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PC Hardware and Peripherals Article 190: Double 11 "Great Gift", Cherry Cherry "Fried Egg" Three-piece Set for Ancestors

As a man of science and engineering, I think that the activities of Double 11 include buying food and drinks, and occasionally buying home appliances and digital products, but there is no custom of giving clothes and bags to ancestors, let alone the digital products I want to give away. She doesn't necessarily like the product. After all, the vast majority of women are beauty-worthy creatures. Good-looking is the main thing. Whether it is easy to use and practical is secondary. So we can only choose on the basis of her approval. Buy better products. Although it is said that "package" can cure all diseases, you may not buy the brand or model she likes. Of course, there is nothing more practical and useful than sending cash.

But this time, my ancestor saw a cheap white keyboard and white headphones from a live broadcast room somewhere, and told me clearly that I wanted a set, but it was impossible to buy the keyboard and headphones she said, so I had to Choose a better set from the brands I approve and give it to her. Compared with earphones, you don’t have to ask too much, but with the keyboard, you have to confirm what axis she wants, so as not to have to replace it if she doesn’t feel comfortable with it.

Although keyboards and mice have been inseparable since ancient times, I already have a white RGB mouse Cherry MC 1.1 Plus, so if my ancestor wants to use it, I can give it to her.

This time I bought the old faith brand Cherry. I originally planned to buy the white MX8.0S for her, but considering the budget, I decided to switch to other models. After all, there are still headphones to choose. Cherry MX2.0S white version is cheap, but it does not have multi-mode design and no lights, so it switched to pure white design + RGB lighting + multi-mode Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version. The Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version adopts a narrow frame design, which saves space and looks more simple. Accessories include a 2.4G wireless receiver, 2 detachable feet and a USB A-C cable with a shielding ring. No spare keycaps and key pullers are provided.

Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version has been improved in design, which can also be said to be its bright spot.

One is that the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version adopts an integrally formed anodized aluminum bottom shell design. The aluminum bottom shell wraps the front, rear and bottom in the form of grooves. Enhanced texture and touch. There is no foot support design at the bottom. If you want to adjust the height, just remove the anti-skid pads on the left and right sides above and install the two feet in the accessories.

Does the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version with an aluminum bottom shell have a built-in steel plate design? No, the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version cancels the built-in steel plate design. The reason for this design is to allow players to better experience the original mechanical feel of the Cherry switch by letting the switch touch the bottom of the PCB and rebound.

In addition, Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version is engraved with Cherry and logo patterns in the front center, which has a high degree of belief and recognition. Of course, if the background light design can be added, the playability will be even higher.

The second is the cherry key design of the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version. The function is that after a long press for 3 seconds, the PC will automatically download the driver, eliminating the trouble of manually searching for the driver. I personally think that after the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version is plugged into the computer, it will be more convenient to automatically pop up the prompt to download the driver, but the current design does not have much impact on daily use, and the addition of a cherry button will be more A keycap and a shaft.

The third is that the three-mode wireless version of Cherry MX3.0S adopts the improved ABS two-color injection keycap, which is not easy to oil, and it is treated with the surface frosting process, which makes it feel comfortable. The keycap has uniform light transmission and adopts a slim closed character design.

I have been emphasizing the selection of PBT keycaps that are durable, non-greasy, and feel good before. The reason is that I mainly buy mid-to-high-end mechanical keyboards. The keycaps are often made of PBT two-color injection molding process, and the thickness is about 1.5mm, so It will always emphasize the priority of purchasing PBT keycaps, but at present, in order to save costs, some brands use low-priced and low-quality PBT keycaps for their keyboards. They will also use PBT keycaps for publicity, but the craftsmanship and thickness will not be important. Introduction, the feel and service life of the actual use will be greatly reduced, and this type of PBT keycaps will often be oiled. At present, many major manufacturers including Cherry, Razer, and CORSAIR are using improved high-quality ABS keycaps, such as the use of two-color injection molding technology + optimized coating + thickened inner wall design to improve the use and feel of keycaps. , effectively solved the problem of ABS keycap oiling.

The picture below is the shooting effect of Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version in a dark room under the default maximum brightness. The keycap has good light transmission, and the overall brightness of the keyboard is relatively high, which does not affect the normal key operation in a dark environment. It is worth mentioning that all the F1~F12 keys of the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version adopt a combination key design, with more and more functions.

Fourth, the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version adopts the satellite axis design for such large keys as Shift, Enter, Space, Backspace, and the + key on the right to greatly improve the stability of pressing the keys. It's done very well, there is no dry feeling or abnormal clicking of the keys.

In addition, the keycap adopts a standard cross-hole design, and players can replace the keycap according to their own preferences.

Fifth, in the 2.4GHz wireless mode, the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version adopts Cherry's unique new technology CAWT (Cherry Advanced Wireless Technology). At the same time, it can also achieve a fast response of less than 1ms, and with full-key no-rush, it can meet the professional wireless competition needs of players.

Next we talk about other aspects.

Needless to say about the shaft part, Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version adopts Cherry MX five-pin switch with its own gold-plated cross contact technology, which has the characteristics of long life and high stability. If the hot-swappable design can be adopted , the practicality and playability will be higher. The Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version currently has four types of switches: red, black, tea, and green. Because the ancestors mainly use it for typing and office work at home, the switch she chose has a very obvious sense of paragraph, a strong sense of rhythm, and its own buttons. For the green switch of the sound, I did not choose the red switch or the brown switch that I recommend. If you want to use it in the office, you can consider the green switch without affecting others, but if you have weak hands or have high requirements for typing speed, then it is necessary to consider the red switch or the brown switch.

Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version adopts the mainstream and common wire separation design, which is more convenient for daily storage. As a multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version has a built-in Bluetooth 5.2 module and a 2800mAh rechargeable lithium battery. The power switch adopts a lever-type design, and the charging interface adopts the mainstream type-C interface design. It is 5V~1A.

The official driver software is Cherry Assistant, which is used to download specific driver software for keyboards, earphones and other products. Through the Cherry service page, you can directly jump to Cherry customization services and rental Cherry peripheral services.

Let's take a look at the corresponding keyboard software functions. The interface is relatively simple, and the functions are clear and clear. The main functions of the software include various specific parameter adjustments, such as lighting modes, macro recording functions, custom shortcut keys, keyboard parameter settings, etc., and a firmware upgrade function is also added.

As a mechanical keyboard with a built-in Bluetooth 5.2 module, the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version supports the connection of three Bluetooth devices, including devices on different platforms such as mobile phones (Android/iPhone), tablets, desktops, and notebooks. relatively stable.

There is one thing that needs to be improved by the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version, that is, the number 1/2/3 keys correspond to Bluetooth device 1/Bluetooth device 2/Bluetooth device 3, but the corresponding buttons are not marked with the Bluetooth logo , can be marked by side engraving.

However, one point worthy of praise is that the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version is marked with numbers at the end of the name displayed on the device side connected to Bluetooth. , which is superior to some keyboards of the same type, and the advantage of this design is that it allows users to quickly locate the connected device more conveniently.

There is basically no need to worry about the delay in wired connection or wireless connection mode. As for the delay in Bluetooth mode, it is not only related to the three-mode wireless version of Cherry MX3.0S, but also directly related to the device you are connected to. With the experience of iPhone XR, OnePlus 9 Pro, and Raytheon 911 Pro Huijin Edition, the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version can input text content normally and stably, and the delay is not too obvious.

In terms of button experience, judging from the experience feedback of my ancestors for several days, the hand feel is better than that of some domestic brands of green switches, and there is no problem of stuck keys, obvious jams or abnormal noises. This keyboard Cherry MX3. The overall performance of the wireless version is very satisfactory, so mission 1 is considered complete.

After talking about the keyboard part, let's talk about the headset part. At present, there are many brands and types of white headphones, which brings great difficulty to the purchase, but I prefer the brands I have already bought, such as Cherry, Prodigal Eye, Thief Ship, etc., and will not Follow the trend and buy certain brands. There are two headphones in my shopping cart, namely Cherry Cherry HC8.2 Gaming Headphones and Cherry HC2.2 Gaming Headphones. The common selling point of these two headphones is that they support 7.1 surround sound effects and the faith logo with their own background lights. Part of it is naturally the part of the hardware configuration. Ordinary users can directly choose the Cherry HC2.2 gaming headset.

Let’s take a look at the renderings of the Cherry HC2.2 Gaming Headphone Faith Light. The red cherry pattern is more beautiful. Currently, the light does not support adjustment. Another red part is the indicator light that comes with the microphone, which is convenient for players to quickly identify whether the microphone is muted.

The Cherry HC2.2 gaming earphones are designed with an integrated wire, and the connection between the wire and the earphone is reinforced to prevent damage caused by the wire being pulled or bent. If it is designed as a detachable type-C interface, it can be more conveniently connected with type-C interface devices. There are three buttons designed on the left ear, which are the microphone mute button on the top and the volume adjustment buttons on the left and right sides. The buttons feel a little fleshy. The left and right ears do not support rotation but can be folded inward for daily storage.

The Cherry HC2.2 gaming headset adopts a single head beam design, the head beam is relatively wide, and the word CHERRY is engraved on the top.

The part of the head beam is relatively wide and thick, and it is designed with a silicone air cushion to reduce the pressure on the head.

Cherry HC2.2 Gaming Headphones can be adjusted in length. It is a common stretch design. The connection is made of metal material. The resistance is not too large. The adjustment is relatively easy and convenient. At the same time, there are scale values ​​​​at the connection on both sides. It is convenient for players to quickly adjust the size next time.

The Cherry HC2.2 Gaming Headset uses a detachable microphone with an interface similar to a 3.5mm headphone jack. The design of this detachable microphone allows the Cherry HC2.2 gaming headset to be used as a commuting headset. The jack adopts a recessed hidden design to ensure the firm installation of the microphone.

The anti-noise HD microphone adopts a flat design, and the material is relatively soft. It can be rotated freely within a certain range to adjust the angle. The anti-noise HD microphone can realize intelligent elimination of environmental noise, and can better provide players with clear call quality, so as to ensure clear and smooth voice communication, and meet the needs of daily voice chat and video calls.

The Cherry HC2.2 gaming headset adopts a full-ear design, and the earmuffs are relatively large, which can play a good sound insulation effect and reduce sound leakage. At the same time, the soft PU leather material of the earmuffs is also improved to a certain extent. For wearing comfort. The Cherry HC2.2 gaming headset uses a custom-made 50mm sound unit with a frequency response range of 20Hz ~ 20KHz and an impedance of 32Ω.

The Cherry HC2.2 gaming headphone cable is designed with a USB interface. If it is designed as a type-C interface and an adapter is provided, the usage scenario can be greatly improved. The wire has its own shielding ring, which provides a guarantee for the stability of signal transmission, and the gold-plated USB interface improves wear resistance. The measured length of the wire is about 2.2 meters, which can better match the use of two 2-meter-long desktops.

Cherry Audio Center on the official driver software, the current function is relatively simple, it is used to adjust and control the volume of headphones and microphones, I hope that the function of EQ adjustment can be added in the future, or preset scene modes such as games, movies, and music can be provided for players to choose .

Cherry HC2.2 e-sports headset supports virtual 7.1-channel features, which also makes it more suitable for gaming with notebooks and desktops, especially FPS and stealth games, such as "Watching Pioneer", "Battlefield V", "Alloy "Equipment", "CSGO", etc., the detailed sound effects will be strengthened, and the orientation recognition will be easier.

If you are an audio-visual enthusiast, you can directly connect the Cherry HC2.2 gaming headset to the hard disk player. It can be plugged and played, the sound quality is relatively pure, the surround sound effect is excellent, and it can bring a stronger sense of immersion.

Compared with keyboards and earphones, which are two must-buy items, the purchase of mouse pads is my forward-looking purchase. The main reason is that only my desktop has a large mouse pad, and the other one does not have a mouse pad. Covering, so I plan to start with a large mouse pad, and at the same time better use it with the new keyboard. Cherry has already launched an extra-large mouse pad with a dark national style, Yinhu Xisha, and now it has launched an extra-large mouse pad with a dark national style, Dongsheng Chenlong. Both patterns are very visually impactful. Also specially prepared to pull the wind. I prefer Dongsheng Chenlong to Yinhu Xisha.

Yinhu Xisha and Dongsheng Chenlong mouse pads have several different sizes for players to choose from. At the same time, they are subdivided into a rough surface control version and a fine surface speed version. The super large size of these two mice is 950*400 mm, and the thickness is 4 mm. My model is the super large color rough surface control version of Dongshengchenlong. The faucet is equally divided on the left and right sides. If the words and logo can be added with a ring light strip, the visual impression will be better.

The surface of Dongshengchenlong is designed with a non-ironing textured cloth surface, which can be washed at room temperature and is more convenient for daily cleaning. Dongshengchenlong adopts a full-edge design, and achieves an overall flat and non-warping edge through 4mm wear-resistant knitted seaming, which effectively reduces the problem of edge detachment and warping caused by long-term use, thereby greatly improving the service life.

The bottom of Dongshengchenlong adopts natural rubber with anti-slip texture design to enhance friction, so as to achieve excellent anti-slip effect, avoid the problem of sliding the mouse or tapping the keyboard in intense games, which will cause the movement of the keyboard and mouse and affect the operation. In addition, there is no obvious problem. No smell or smell, it can be used directly without washing.

The above is a simple sharing this time. In general, the ancestors are very satisfied with the overall purchase of "fried (keyboard) chicken (headphone) egg (mouse pad)", and the efforts this time were not in vain. If you also want to give others keyboards, earphones, and mouse pads, you can refer to the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, Cherry HC2.2 gaming headset, and Dongshengchenlong mouse pad shared above. The price is moderate. It has high practicality, and as a well-known brand, it is relatively high-grade and can be sold.

Although I am not the end user of these three-piece suits, as a player, I would like to briefly talk about the improvement or upgrade of these three-piece suits.

First of all, for the part of the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, I hope that the mute red switch and the silver switch can be launched in the future, because my preferred switch body is the silver switch body, and more switches can better meet the needs of different players. need. In addition, the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version must adopt a hot-swappable shaft design, which can further improve the playability and the cost performance of the product.

The second is the earphone part. I hope that Dolby Atmos can be supported in the future. After all, this is a big selling point. In addition, a type-C port adapter is included with the package, or the headphone port can be directly changed to a type-C port, and an adapter is provided at the same time for use with the USB port.

The last part is the mouse pad. I hope to add a light strip design around it, and add the Cherry logo to the lighting design. At the same time, it supports software to adjust and manage the lighting.

Now that we talk about the software part, I hope that the official driver software can also manage all its hardware products in a unified way like Thiefship's iCUE software, which is more convenient for users to use.

The above is a simple sharing this time, thank you for watching.

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