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PC Hardware and Peripherals Chapter 209: Focus on performance, supplemented by appearance, unboxing Uncle Pink Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard

As a JD PLUS user, I felt for the first time that the 3.8 Women's Day would have an impact on me, because many digital products have launched their own activities, and many models of products have seen good prices. The long-lasting Cherry cherry pink MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard G80-3872. Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is available in three colors: pink, black and white. I personally think that pink looks better and is more suitable for everyone. After all, you can call it an uncle fan or a girl fan.

The name of a certain series of many brands may remain unchanged for many years, such as Cherry MX3.0S series mechanical keyboards, but there will be changes or upgrades in detail design and hardware configuration, and the model will also change, so Personal recommendations give priority to official stores to buy. The packaging of the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is relatively monotonous. The three colors are all in black packaging, and there is only the Cherry logo on the front. Personally, I feel that the packaging should be consistent with the color. In terms of after-sales, Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard provides a 2-year warranty service.

To say why I pay attention to the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, in addition to the price, it is also related to the following aspects,

One is to continue to use the characteristic German original MX switch body, which is relatively guaranteed in terms of service life and key experience. At present, the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard has MX red switches, MX brown switches, MX green switches and MX black switches to choose from. I choose MX brown switches. The characteristic of this switch body is that it has a weak sense of paragraph. It can be regarded as an optimized combination of the green switch and the red switch. The force, the trigger key stroke is 2.0±0.6mm, which is the same as the red axis.

The second is a three-mode design that supports USB wired connection, 2.4G wireless connection and Bluetooth 5.2 connection. You can quickly switch modes through combination keys, making the operation faster.

Note that the number of devices supporting Bluetooth connection is not 1 or 2, but 3, which is superior to many multi-mode mechanical keyboards of the same type. The names of the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard on the three devices are displayed as MX 3.0S-BT1/ BT2/ BT3, which is convenient for users to quickly distinguish.

The CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology (CAWT) wireless technology self-developed by Cherry can realize the encrypted low-latency mode under 2.4G wireless connection <1ms, which has stronger stability and anti-interference performance, and is more suitable for competitive game players who pursue low latency. For practicality, the risk of losing the battle due to delay issues is reduced.

Because of the button layout design, the indicator lights corresponding to the three modes are designed above the direction keys, which does not have much impact on daily use, and the indicator lights are all designed with white background lights.

The third is the characteristic continuous casting anodized aluminum alloy shell design and no built-in steel plate design. This one-piece aluminum bottom case frame looks the same as the rose gold color of the iPhone. It is durable and also improves the texture. The anodized surface is more delicate to the touch, and it also has certain anti-slip and wear-resistant properties.

Compared with the design of the built-in steel plate of the same type of mechanical keyboard, the design without steel plate adopted by Cherry looks a little different. This design is used to experience the feel of the PCB rebound when the switch touches the bottom, that is, to experience the original mechanical feel of Cherry. The actual experience will be different from other keyboards. Mechanical keyboards with a built-in steel plate design are different.

Fourth, the detachable side panel design is adopted on both sides, and the side is a buckle-type design, and the screw-free design is more convenient for disassembly and assembly. The picture below is the rendering of the default installation.

The picture below is the effect picture after removing the side panel. The fence-style design is somewhat similar to the air intake of a racing car. After removing the side panel, the light transmission is naturally better. You can also see the lights projected on both sides of the keyboard when you use it at night. .

Fifth, Cherry is excellent in the satellite axis adjustment of its high-end keyboards. The large keys feel more balanced, and there are almost no problems such as noise and stuttering.

Sixth, the RGB lighting design meets the basic needs of players to play with lights. You can adjust your favorite lighting and lighting modes according to your preferences. With a compact layout design with a full-size narrow frame, the visual impact is stronger.

Seventh, the bottom of the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless version does not have a common integrated foot design, but uses two independently designed detachable metal feet, which can also be adjusted in height after installation. Play anti-slip effect.

Eighth, this special key with the cherry logo, after long pressing for 3 seconds, it will automatically open the default browser and automatically jump to the CHERRY utility software download page, although this design is not as convenient as the keyboard can automatically download the software after it is plugged into the computer in wired mode, But it also saves the trouble of manually finding the driver, and there is an extra button, which can also be set as another function button.

Let's take a look at the other parts of the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard.

Although the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard does not have a built-in steel plate, because of the continuous casting anodized aluminum alloy shell design, the overall weight still reaches 1043.4 grams, and there is no problem of lightness.

In addition to the 2.4G wireless receiver and 2 detachable metal feet mentioned above, the accessory part also has a pink USB A-C cable with a shielding ring, and no key puller is provided.

As a wireless mechanical keyboard, the Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard adopts the mainstream wire separation design, which is convenient for changing wires and more convenient for daily storage and organization. Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard design the power switch and charging port in the front position, the power switch adopts the lever type design, the interface adopts the mainstream type-C specification design, built-in 2800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the maximum charging current It is 5V~1A.

Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard keycap font and pattern are relatively thinner, but the light transmittance is good, and F1~F12 are all equipped with a combination key design, with more and more functions. The keycap adopts a standard cross hole design, which is convenient for players to replace the keycap by themselves.

The Cherry MX3.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard adds the word Cherry and a logo pattern in the center of the user-facing direction. If the background light design can be added, the belief value and playability will be higher.

If you want to record macros, modify lights and buttons, upgrade firmware, etc., you need to use CHERRY Utility. The functions are basically sufficient, the interface is relatively simple and easy to understand, and the operation is relatively simple.

In terms of battery life, after the Cherry MX 3.0S wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard is fully charged, it can meet the battery life of 2.4G wireless connection + backlight is always on for 9 hours to 10 hours, and the battery life can be up to 1 month when the light is turned off. In addition, the Cherry MX 3.0S wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard supports the standby automatic sleep function to further improve the battery life. In addition, it supports the function of charging and using at the same time. Basically, you don’t have to worry about the battery life. Even if you use it in mobile office, you can also charge the keyboard with a mobile power supply .

In general, as a wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, Cherry MX 3.0S wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard has advantages in appearance design, hardware configuration and functional experience, and is suitable for gamers who pursue wireless low latency , users who like or want to experience steelless keyboards, loyal users of MX3.0, and people who care about appearance and want to give mechanical keyboards to friends as gifts.

As for the shortcomings, one is that the number 1/2/3 keys corresponding to Bluetooth device 1/Bluetooth device 2/Bluetooth device 3 do not provide Bluetooth icons; the other is that the keyboard itself does not have a storage compartment for the 2.4G module. In addition, I hope to launch the silver axis mechanical keyboard soon.

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