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Pay tribute to the classics with color matching, Dujia Fusion brings my favorite nautical era into the three-mode keyboard

Since DURGOD discovered that the hot-swappable three-mode keyboard makes young experienced keyboard players feel like a treasure, he has been keen to meet the various voices of users for the hot-swappable three-mode keyboard. The newly released DURGOD FUSION inherits the advantages of the hot-swappable three-mode keyboard. It is a 68-key hot-swap three-mode keyboard launched by DURGOD. It is a blessing for me who is used to using a small keyboard.

I got started with the nautical blue color of Durga FUSION, which pays tribute to the classic era of great navigation with a simple blue and white color scheme; in addition, Durga FUSION also has two colors of steam gray and retro white, refer to The era of steam machinery and the era of 80S video games. The retro color system coincides with Durga's consistent pursuit of simple design and complements each other.

When it comes to retro design, the outer packaging of Dujia Fusion is not inferior. This is the first time I have encountered a cardboard box that I am not willing to discard. After receiving the goods, I immediately sent them to my friends to show off. This retro packaging has already won countless recognitions.

The accessories of Dujia FUSION are simple and conventional, including two data cables, magic cable ties, keycap quick puller, shaft puller, and Type-C to USB plug. To my surprise, these two data cables are USB/Type-C data cable and Type-C/Type-C data cable, which means that wired use can be compatible with old desktop computers and computers with new Type-C interface - There are more choices.

Looking back at Duga FUSION, the 68-key keypad is 14 inches in size, weighs only 620g, and is only 31.6cm in length. Compared with dancing fingers freely on the 103-key keyboard, the 68-key Durga FUSION needs to accompany me and the iPad when going out.

The silver word DURGOD on a black background in the upper left corner of Durga FUSION, in addition to serving as the logo on the front of the keyboard, actually has a hidden secret inside. There is a step difference design under the logo, and the logo can be lifted up by tapping the right side. When I opened it, I found that it was a magnetic design, and the 2.4G receiver was hidden inside. I found that the ingenious design often shocked people. If I was sleepy when coding, I would play with the logo for a while.

The bright yellow in the upper right corner of Duga FUSION echoes the Esc key on the left side of the keyboard and the space bar below, which is the key to open the keyboard, and the use mode can be set by toggling. To the left of it are three lights for Caps Lock, File Configuration, and Power Level.

The back of Durga FUSION is also pursuing extreme simplicity, with two one-piece foot supports and six small, symmetrically placed non-slip rubber strips.

The best thing about Duga FUSION with the silent red switch is that it retains the feel of the red switch, but abandons the sound of the buttons. It feels comfortable and will not be noisy when used in an open office. People who like to play games quietly alone will definitely like the silent red switch, because it feels good and quiet.

The three-mode keyboard Dujia FUSION supports three modes of wired connection, 2.4G receiver connection and Bluetooth connection, and Bluetooth supports connecting two devices at the same time, which means that Dujia FUSION can connect 4 devices at the same time, use the shortcut key Fn + Q/ W/E/R can quickly switch between these four devices, and it is not too cool to use multiple devices at the same time.

Based on the intelligent tendency of current electronic products, Dujia will certainly not lag behind. Durgod's driver software is called Durgod Zens Engine, which supports wired and 2.4G wireless use. It can manage all its keyboards, bind keyboards, edit the function of each key on the keyboard individually, customize macro functions, and more.

Perhaps the 68-key Duga FUSION is really out of demand for office workers, but like me, I am bathed in text work every day, and I use mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and even desktop computers together, and I even have the opportunity to take my tablet out. For work, having a good-looking, portable, multi-functional and fun keyboard can also add a lot of fun to work.

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