Pennefather V700 DIY Mechanical Keyboard: Exclusive Personality, Symphony Backlight

How easy it is to use a mechanical keyboard, I believe I don’t need to say more, everyone knows it. As a well-known brand of computer peripherals at home and abroad, Rapoo has launched many acclaimed mechanical keyboard and mouse products. What San Ye wants to recommend to everyone today is this mechanical keyboard that supports DIY customization--Rapoo V700 DIY.

The outer packaging is still the family-style design of Rapoo, so I won’t introduce too much. Just in time for the discount, I bought a box of quick silver scrolls, 12 pieces for 29 yuan, which is quite worth it.

In addition to the keyboard, the package also comes with a 1.5-meter-long gold-plated interface cable and a shaft puller.

The Rapoo V700 DIY adopts a 104-key full-size layout design, and the arrow keys and number keys are retained, which is very friendly to game lovers. At the same time, the keyboard frame is narrowed, which also brings a compact body of 435*149*48mm to this full-size keyboard, and the weight of 835g is even lighter than some 84-key mechanical keyboards.

The upper cover is made of aluminum alloy, with a pure white PBT two-color injection molding ergonomic keycap. The material is solid and the light is evenly transmitted. It looks stylish and modern. The suspension design is also convenient for us to insert and remove the keycap, replace the shaft body, and it is more convenient for daily cleaning.

The top right of the keyboard adopts a tough dorsal fin shape design, and is equipped with 5 special function multimedia buttons: M key is a mode switch button, which can switch between game and office modes with one key; V1 button is a light switch button; V2 button is a scroll wheel mode switch key, you can switch the scroll wheel to support light brightness adjustment or volume control; the V3 key is a mute key; the rightmost scroll wheel can adjust the light brightness (default) or volume. Such a design is not only more practical and convenient, but also increases the overall sense of technology and future, which is very in line with the aesthetics of contemporary people.

Under the win system, through the key combination of Fn+F1~F12, you can quickly switch between multimedia playback, volume adjustment, email and other functions, or after setting through the driver, you can quickly wake up the corresponding application according to your needs.

There are five high-strength silicone bottom pads at the bottom of the keyboard, and a silicone stand is designed, which can be placed firmly on any plane, effectively preventing the keyboard from shifting during fast typing.

Rapoo V700 DIY is equipped with the hot-swappable linear fast silver switch independently developed by Rapoo. All 104 keys support hot-swappable replacement of the shaft body. In addition, the hot-swappable metal base can also be adapted to include Gaote, Kaihua, TTC, Jiada Most of the five-pin hot-swappable shafts, including popular brands such as Long, are very convenient to replace and can fully meet our individual needs.

Pennefather's self-developed linear fast silver axis has a total stroke of 4mm and a trigger pressure of 45±10gf. The keys are sensitive to trigger and have a strong rebound, with a strong heel feel. The sound when typing on the keyboard is relatively quiet, especially suitable for office or game use. The service life of a single shaft has reached 50 million times, and I personally feel that it can be used forever. In the actual coding process, you can clearly feel the crisp rebound and stable button feel, and you will not feel strenuous when you use it for a long time, and the sound is quiet and will not affect others. The overall user experience is very good. At the same time, the official also provides the Rapoo independent linear spring white axis with a more Q-feeling feel and faster rebound. You can start to experience it according to your own needs.

"No RGB, no gaming", Rapoo V700 DIY will naturally not lack soulful RGB lighting effects! In office mode, Rapoo V700 DIY is equipped with 18 kinds of lighting effects by default, such as blooming flowers, drifting with the flow, stepping on the snow without trace, and spectral cycle. In game mode, it also supports customizing the lighting color of 104 buttons to create exclusive magic lighting effects! At the same time, you can switch the lighting effect through the V1 button, and adjust the five-level lighting brightness through the scroll wheel.

After downloading the dedicated driver software from the official website, you can save multiple sets of configuration files or independently program 104 buttons, customize more cool RGB lighting effects, record macro commands, and trigger game combos with one button. In addition, we also You can upgrade the keyboard firmware or restore the factory settings in the driver.

On the whole, the Pennefather V700 DIY can fully meet all our needs for mechanical keyboards: it not only has an attractive appearance design, but also brings a comfortable typing experience, and supports hot-swappable switches and magic colors. Lighting effect setting, whether it is office or game, is a good peripheral product, and friends who like it can start it in time while taking advantage of the discount!

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