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Original cherry shaft, code word productivity - Dujia K310 deep space gray matte version

Hello everyone, I am Ai Dong Xiaobai. As a graphic and text creator, good equipment in the photo code is particularly important. Therefore, even though I know I belong to the bottom layer of the earth's crust, I still don't want to embarrass myself too much on the road of equipment. Therefore, in terms of taking pictures, I bought Sony's 6400 as a shooting tool, which is enough for my level. In terms of code words, of course you have to choose a mechanical keyboard as a productivity tool. There are many types of mechanical keyboards. After some selection, I chose the shaft body version of DURGOD K310 space gray (matt) cherry red shaft.

▲▲Durga's outer packaging adopts the matching style of blue and black main colors + blue and white fonts. The upper right corner is the LOGO of Dujia. For peripherals, it is simple but still technological.

▲▲The model with the keyboard on the side, the K310 I bought is the space gray and cherry red switch version.

▲▲The space gray K310 is very stable and majestic. Especially for people like me who are not too particular, dark colors are more resistant to dirt. The panel adopts sandblasting technology, combined with sandblasting technology, to create a metal matte texture, which feels very good.

▲▲ Dujia K310 is a 104-key version with a small keyboard. The corresponding 87-key version model without a small keyboard is K320. I am used to using the version with a small keyboard, so I decisively chose the K310. If you care more about portability, the K320 is also a good choice. Above the keypad are five indicator lights.

▲▲Instructions of the five indicator lights

▲▲As for the keycaps, the OEM height stepped keycaps with PBT double-color closed fonts are used. The high-content PBT material is durable and wear-resistant, and the touch is also quite good.

▲▲The base adopts a three-way wire groove design, which can flexibly choose the direction of the wire according to actual needs.

▲▲Choose the middle and side according to your needs to keep the desktop clean and tidy.

▲▲The keyboard interface adopts the Type-C interface. Two data cables, Type-C to USB and Type-C to Type-C, are provided as standard, which can be selected according to the host interface.

▲▲ It is worth mentioning that the foot support adopts a two-stage foot support design, which can realize three different use angles.

▲▲ Even if the keyboard in the office is supported by the feet, I feel a little short. The two-stage footrest design of Dujia K310 solves my problem very well and meets the needs of more people.

Since it is a mechanical keyboard, you have to lift the shaft body.

▲▲All the shafts of Dujia K310 are the original shafts of Cherry. Cherry shafts are well-known, needless to say. How about choosing which one to choose with so many axes? Different shafts have different experiences, and you need to choose according to your own needs. As for me, as a first-time user, I dare not express any opinion on the choice of the switch body. I chose the red switch this time.

▲▲The standard key puller can easily pull out the keycap, and you can see the red shaft body.

▲▲CHERRY (cherry) can be seen on the shaft body. After experiencing the red switch, the trigger pressure is small, and there is no sense of paragraphs straight up and down, which is very suitable for long-term typing, and there is no "disturbing" sound like the green switch. Compared with membrane keyboards, typing on mechanical keyboards is really cool.

▲▲At the same time, the large key position of Dujia K310, such as the space bar, adopts the satellite axis design, which restores the feel of the axis key very well.

In addition to the excellent feel brought by the original cherry shaft, Dujia K310 also supports Durga Zeus Drive The software interface operation of Durgod Zeus Engine.

▲▲The driver interface is very cool and full of sense of technology.

▲▲Select the keyboard model to customize the keyboard settings. If the firmware is upgraded, the keyboard firmware can also be upgraded online.

▲▲Durga K310 cooperates with Duga Zeus driver to customize each button and operation, such as changing keys, multimedia, text, combination keys and even quick launch applications.

▲▲In particular, it also supports the recording of one-key macro keys. Many interesting extensions can be implemented.

▲▲By default, through the combination of FN key and FX key, multimedia shortcut functions can also be realized. This is still very convenient in actual use. Of course, you can set your favorite shortcut functions as needed through the driver software.

▲▲Durga K310 has a built-in storage memory, which can be used normally without the driver and other hosts after setting, plug and play. This cannot be done through the computer-side mapping software settings.

When I was young, I didn't understand why mechanical keyboards were so much more expensive than membrane keyboards. After using a real mechanical keyboard, I get it, it deserves it! In addition to the detailed design and exquisite workmanship, the original cherry red switch used by Dujia K310 has improved my coding experience by several levels, and I don’t feel tired from typing on the keyboard continuously. The hands don't hurt anymore, and the speed is faster. It is simply an essential tool for coding. Especially with the rich customization functions driven by Durga Zeus, you can also get a better experience in daily use and games. In short, if you want to start with a mechanical keyboard, I highly recommend you to consider this Durga K310 mechanical keyboard.

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