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PC Hardware Lab Chapter 25: Simple, Portable, Beautiful! —Durga 84-key Hi Keys linear red axis mechanical keyboard experience

The first month is not a year. Some time ago was the most solemn Spring Festival for Chinese people, that is, the day of Chinese New Year. Every year when the Chinese New Year comes, they have to move back to their hometown for the whole year, reunite the whole family, and visit their parents. Of course, during this period of time, some literary work cannot be let go, and at this time, we still have to "keep writing". Back in my hometown, the computer at home still has some discomfort, whether it is the mainframe or peripherals.

In order to reduce this discomfort, I decided to bring my own hardware home for the New Year as much as possible. Before the Chinese New Year this year, I bought a small host and a portable keyboard. Portable keyboards are definitely based on 87 keys.

When searching in the vast sea, I found the Dujia Hi Keys wireless Bluetooth dual-mode 84-key mechanical keyboard. In order to use the feel, I chose the mute red switch. How is the quality of the feel?

The packaging box of Dujia Hi Keys adopts a more individual style. The paper packaging has a black background, and the colorful patterns are exaggerated without losing individuality. The words "Hi Keys" impressively confirm the model of the keyboard.

Hi Keys is a pure wireless mechanical keyboard belonging to Dujia. It does not support wired cabinet type, but only supports Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connection modes. It can connect up to 3 devices at the same time.


The accessories of the keyboard are only 1 USB A-C data cable and the instruction manual, which is as simple as the keyboard.

Hi Keys keyboard changed the style of monotony and solid color, giving people a feeling of publicity as a whole. Although this keyboard is named "Dailan", the keyboard uses no less than five colors to express, focusing on the expression of individuality.

Hi Keys keyboard adopts 84-key specifications, which is not much different from 87-keys. Players who are used to 87-keys can really get started. The narrow frame style, combined with 87 keys, realizes the ultimate release of the desktop, which can save 25% of the desktop area. From F1 to F6 with the FN key, you can switch the light. F7 to F12 cooperate with the FN key to realize the multimedia control function.

Although the main focus is simplicity, Hi Keys is a customized appearance style. The three buttons of "ESCENTER BACKSPACE" are yellow keycaps, and the two reference buttons J and K are also pasted with circular stickers.

Auxiliary function keys such as TAB have gray key caps, and the three keys of WIN, ALT, and CTRL can also realize additional functions through the combination of "+" and FN keys.

The keyboard can change the wireless connection mode through the lever. The connection can be switched between Bluetooth 1, Bluetooth 2, 2.4G wireless.

The four borders of the keyboard are made of gray ABS material, with a TYPE-C connection port in the center of the top, and a wireless switch and indicator light on the left.

The back of the keyboard is also mainly in a simple style, and four non-slip mats are just enough.

In order to adapt to different usage habits of players, the slope of the keyboard can be adjusted in two stages by opening and closing the feet.

There is a special shrinking space for the receiver in the upper left corner of the back of the keyboard. It is very carefully designed, easy to carry, and not easy to lose.


The Hi Keys keycap adopts a unique style as a whole, and the keycap is a newly designed square round style, which feels very good.

The keycaps are made of ABS material, and different colors are sprayed to achieve different positions and have different colors.


The keyboard adopts the Kaihua linear red switch, and the feel is basically the same as that of the original red switch. They are both straight up and down linear. The total stroke is 4.0mm.

Large keys such as space adopt a satellite shaft structure, which is more reliable, but the feel is not as crisp and sharp as the balance bar. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has a different opinion.

battery life

Hi Keys can only be used through a wireless connection. After being fully charged, with the backlight turned off, it can be used for up to about 7 months using a 2.4G connection; using a Bluetooth connection, it can be used for up to about 12 months. If you turn on the ambient light, the battery life will be shortened a lot.

Hi Keys uses white LED lights, which can realize functions such as brightness adjustment and various lighting effect adjustments without a driver, which is very convenient.

The indicator light of the keyboard is green when it is charging, it will flash white during the connection process, and the indicator light will turn off after the connection is completed.

In order to achieve extreme simplicity and portability, Hi Keys gives players different feelings through the layout of 84 keys. At the same time, with a variety of color keycaps, the personality is maximized, and there is a customized style, and the price is very reasonable. It's just the durability of the ABS keycap that needs further verification.

The receiver is hidden next to the pad on the right side of the back of the keyboard. In the future, whether you are on a business trip or visiting relatives, it is very convenient to bring your own host with this Hi Keys for work or play.

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