Out-of-the-box measurement of good things Part 5: The mellow experience under the blue and yellow phantom (Dujia Hi Keys out-of-the-box measurement)

As a character worker, I swim freely in the ocean of words every day. It can be said that I am riding the wind in the waves without dripping water on my body. After a long time, every time I hit the keyboard, it has become a little numb, and the joy of mechanically pressing the membrane keyboard in the office has long been lost. Back in the small digital base at home, you must feel the joy of typing on the keyboard freely, which is also one of the reasons why many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts enter the pit. The overall keyboard market is still largely dominated by thin-film keyboards, but customized mechanical keyboards with personalized appearance and linear or segmented switch feel have gradually been accepted by the public, and different keycaps and switch experience will also have different different experiences.

Compared with the 108 full-key array keyboard, the 84-key array is more suitable for the current home desktop area, and when starting out, we pay special attention to the "minimalist" mechanical keyboard. Recently, DURGOD has released a full range of Hi series products—Hi keys wireless dual-mode mechanical keyboard. The appearance design and color matching adopt a younger style. The non-square frame keycap design will be more rounded visually. Smooth, subverting Dujia's previous design concept, giving consumers a new visual experience. Not much to say, open the box for evaluation immediately after buying it, everyone, sit down and listen to me slowly.

1. Appearance value

The logo on the outer packaging of Dujia Hi keys is presented in the form of graffiti stick figures. The color matching is more youthful, and it is grown in the aesthetics of young people. This time, Dujia Hi Keys has two main keyboards, dark blue and silver white. This time I started with the dark blue theme, and the other silver and white color is more suitable for girls. Interested friends can go to the official website to have a look.

The change of the keycaps of Durga Hi Keys is visible to the naked eye. The non-formal structure has a certain arc on the edges on all sides, which looks more rounded and no longer sharp-edged. The distance between the keys is increased on the sides. More prominent three-dimensional sense.

two. experience feelings

When choosing a mechanical keyboard, many friends pay special attention to the choice of background lighting, the so-called "no dazzling, no gaming". Compared with me who create more at night, the pure white lighting effect of Dujia Hi Keys can bring more tranquility and inspiration to the creation. With the opaque keycap, the light and shadow effect is looming and softer. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of more consumers, Dujia Hi Keys is equipped with 8 lighting effect modes of "steady on, rotating, breathing, starry, responsive, laser, ripple and wave", which can be changed by FN+F2.

In terms of battery life, when the backlight is turned off, Duga Hi Keys can last for about 360 days with Bluetooth, and about 200 days in 2.4G mode; about 7 to 30 days when the backlight mode is turned on at its brightest, and 14 to 60 days at 50% brightness. 25% brightness lasts for 28 to 90 days, which relieves many people's anxiety about using electricity.

In terms of compatibility, Dujia Hi Keys can automatically identify the connected device system for switching. It is perfectly compatible with common Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and other systems. Combined with its 2.4GHz+Bluetooth dual-mode design, it can easily meet multiple Quick conversion between platforms and multiple devices.

As the soul of a mechanical keyboard, the switch largely determines the comfort of a keyboard. Dujia Hi Keys adopts the domestic "Yu Sanjia" Kaihua Turto series switches. There are two types of paragraph brown switches and linear mute red switches for you to choose from. As a "universal switch", the tea switch is relatively more popular among men, and it is also a switch body that many beginners prefer. The pressing sound is relatively clear, and the rebound feeling of the paragraph is relatively soft. The linear red switch also has the term "fever-reducing switch". The cushion is added during the pressing process, which reduces the pressing feeling. At the same time, the trigger key stroke is shorter, which greatly reduces the sound and feedback of the mechanical keyboard, which is more suitable for girls.

Based on the needs of daily text creation, the choice of the shaft body is still a better choice for the tea shaft, which can make the percussion feel more real during the creation process. At present, I have started with a variety of shaft bodies from "Yusanjia", and I will gradually measure the shaft body for everyone in the future. The real sense of touch, here's a trick first.

3. Summary

Durga Hi Keys is relatively simple in appearance, with elegant white backlight and blue-yellow keycap arrangement, the looming beauty is indeed very attractive. The overall use experience is still very soft, the rounded keycap design, the Kaihua tea switch has a solid percussion feeling in all aspects, and is more friendly to novices. The design of the 84-key array is very simple, which can save more desktop space. The desktops of many digital enthusiasts are too crowded. With the existence of Bluetooth speakers, headsets and various decorations, Durga Hi Keys will be a good choice.

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