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Peach Play Keyboard Part 3: The first keyboard kit for new players — Heiji Snake DK84 three-mode RGB mechanical keyboard unboxing experience

I am a peach in Loudong, a digital enthusiast, and I am a newbie with a mechanical keyboard.

The article is not very long, please bookmark it so that you don't get lost when you need it.

I don't know why I suddenly became very interested in mechanical keyboards from the mass-produced brown switch keyboards, and began to pay attention to customization. I probably thought it was fun, "customization", "DIY", and making a mechanical keyboard by myself. Your very own keyboard—cool to think about. A keyboard consists of 3 parts: the kit (keyboard base), the shaft body, and the keycap. Let’s unpack the kit today.

When I was doing my homework, the kits I chose were: Fuling FL750, Aluminum Factory OG80, AKKO PC75 (5075B), Baldhead 75V5, and Heiji Snake DK84. I can only say that I am dedicated to the 75% configuration. Finally, I bought the Heiji Snake DK84 because of the battery capacity, price and marquee considerations.

1. Fuling FL750: 83-key three-mode, 4000mAh battery is the top three in the three-digit kit, the price is about 500 yuan (including the mechanical switch)

The reason why I didn't choose it is that it is bundled with the Kaihua Box axis, and the selection range is a bit small.

2. Aluminum factory iQnix OG80: 80-key three-mode, black warrior + TTC silver switch, is a combination that boys will like very much.

The reason why I didn't choose it is that my family members don't play keyboards, but... four digits are so expensive TAT

3. AKKO PC75: 82-key three-mode, TTC gold powder switch, this is a girl's love.

It's just that 700+ is still a bit expensive, and it limits the range of mechanical switches. --excuse me.

4. Handu (bald head) 75V5: 84-key three-mode, the difficulty of assembly is moderate, and those with strong hands-on ability can change the mahjong sound. And the volume knob in the upper right corner is very distinctive. The price/performance ratio of about 300 yuan is also very high.

5. Heiji snake DK84: 84-key three-mode, the price of about 200 yuan is 100 cheaper than the bald brother, so I chose it instead of the bald brother.

X. Langpai CIY68: 68-key dual-mode (no RGB), if you don’t consider light pollution and just use it with mechanical switches for personalized use, this kit can be said to be very cost-effective for less than 100 yuan. I plan to get this kit to be used as a temporary shaft tester in the future, and it also has a storage function, which is more cabbage than a serious mechanical shaft storage box.

The above selection is a reference for beginners. If you want to be more convenient, choose 1~3, and you will get a complete keyboard, saving time and effort. If you want more fun (tossing), you can choose 4 or 5.

The outer packaging of this Heiji Snake DK84 is very simple, a white airplane box, and the keyboard in the state of colorful lights is printed on the box cover. When you open the package, you can see the keyboard body. ▼

The configuration of this set of kits is quite complete, which includes: a 2-in-1 shaft/key puller, Type-C data cable, warranty card, and a small cleaning brush (some say it is a shaft brush? ▼

Complete accessories ▼

This Heiji Snake DK84 adds a row of F keys on the basis of the standard 75% arrangement, which is very convenient for people like me who don’t like to use Fn keys. The compact key spacing makes its area only 31.2×12.1cm, it doesn’t take up much desktop space. The overall design is pure white, which can basically be matched with various light-colored keycaps, and it can look simple/cute no matter what. In terms of details, the positioning board with white matte paint is very good in workmanship.

The large space key is filled with thickened silicone strips, which can reduce the noise of the large keys to a certain extent. ▼

The height is only 4cm, with its own slope, making typing more comfortable. ▼

There is a sliding lock on the back, which can switch between 2.4G, Bluetooth and wired, and the 2.4G receiver is also stored on the back. ▼

The storage compartment of the 2.4G receiver is magnetically designed, and the details are very careful. ▼

The foot support adopts a two-stage structure, which can adapt to personal typing habits according to whether there is a hand rest and the height of the keycap when typing, and adjust the angle and height of the keyboard. ▼

In addition, there is a Type-C interface on the side. ▼

1. Full-key hot-swappable, you can freely replace the shaft body you want to try, and the difficulty of getting started is almost zero. ▼

2. The factory comes with sound-absorbing cotton; the interlayer contains sound-absorbing silicone pads, and the factory comes with sound-cancelling, which greatly reduces the difficulty of newbies playing keyboards, and eliminates a major reason for persuasion in the later stage: choosing various sound-absorbing materials. ▼

Package structure

This DK84 kit, the first feeling when you pick it up is that it is quite heavy. Its weight is a little over 500g, plus a few 80 shafts... That means this keyboard is probably only suitable for office or home, not very suitable. Take it with you when you go out. ▼

In terms of advantages, its operation difficulty is very small, and its playability is very high. I would like to call it the king of rolls at a price of 100 yuan. The price of 200 yuan is equipped with a 3000mAh battery and sound-absorbing cotton. The satellite shaft is also moisturized. The conscience of the industry. Turn on the 2.4G to see the factory default lights, the brightness and color are great.

If you are not familiar with the keyboard, you can refer to the manual to press the shaft and install the keycap. The installation is also very simple. If you are a "hybrid axis" like me, you can first place it on it to match the position and quantity, and then put it into the pit (pay attention to the direction of the axis). If it is a unified axis, it will be easier to handle. Just look at the quasi-direction and press it up. ▼

I have tested 4 kinds of mechanical axes (including linear axes and paragraph axes) in my own hands. In fact, it is not necessary to add cushioning and sound-absorbing cotton or bubble mud for personal sense. The cavity sound is not very obvious, especially The linear axis of the Gott Lime axis is relatively soft and quiet in terms of feel and sound. In the case of tea-like shafts, a layer of silicone film on the surface is the so-called "mahjong sound", and there is no need to troubleshoot the shaft by yourself.

Of course, for advanced players, you can also remove the base and add masking paper and shaft mounts in the later stage to adjust the typing sound and feel that you prefer.

As a mechanical keyboard kit, the Heiji Snake DK84 is very cost-effective. In terms of hardware configuration, there are wired, 2.4G, and Bluetooth three-mode links, a variety of RGB lighting effects, and dual-segment foot supports. It comes with sound-absorbing cotton and the large keys are moisturized at the factory, which basically meets the needs of daily office and games. As an entry-level kit, its price is also very friendly. It optimizes the hardware and accessories as much as possible in the price of 200+. own" example.

I am a peach tree in Loudong. I hope this sharing can be helpful to you. History out of the box:

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