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Optical short axis, wireless three-mode - Razer Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 Wireless Edition

Hello everyone, I am Bird Terminator.

Nowadays, the competition in the mechanical keyboard market is in full swing. In addition to various self-developed switches, major manufacturers still have some non-mechanical keyboard product lines. When it comes to this aspect, the first thing I think of is Soul Eater Golden Scorpion Ultimate Edition, yes, it is the one with a screen on the right. But this time, Razer actually launched the Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 series, which really surprised me. Although I haven't seen the ultimate version of Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 for the time being, this wireless version with three wireless modes is enough to make me happy, and I will share it with you.

In recent years, Razer has launched a lot of new product lines, many of which are upgrades of old products, so we often see words like V2 and V3. Like the Pro version, it is generally the flagship full-featured wireless version.

And this time the Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 series, the most important upgrade is the shaft. Compared with the crater structure of the previous generation, this time the V2 is directly equipped with Razer's self-developed optical short switch. Although the feel is closer to a film, it is essentially an optical low-axis mechanical switch. In addition, even if it is a short switch, there are also paragraph models to choose from. Currently, the linear red switch and the paragraph purple switch can be selected by yourself.

The Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 series currently has three products: a wired full-size version, a wireless competitive version (TKL model), and a wireless full-size version. All three models are equipped with the thing that everyone likes in the upper right corner, which can be said to understand my heart.

For Razer products, there will never be less stickers. The manual even adopts the night mode, which has a special flavor.

In terms of accessories, a braided cable is given, the length and strength are quite good, and there is also a very practical extension conversion base, the cable + base and then connected to the receiver, can be used as an extension cable. Both the wire and the base are also in bold and iconic Razer Green.

The keyboard body, full size, with Fn key, should be quite enough in terms of function, especially the Razer driver with HyperShift function, I will demonstrate it to you when I get on the machine.

When it comes to functions, when it comes to the gadgets in the upper right corner, of course it refers to the multi-function volume dial and the multimedia buttons next to it. In addition to pulling the dial, you can also press it down, and the round button next to it can be pressed 1-3 times to achieve different operations, or you can customize it in the driver.

Just, it’s hard for you to reject this metal texture, scrolling the scale, which seems to adjust the volume, is actually an artifact of decompression, rua I like it so much. There is even a group of friends who don’t want to pick a keyboard without this.

Back to the topic, you can clearly see the difference between it and the ordinary mechanical keyboard from the keycap. The keycaps are a lot shorter, but they are different from those that are completely flat and have no feel. They still retain the ergonomic design inside. The texture of the keyboard top cover is also very good, of course, because the material is 5052 aluminum alloy, not plastic.

Let me state first, because the shaft body and the keycap are quite special, the keycap is generally not replaced. Pull it out here to let everyone see the design of the big key and the material of the keycap. The Razer Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 wireless version uses ABS keycaps, but according to official information, there is a special coating on them, which is super durable, which can be regarded as making up for the shortcomings of ABS.

If you want to say that it is thin, because it is an optical axis mechanical key, there are springs and optical structures inside, so it will not be as flat as the scissor legs of a notebook. However, this height still has advantages over full-height mechanical switches. The feel of the red switch is very similar to that of a membrane keyboard, and the most important thing is that it is very quiet.

The keyboard power supply, indicator light and other controls are concentrated in the upper left corner. The first is the switching between 2.4G and Bluetooth, and then the 3 physical buttons can directly switch between 3 Bluetooth devices. The indicator lights and Type-C power supply ports are arranged in sequence.

Speaking of the 2.4G receiver, it is stored in the back corner of the keyboard. It is a very small one, so be careful not to lose it.

Next to it is a two-stage foot support. If it is not supported, there will be a large area of ​​rubber non-slip pads to support it. Even the angles are marked on the feet, 6 degrees and 9 degrees.

Which gear to use depends on each person's desktop situation and usage habits.

In fact, the bottom of the keyboard itself has a certain curvature, and it is still very comfortable from the back. Does it look like a whole piece of abdominal muscles~

Power on directly. Nowadays, there are many wireless keyboards with lights. In order to ensure battery life, the default brightness is 50%, which is actually enough. Since the Razer Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 wireless version uses an optical axis, each button is triggered by blocking the light beam, so these optical axis sensors must be added to the actual power consumption. Even so, the 2.4G connection can still be used continuously for 40 hours at 50% brightness.

Razer's current drivers all have a HyperShift function. Simply put, after pressing this key, you can set another set of functions for almost all keys on the keyboard, and this HyperShift key can also be customized, which is more flexible than the Fn key. My usage habit is to directly change the menu key, and other usage habits are completely free.

The brightness of the light defaults to 50, which can be adjusted to full if you like it. The energy-saving option is the default. For the light effect, I directly use the full keyboard rainbow rotation. Of course, you can also enter Chroma for detailed customization.

What I want to emphasize here is the HYPERSPEED function. In addition to excellent connection speed and stability, it also supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices. Many people have been able to do this in the past, but under the premise of ensuring performance, it is very rare to connect multiple gaming-level devices. The connection method is also very simple, plug in the receiver, click on HYPERSPEED in the Thundercloud driver, turn on the 2.4G switch of the device to be added, and it will be connected at once.

In terms of feel, I call it a quieter film-like red switch. First of all, I chose the red switch without paragraphs. Thanks to the faster trigger speed of the optical short switch, the response is very fast, the key travel is short but not easy to accidentally touch, it is very comfortable for typing or gaming. Then this kind of low-axis keycap is played, and it has the feel of the previous crater film, and it is very quiet. In general, the performance and feel are quite good.

Bluetooth connection, multi-device switching, this seems to have become the standard configuration of wireless keyboards. The Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 wireless version provides 3 independent Bluetooth device switching buttons, long press for pairing, short-circuit switching, which can be said to be the most convenient and practical solution at present.

Why are wireless keyboards and mice from major manufacturers equipped with Bluetooth? In fact, it is very simple. Nowadays, mobile phones, tablets and other devices account for an increasing proportion of many people's creations. For example, my OnePlus 10Pro fat white, Hasselblad 2.0 blessing, 48-megapixel Sony IMX789 main camera, can shoot 4K120 frame or 8K24 frame video, while my camera with similar price only has 4K30 frame. OnePlus 10Pro Fat Dabai has 12+512GB of large memory, which is enough for me to use for several years. In addition, if you write video scripts when creating, the OnePlus 10 Pro mobile phone can also be used to pick up the teleprompter. In this case, it is better to directly connect the keyboard to the mobile phone to write.

In general, Razer's Soul Eater V2 series has undergone a very large upgrade on the shaft body. The self-developed optical short shaft is excellent in terms of durability, performance, and feel. Don't be fooled. It's a membrane keyboard. Moreover, the wireless three-mode, multi-Bluetooth device switching is keeping up with the times and is very practical. HYPERSPEED multi-device connection is a stroke of genius. It is very practical for my kind of devices with many devices and insufficient U ports. The disadvantage, of course, is that the keycaps brought by the special switches are no longer universal, but this is the same for all special switches, just know and accept it before purchasing.

Thank you for watching, friends who like it, please like and follow, and welcome to leave a message in the comment area for interaction. See you next time.

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