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Palm rest also has light, Titan optical axis: Ice Leopard releases Vulcan II Max optical axis mechanical keyboard for $229.99 (about 1630 yuan)

ROCCAT today released a high-end gaming keyboard - Vulcan II Max optical axis version, with gorgeous backlight, extreme performance, durability and rich functions.

Ultra-thin body design, ultra-thin keycap and shaft body, giving people a simple and pure feeling. The biggest difference of this version is that it adopts the ultra-fast TITAN II optical axis, which is available in two types of optical axis: tea and red.

Either way, triggers respond faster and are more durable, promising a lifespan of 100 million strokes. There are two LED lamp beads on each axis body, one is responsible for the backlight, and the other is to use the backlight color and mode to express the game/skill status, etc. This is also the world's first dual LED lamp bead keyboard.

It comes with a magnetic palm rest, and the palm rest is translucent, and there are RGB lighting effects inside, compatible with AIMO backlight ecological products (such as Syn Max Air headset and Kone XP Air mouse), and the synchronization will be more beautiful at night. Finally, the last part of the keyboard that is not backlit also has RGB lighting effects.

It has a wealth of shortcut keys, a total of 24, with the help of Easy-Shift[+] button replicator technology, it can bring a rich multi-function switching experience, unlocking the function layer and programming it into almost unlimited options.

Finally, there is 4MB memory onboard, the top cover is an anodized aluminum plate, and there is a knob volume adjustment in the upper right corner.

Selling for US$229.99 (about 1630 yuan), top players can pay attention to it. It is almost perfect except for the price.

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