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PC Hardware and Peripherals Part 34: Heijue AK816 Gasket Structure Three-mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Experience

As a designer, Digital House spends eight or nine hours working with keyboards every day. The requirements for the feel of keyboards are very strict, so I will buy new products as soon as there are new products. After counting, there are more than a dozen keyboards on hand. It is short of the Gasket architecture mechanical keyboard that has been very out of the circle recently. The feel of the Q bomb, excellent feedback and excellent mute effect have been planted for a long time. During the 618 period, I searched around the Internet. The AK816 Rock Rhapsody Edition of the Heijue brand has a good discount. I usually like to listen to rock music. At a glance, Heijue AK816 uses 81 keys, Jiadalong G yellow PRO switch, hot-swappable full keys, Gasket structure, metal volume knob, and added Bluetooth 5.0/2.4G/wired three-mode connection solution, with a built-in 3000mAh battery... I personally feel that it can play well in all aspects.

Let's take a look at Heijue's AK816 three-mode mechanical keyboard!

Heijue AK816 has two options, white body + white gray and yellow keycap space adventure, my red and black color is called rock fantasy. Different from the all-aluminum structure of the AC081 version, the appearance of the AK816 uses an ABS shell. Of course, the price of the AC081 is also much higher. Naturally, you can enjoy the joy of a customized Gasket-structured mechanical keyboard at a lower price.

Accessories include shaft puller, Type-C data cable, 2.4G wireless receiver, manual

The overall size of the Heijue AK816 is 327.5*136.5*40.38mm, the weight is 990g, the layout of 81 keys, the shell is made of ABS all-plastic material, the upper and lower shells are directly fixed by buckles, and there is no screw design. As the name implies, the Gasket structure is divided into upper cover, PORON cotton, positioning plate, sandwich PORON cotton, bottom cotton, and lower cover. Gaskets are set on the upper and lower covers to avoid hard impact with the outer shell when the inside of the fuselage is knocked. The keyboard feels consistent and soft.

The difference from AC081 is that the metal nameplate in the upper right corner is replaced by a more practical metal volume knob. The surface of the knob is CD disc texture, and the side is non-slip diamond-shaped texture. The rotation has a sense of scale and a certain sense of damping. Pressing also requires a certain force to prevent accidental touches. It supports pressing down and mute switching. The color is consistent with the red color of the keycap. , good workmanship, full of texture.

Different from the ordinary keyboard layout, 75% of the layout of the F area moves to the left as a whole. Behind the F12 is the home button. Of course, the commonly used del, pgup, pgdn, and arrow keys are reserved, which has little effect on daily gaming at home. Office workers need a certain adaptation process.

In terms of keycaps, a new set of MDA height ball caps are used, which are treated with PBT heat sublimation and the characters are clear. Among them, the ESC, space bar, enter key, and arrow keys all adopt rock's iconic patterns, guitars, musical notes, and rock gestures (V, punk fist, metal rock ceremony) "cold black, lost gray, Hot red, trembling strings" The rock spirit atmosphere is rendered very well.

In terms of feel, this set of PBT MDA ball caps has a relatively smooth surface with fine frosting, and the feel is delicate and comfortable. In terms of workmanship details, the keycap is also made with a hidden nozzle, and there is no burr from all angles. The three matching colors of red, gray and light gray are very versatile and comfortable to look at. If you are a player who has converted from abs keycaps, there will be surprises in terms of feel.

It is worth mentioning that the AK816 is equipped with Jiadalong G yellow PRO shaft body, which comes with lubrication at the factory, and at the same time, the amount of lubrication is relatively large. In addition to its own Gasket structure, it can be triggered from various positions on the keycap. The consistency is good and the bottoming feel is good. It is more stable and comfortable, without noise. Hot-swappable switch base design, reversed LED lights, compatible with most three-legged and five-legged switches, high playability, if you like to play games, you can change to a fast silver switch or any switch you like to improve the game feel.

There is a triangular light status light on the upper right corner of the direction key, the brightness is moderate, not dazzling, but it is not a whole piece of light but a point, the light uniformity is not very good, I hope it will be improved later. However, this indicator light is still very special, and it has a more design sense than the arranged indicator lights.

The wired interface is a Type-c interface, and the outgoing line is at the right of the middle. It requires a certain amount of strength to plug in and out, and it is not easy to drop.

Right below the interface, there is a 2.4G wireless receiver storage compartment on the back, which is stable and not easy to drop.

On the back of the keyboard, there are two vertical and two horizontal rubber pads, which are not easy to slide on the desktop. The two-stage support feet are suitable for people with different keyboard heights. The connection mode switch is at the bottom, 2.4GUSBBT, and the other switch is a MAC and WIN switch.

This keyboard is quite easy to get used to. When you first get started, there will be accidental touches. After playing for a week, you have gradually gotten used to it. The height of the MDA fits well, and the fit between the fingertips and the keycaps is very good. The fit area is relatively large, and the wrist will not feel tired after long-term use.

In terms of connection, the AK816 adopts the current mainstream three-mode wireless solution, supports 2.4G, Bluetooth and Type-C wired connections, and supports full key without punching. All are switched by the paddle switch on the back. Among them, in Bluetooth mode, 3 Bluetooth devices can be stored, and switched by FN+Q+W+E, seamlessly switch back and forth between multiple devices, and can be connected to computers, mobile phones, pads, and the efficiency of work and chat is greatly improved.

Of course, the combination of multimedia keys is also indispensable. Exhale the media player through the FN+F area, the volume, mute, and stop the player. In addition, the metal knob on the right is very convenient for media playback. Although the keyboard is small, it has all the functions. .

In terms of battery life, the keyboard has a built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, and the Bluetooth battery life can reach 200 days when the lights are turned off, which is at the upper-middle level.

In terms of lighting effects, there is a preset RGB backlight, and the light refracted by the white positioning board is more uniform, and it supports 18 kinds of lighting effects to cycle through FN+, FN+123 can customize three groups of game lighting effects, the default FPS mode, LOL mode , The default 37-key office mode supports adjustment of brightness, light speed, and backlight color, and the playability of the light is very high. Moreover, this keyboard also supports the music rhythm function, which can be set through the driver, and the keyboard light will dance with the rhythm of the music played, which is very in line with the theme of this "Rock Rhapsody".

In terms of games, the G yellow PRO switch has a smooth pressing experience, and the rapid feedback makes it very suitable for typing, and it is not bad for occasional games that do not require a lot of operations. With the Gasket architecture, the key feedback and mute effect of this keyboard are very good, which is very suitable for use in quiet places.

Generally speaking, the Heijue AK816 three-mode mechanical keyboard is equipped with Jiadalong g yellow pro switch, Gasket gasket structure, Inoue Poron sandwich + bottom cotton, excellent workmanship, remarkable hand feeling experience, and the overall keyboard is perfect. 75% configuration, MDA highly sublimated keycaps, two-stage segmented foot supports, 3000mAh lithium battery, 18 kinds of lighting effects, hot-swappable switchable design, it has everything you need, and it is worth buying.

It has to be said that the products launched by domestic keyboard brands in recent years can be said to be a positive case of many domestic digital products. It proves that domestic products do not necessarily have to choose low-priced product strategies to attract users. We have seen the future of domestic keyboard brands, which is a sunny avenue full of hope. Hope that Heijue peripherals will launch more touching products.

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