personalized design, which is obviously more attractive to those who like to play e-sports games.

First, let’s take a look at the GK90 keyboard. There are quite a lot of accessories, including not only a dust cover and a key puller, but also a standard long wrist rest with a design that fits the keyboard very well.

People who often play games know that due to the need to maintain a certain posture for a long time when playing games, the wrist part is prone to fatigue due to long-term hanging in the air. Having a wrist rest can significantly improve the comfort of the wrist, and play for a long time The game is not easy to feel tired. Personally, I highly recommend that you use the keyboard and mouse with a wrist rest if you usually use a lot of computers. The comfort can really be improved a lot.

The surface of this wrist rest is designed with ice silk fabric, and it is not easy to sweat after a long time of use. The interior is made of memory foam, and the thickness is just right for the height of GK90. There are six non-slip foot pads on the bottom of the wrist rest, and the stability is quite good.

Durga GK90 adopts a 104-key full-size arrangement design, and a long aluminum alloy scroll wheel is added in the upper right corner area, which can quickly adjust the volume of the system. In addition, this scroll wheel also supports the mute function by pressing. It can be said that the media volume control function is very complete.

Durga GK90 uses the linear optical axis customized by Jiadalong, with a full stroke of 4.0mm. The surface looks very similar to the traditional red axis, but the actual feel is still quite different. Most of the traditional red switches on the market tend to have a soft feel, which is very light and easy to use. Although the optical switch of Jiadalong looks similar to the red switch, it feels slightly heavier, similar to Jiadalong G yellow. Feeling, at the same time, the button has a strong rebound force, not as greasy as G yellow. In addition, the trigger stroke is actually very short, and even feels a bit like a silver switch. It only needs to be pressed lightly to trigger it. It feels quite good for playing games, with fast response and no sense of procrastination.

The principle of the optical axis is very simple. As long as the optical path in the optical axis is blocked, it will be judged that the button is triggered. Therefore, the wear and tear of the optical axis is much less than that of the traditional axis. The life of this Jiadalong optical axis is as high as 80 million times, even gamers with high usage intensity can use it stably for several years. The large key position adopts the satellite switch design, which is also Dujia’s specialty, and the adjustment is very good. At the same time, it can be seen that a certain amount of noise reduction and noise reduction has been carried out inside. The key sound is basically close to that of the traditional red switch. The keycaps are made of OEM high-level two-color injection molded PBT keycaps, which feel comfortable and durable.

This keyboard adopts a one-stage foot support design, but the height of the foot support is not high. In fact, Dujia can completely apply the two-stage foot support design of the previous product to the GK90, giving users more choices. The connecting wire is a central inseparable design, the wire is quite thick, and the surface is covered with a braided mesh, which should be quite durable.

In addition to the buttons supporting RGB lighting effects, RGB ambient lights are designed on the left and right sides of the keyboard, and a grid-shaped side light is also designed on the upper left side of the keyboard. The lighting effects of this part can be linked with the button area, and the user can also You can set the lighting effect of each part individually in the driver, so it can be said that the playability in terms of lighting is still quite high.

Next, let’s take a look at the Duga GM90 gaming mouse. Like the GK90, the GM90 also has black and white colors to choose from, and the overall design style is consistent with the GK90. You can choose black and white, or use the same color. system for matching.

When I saw GM90 for the first time, I thought of the classic mouse IO1.1 in the CS circle. The sense of grip is also somewhat similar, but the GM90 is slightly smaller in size, and the exterior design is obviously much cooler.

In addition to the left-right symmetrical design, GM90 also adopts a rare 9-button symmetrical design. Two side buttons are designed on the left and right sides of the mouse, so that both left-handed and right-handed users can obtain a comfortable and convenient control experience. . But here is what I want to say, taking right-handed users as an example, the two side buttons on the right side of the mouse are a bit twisted to use, and they can only be triggered with the ring finger. Therefore, some special functions can be set in daily use to improve the convenience of operation. However, it is still a little difficult to make full use of all the buttons in the game, unless it is possible to achieve it after a long period of adaptation.

The left and right buttons of GM90 adopt optical micro-motion, and the trigger principle is similar to the optical axis of GK90. As long as the internal optical path is blocked, the button trigger can be realized. It has the advantages of fast trigger speed and long life of the button (60 million times). After a long time, the double-click problem that traditional micro-movement often encounters is not easy to appear, and the hand feel can remain consistent for a long time.

The GM90 adopts a lightweight design with a weight of about 70g. It is also equipped with a very soft paracord line. In addition, the side skirts on the left and right sides of the mouse also adopt an integrated non-slip rubber design, so even users with sweaty hands don’t have to worry about the mouse falling out of their hands when sliding quickly.

The bottom of the mouse is equipped with a total of four foot pads, one large, three small, and the bald head is slightly forward. This mouse uses a PMW3327 optical sensor inside, 30g acceleration, and supports up to 6200DPI. The performance is in the middle of the current gaming mouse market. The high-end level should be enough for most gamers. A configuration file switching button is also designed at the bottom of the mouse, so that you can easily switch between multiple configuration files, which is very practical for e-sports gamers.

Next, let’s talk about the actual feel of Duga GM90. The optical sensor PMW3327 is used by many mice on the market. Needless to say, its performance is relatively good in terms of positioning accuracy and tracking performance, and the left and right keys travel is not long. , the trigger speed is fast, and the rebound is very crisp, which can bring a very stable and comfortable shooting experience in shooting games such as CS. Since the mouse is small in size and not high in height, the lateral movement mainly uses the arm and wrist, which is stable and comfortable, while the vertical movement relies more on the fingers, so the most accurate holding posture should be grasping. You can use the prone grip position, which is very comfortable.

In the driver, you can customize the functions of the eight mouse buttons except the left button, and also provide the SNIPER KEY function. When you press and hold the SNIPER button to move the mouse, it will move according to the SNIPER DPI gear. This function is also very satisfying. Meet the needs of some game players.

Finally, let’s take a look at the light effect performance of Dujia’s game keyboard and mouse. Whether it is GK90 or GM90, you can customize the light effect of each part in the driver, and you can even superimpose layers in the nebula editor. So as to achieve a more personalized light effect performance.

In addition, we can also see that Dujia still maintained a restraint when designing light effects. Although the light effects of this set of keyboard and mouse are very gorgeous, Dujia did not let the light pollution be too presumptuous, such as the mouse " The light strip in the H” area is designed to be very narrow, which looks cool but not too dazzling. The light leakage of the key parts of the keyboard has also been well controlled, and there will be no glare from any angle.

With cool RGB lighting effects, fast-triggering and long-lasting optical micro-movement and the blessing of the optical axis, coupled with the assistance of Durga's consistently excellent workmanship, you are very satisfied with the wired game set of GK90 and GM90. Is the keyboard and mouse also excited?

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