PC Hardware and Peripherals Part 205: A Brave Attempt of Appearance + Performance, JOJO Fake Fans Talk about CORSAIR JOJO Joint Set (Jotaro Style)

First of all, I want to explain that I am a fan of Kujo Jotaro, which is why I did not choose the CORSAIR K70 RGB TKL JOJO joint Xu Lun theme suit. The first time I came into contact with "JOJO's Bizarre Adventure" was 3 VCD discs, and then I went back to the comics and animations. The picture quality of VCD discs seems to be scum today, but fortunately, there is already a Remux version and a 1080P HD version on the Internet (a volume of more than 5G). In addition, simply mention that there are obvious differences between the early VCD versions of Kujo Jotaro and DIO and the characters in comics and animations.

The reason why I am a fake fan of JOJO is that I think the third "Stardust Crusaders" is the one that impressed me the most. Because Jotaro's protagonist's halo has weakened or his strength has been greatly weakened, but because his style has changed too much. Of course, this may also be a preconceived stereotype of "Stardust Crusaders". Jotaro has undergone obvious changes since the fourth part. Although he still looks inarticulate and calm, he is still a little more delicate and less powerful. He no longer sees the bad boys of the past, and his clothes are also better than before. more fancy.

The popularity of "Sea of ​​Stone", I personally feel that in addition to the suspenseful part of the plot, there is also the plot of "Thunderbolt from the Sky" where Jotaro sacrificed to save his daughter. I really can't accept a character with both strength and wisdom. The strongest and invincible man in history will suddenly fall down. This setting is a bit too cruel, but it is in line with the setting of the comics. One is that in "Stardust Crusaders", Poingo predicted Jotaro's death. At that time, many people Including myself, I thought that Jotaro escaped a catastrophe, but I didn't think it would be fulfilled in "Sea of ​​Stones"; the second is that the platinum star represents the light of hope, and Jotaro sacrificed himself to save others, passing the light of hope to the world. It was given to others, and Xu Lun passed the light of hope to Amporio.

By the way, the related videos of station B are all castrated versions. It is strongly recommended to watch the full version instead of this special version. In addition, the material and workmanship of Xu Lun launched by station B are so-so. After all, the price is here. The One Piece figure is much worse.

Let’s talk about this CORSAIR K70 RGB TKL JOJO co-branded suit. There are a total of Xu Lun and Jotaro styles to choose from. After the broadcast of the third season, it will be officially launched in January 2023. This makes me, a man who once complained about the thief ship and did not launch the Jotaro K70 RGB TKL suit in the first place, satisfied. I can finally start with the K70 RGB TKL JOJO co-branded Jotaro suit.

Next, let me unpack the JOJO co-branded Jotaro suit, and let's take a look at the actual effect of the real thing.

Let’s take a look at the JOJO joint Jotaro MM350 PRO mouse pad. After all, it has a larger area and a stronger visual impact, and it can also highlight the theme of Jotaro. The entire color scheme and pattern match the animation. The central position is a huge five-star birthmark pattern, and on both sides of the pattern are avatars Platinum Star and Kujo Jotaro, corresponding to the English names Star Platinum and Jotaro Kujo. Jotaro's MM350 PRO mouse pad has a volume of 930*400*4mm, which is a large mouse pad and is more suitable for large desktops.

The Jotaro MM350 PRO mouse pad is designed with an ultra-fine woven fabric surface, the surface is relatively smooth, and the waterproof and anti-fouling layer design can effectively prevent daily liquid splashes, soiling and getting wet, and it is also more convenient for daily cleaning. The all-inclusive design and wear-resistant knitted seaming realize the overall flatness and non-warping, effectively reducing the problem of edge detachment and warping caused by long-term use, and greatly improving the service life. The soft rubber with non-slip texture design on the bottom provides a good guarantee for the stability of the player during violent operations, and provides the player with a stable and comfortable gaming experience.

Let's take a look at Jotaro's M65 RGB ULTRA gaming mouse. Why did you choose the M65 RGB ULTRA as a joint name? I personally feel that the M65 series of mice can be said to be the most iterated and most classic mouse series under Thieves. M65 RGB ULTRA can be regarded as the top version of the current series, so it is naturally the priority for the joint name. Like the M65 RGB ULTRA, this mouse is a wired mouse. The color scheme is mainly purple and supplemented by yellow, which is the same color as Jotaro's coat and hat. The two DPI buttons and the two side buttons are designed in yellow, and the pattern printed on the right button and the palm pattern on the tail are consistent with Jotaro's coat and hat.

The Jotaro M65 RGB ULTRA Gaming Mouse continues the aluminum alloy frame design of the M65 series mouse, and provides 3 counterweight placement positions at the bottom. There are also four Teflon pads at the bottom to make the mouse slide more smoothly. The Jotaro MM350 PRO mouse pad can further enhance the control experience. Jotaro's M65 RGB ULTRA gaming mouse has a built-in MARKSMAN 26000 DPI optical sensor (PAW3393), and uses its own unique AXON super-speed processing technology, supports native 26000DPI and 650 inches per second (IPS) tracking rate, and can provide up to 8000Hz wheel The query rate can provide players with faster and more accurate operation response. With the QUICKSTRIKE button pre-press technology and built-in gyroscope, it can bring players a more brilliant experience in terms of overall feel and control experience. Of course, this kind of mid-to-high-end e-sports mouse with 8000Hz polling rate is more suitable for players who have Intel desktop version 9th generation i7 level and above and AMD desktop version 2nd generation Ryzen R7 level and above configuration.

In addition to the adjustable counterweight and aluminum frame mentioned above, the M65 series mice also have this uniquely designed FPS sniper button, which is more suitable for players who prefer FPS games. Jotaro’s M65 RGB ULTRA gaming mouse adds the iconic star-shaped birthmark pattern of the JOJO family to the sniper button. The side skirts are all made of rubber, with a raised triangle pattern to play a good anti-slip effect.

The Jotaro M65 RGB ULTRA gaming mouse theme weighs 96.26 grams. If it feels too light, we can also adjust the weight that suits us through the multi-functional adjustable weight system.

The Jotaro M65 RGB ULTRA Gaming Mouse comes with 3 sets of counterweights in the package, with a total weight of 19.76 grams. Then we can adjust the weight of the mouse between 96.26g and 116g, which can better satisfy different players in different scenarios. usage requirements.

Jotaro’s M65 RGB ULTRA gaming mouse still adopts a fixed wire design, and the wire is designed with lightweight soft paracord wire, which makes mouse movement easier without worrying about bending. However, there is a small problem that the wire is black instead of purple, which is somewhat abrupt with the color of the mouse, so it should also be designed as purple.

Finally, let's focus on the Jotaro K70 RGB TKL. After all, I am a K70 RGB TKL silver switch user, and I want to know more about how far the Jotaro co-branded model can go. The Jotaro K70 RGB TKL color scheme is still mainly purple, supplemented by yellow and light green. The five-row keycap design includes Jotaro Kujo, Platinum Star, JOJO family star birthmark, butterfly tattoo, memory disc, JOJO words, ORA slogan, Jotaro's hat and decorative chain, etc. The detailed design is more attractive People, to some extent, can be regarded as a kind of easter egg design, and this part is praised by the designer. The theme keycaps all adopt the PBT five-sided thermal sublimation process, which is not easy to wear, not easy to fade, and has a long service life.

Here are some detailed pictures to show. I personally feel that the pattern effect of Jotaro Kujo looks a bit incoherent. Of course, this may be related to the five-sided sublimation process of the keycap.

The logo at the top center of the Jotaro K70 RGB TKL has changed from the original pirate ship logo to Xu Lun’s butterfly pattern, and supports RGB lighting changes. The ordinary STONE OCEAN words are printed on both sides of the butterfly pattern, and there is no background light design.

Jotaro K70 RGB TKL adopts a three-stage preset key design on the top, including media control, brightness adjustment, WIN key shielding and other keys, which is more convenient for users to operate quickly.

The Jotaro K70 RGB TKL adopts the mainstream USB3.0 TYPE-C interface design, and the separate cable design is more convenient for daily storage. On the side of the TYPE-C interface is the K70 RGB TKL's characteristic "competitive mode" switch design, just need to toggle the upper switch and move the buckle to fix it. After the competitive mode is enabled, the keyboard background lights all turn red, and the competitive mode indicator light under the switch also lights up red. At the same time, all recorded macros will be disabled. From this point of view, the competitive mode is aimed at offline users. fair play.

In terms of the design of the bottom, the Jotaro K70 RGB TKL adopts four trapezoidal anti-skid pads, the upper two and the lower two. The overall area is relatively large, which can effectively prevent the keyboard from sliding during fierce game confrontation.

The Jotaro K70 RGB TKL kickstand adopts a single design, and the opening direction adopts a left-to-right design.

Jotaro’s K70 RGB TKL uses the CHERRY MX red switch. In terms of the button feel, the button goes straight up and down without a sense of paragraph. K70 RGB TKL does a good job in button design and adjustment, and there will be no obvious abnormal noise or stuttering problems. At the same time, large keys such as shift, enter, and space will also be designed with satellite switches to improve the button experience. .

The keyboard package also provides a sticker containing patterns such as Jotaro, Platinum Star, and Thief Ship, which can be attached to the back of the keyboard. As for spare keycaps and key pullers, they are not provided in the package. Personally, I would like to provide several keycaps with Jotaro and Platinum Star patterns as spares.

At present, the Jotaro K70 RGB TKL can be used with iCUE software normally, and the functions are normal, but the displayed keyboard is not a joint JOJO model. The Jotaro M65 RGB ULTRA gaming mouse cannot be recognized by the iCUE software for the time being. I hope that after the subsequent software upgrade, the JOJO co-branded keyboard and mouse can be displayed normally. The functions of the iCUE software are already very complete. It can manage the hardware products of CORSAIR in a unified way and realize different function settings for different hardware. The main functions of the software include the adjustment of various specific parameters, such as lighting mode, macro recording function, custom shortcut keys and key functions, etc., and also added firmware upgrade and host hardware status monitoring functions. Through the iCUE software, we can manually set the 8K return rate for the K70 RGB TKL, or store various settings through the onboard 8MB storage space of the K70 RGB TKL, which is convenient for users to directly load and use on the new computer.

Generally speaking, the JOJO co-branded suit launched by CORSAIR this time can be regarded as a bold attempt by CORSAIR in IP co-branded design. A fusion of value + performance. As the second peripheral set co-branded by CORSAIR and "JOJO's Bizarre Adventure", the Kujo Jotaro model is more radical in color design, brighter and more attractive, and more perfect in detail design, with a large area The MM350 PRO mouse pad and the excellent performance and design of the M65 RGB ULTRA gaming mouse and K70 RGB TKL bring players a double enjoyment in terms of look and feel and operating experience, suitable for JOJO (pseudo) fans who like Jotaro like me.

My personal favorite in the set is the Jotaro K70 RGB TKL, probably because it is closer to the effect I expected, with more egg designs and the highest degree of completion, and this may also be the reason for its highest premium. Jotaro’s M65 RGB ULTRA gaming mouse would be more attractive if the cable could be designed in purple, the tail icon could be designed on the right button, the tail icon could be changed to Platinum Star or Jotaro, and the shell could be added with JOJO family star birthmark, etc. people. Jotaro MM350 PRO mouse pad would be better if lighting design can be added.

Well, the above is my personal comment on the CORSAIR JOJO joint suit (Jotaro style).

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