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PC Hardware and Peripherals Chapter 187: Cherry KC200 MX Mechanical Keyboard Considering Appearance + Handfeel

At present, there are already many brands of mechanical keyboards with a price of 100 yuan for office scenes on the market. However, in daily office scenes, the standard keyboards provided by companies to employees are often relatively cheap membrane keyboards such as tens of dollars, which are rarely used. Standard equipment and pricier mechanical keyboards. Many people will move their mechanical keyboards to the company for use in pursuit of feel or comfort, and I am one of these people.

Today, Cherry, the leader of the mechanical keyboard industry, has also launched the entry-level full-key mechanical keyboard KC200 MX series for office scenarios. The price has dropped but it still maintains the consistent high-quality features. The main selling point of the Cherry KC200 MX series is the Cherry MX switch body + colorful color matching design + PBT spherical keycaps (caramel cocoa black keycaps are ABS laser engraved keycaps), and the colors include caramel cocoa, delicate red strawberry, rock gray sweet orange There are four colors of white mint and white mint for users to choose from. Among these four colors, I personally think that the red strawberry color is more beautiful. Because of the beautiful keycaps, the Cherry KC200 MX series does not add lighting design like other similar keyboards.

At present, the Cherry KC200 MX series has a variety of shafts to choose from. Different users can choose according to their own preferences. Here I choose the tea shaft.

The Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard adopts a narrow frame design, and it looks more simple and beautiful with the keycap color matching. The cable is designed in one piece rather than separated, and the length of the cable is about 1.5 meters, which can meet the wiring needs of most desktops.

The color of the wire is actually light pink, and the wire has its own shielding ring. In terms of accessories, there are no spare keycaps and key pullers provided with the package.

Let me briefly talk about the unique design of this Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard.

One is that the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard provides four additional media button designs in the upper right corner, namely the volume adjustment button, the mute button and the calculator button. It is more convenient and quick to adjust the volume and call the calculator. Prove the office positioning of the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard.

The second is that the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard finally adopts the PBT spherical keycap design, and the keycap looks more rounded. The advantages of the PBT keycap are comfortable touch, good wear resistance, and not easy to oil. It adopts the PBT spherical keycap design. Remind everyone again that the keycaps used in the black version of the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard are ABS laser engraved keycaps. The font of the keycap is enlarged and bold, and the visual perception is very comfortable.

The keycap adopts the mainstream cross-shaped opening design, and players can replace the same type of keycap by themselves.

The third is that the Cherry cherry tea switch is more suitable as an entry-level switch, or it is called a "killer switch" by some people. The feel is between the red switch and the green switch. There is no obvious step feeling of the blue axis when going straight down. The total stroke is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 2±0.6mm, the initial pressure is 30cN, and the trigger pressure is 45±20cN. The parameters are actually similar to the red axis.

Fourth, in the design of large keys such as Backspace, Shift, Enter, Space, +, etc., the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard adopts the mainstream and common satellite axis design, which can greatly improve the stability of the keys and the feel of the keys.

Fifth, the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard does not use a built-in metal panel design, but uses an aluminum alloy metal cover design, which improves wear resistance and scratch resistance while also improving the appearance. In addition, the floating keycap design is also more convenient for users to clean and maintain and replace keycaps daily.

Sixth, there is no independent indicator light design for CAPS LOCK and NUMLOCK, but the indicator light is designed at the bottom of the corresponding button, which is unique in design and the light is white.

In terms of the bottom design, the left and right sides of the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard are designed with a single foot support, and the bottom of the foot support is designed with a non-slip pad, so that there are two, three, and five anti-slip pads at the bottom to ensure the anti-slip effect.

The Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard has no problem with its appearance. Next, let’s talk about the actual experience.

In terms of button experience, judging from the heavy use experience for several consecutive days, the experience of all the buttons on the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard is quite smooth. Hearing the wire sound, although it does not affect the use, but there is still room for optimization and improvement. Players with strong hands-on ability can oil it by themselves.

In terms of the corresponding official driver, the official CHERRY KEYS can be used with the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard, which allows users to freely set keys according to their own usage habits or preferences, and supports macro recording function, allowing users to open custom keyboards with one click. Web pages, applications, system functions (logout, lock, standby, etc.), open multiple applications with one click, and more. As an entry-level keyboard, the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard is still very advantageous.

In general, as the first cherry mechanical keyboard to enter the office field, the KC200 MX mechanical keyboard takes into account both appearance and feel. On the basis of retaining the Cherry axis, it changes the monotonous black design style of the traditional office keyboard. A huge improvement has been made, and at the same time, it has brought users a more comfortable PBT keycap. The design with a full keyboard and four multimedia keyboards is also more suitable for office scenarios, and the standard driver software also further assists in improving the office environment. experience.

Hope it can be improved is to provide a dust cover to avoid falling dust.

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