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Pennefather V700 DIY mechanical keyboard: truly hand over the right to DIY to users!

Xiaodao put away the last mechanical keyboard after finishing the evaluation some time ago. During this time, he has been using the Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard. Don’t talk nonsense today, let’s share with you the experience of Xiaodao’s use during this period of time.

The packaging is relatively simple, but it is very surprising that in addition to the mechanical keyboard body, a 10-axis body is also provided as a gift. There is no need to worry about a certain key position being unusable after long-term use. You can replace it yourself with this included axis body. .

The color matching of the keyboard has a little industrial style feeling, the silver aluminum alloy top cover is matched with the white keycap, which is simple but not simple. The arrangement is a very conventional 104 arrangement, so it has a complete small numeric keypad area. This is still a point that Xiaodao likes very much, especially the "0" key is also a full-scale rather than a reduced version. It is not easy to press the wrong key.

In addition to the conventional 104 keys, there are 5 special multimedia keys in the upper right corner, one of which is designed with a finger-sliding scroll wheel, which can be customized to quickly adjust the volume or the brightness of the RGB backlight, and use the custom scroll wheel to adjust the volume After that, you will feel that it is too cumbersome to adjust the volume from the system.

The functions of the other 4 multimedia keys are mode switch key, light switch key, scroll wheel mode switch key, and mute key. Among them, the most convenient one is the mute button. If the speaker suddenly emits any strange sound, it can be quickly muted to avoid embarrassment.

The keycaps are made of PBT two-color injection molded keycaps, which have very good light transmission. After the RGB backlight is turned on, the lights mapped out by the letters are very uniform, and the white keycaps have a very good look and feel.

The keycap adopts a floating design, and the floating effect can be clearly seen from the side. You can see the transparent design of the upper half of the shaft body, and you can see the copper structure inside the shaft body. You can feel The beauty of mechanical design.

The axis adopts Rapoo's own Kuaiyin axis, which is a linear axis, straight up and down, without a sense of paragraph. The trigger pressure is about 45gf, and the trigger stroke is about 1.3mm. The overall performance is closer to the cherry silver switch, the overall feel is lighter, and the trigger is more sensitive. However, since the trigger stroke is not as short as the cherry silver switch, the performance of false touch is better.

In terms of structure, it adopts the design style of the mainstream shaft body. The upper part adopts a transparent design and can have its own logo on the shaft body. Body such as Jiadalong, Kaihua, Gaote, TTC axis can be replaced at will.

At present, the Rapoo V700DIY only supports the wired connection method, but from the design of the mold, the 2.4GH connection method is also on the way, because near the type-C interface, you can see an opening design similar to the 2.4G receiver. If nothing unexpected happens.

The Rapoo V700DIY is equipped with fast silver switches, which are factory-run, the sound of the keys is relatively clear, the feel is not so hard, and the trigger time is fast. The large keys are all tuned for the satellite axis, and there is no obvious cavity sound. For specific sound effects, please refer to the video below. But because the keyboard is relatively close to the lens, the sound in the video will be louder than the actual sound heard.

Rapoo V700DIY button sound

Rapoo V700DIY, the name has a DIY, but so far have not seen DIY-related content, this is exactly what the following trail will share.

Download the driver on the Rapoo official website, and you can DIY the backlight system of the full keyboard. You can freely set the color, brightness, speed, mode, etc. of the light, and even record your favorite backlight effects by yourself.

In addition, all 104 keys of the full keyboard support DIY programming, that is, except for the five multimedia keys with special functions, other keys can be customized and programmed. You can set a combination of keys, or perform macro settings. The degree of customization is very high, and you don't have to worry about not being able to release complex combos in the game anymore.

Rapoo V700DIY is a relatively new keyboard of Rapoo, equipped with its own fast silver switch, the overall feel is relatively light, and the sound performance is not bad. But what is more distinctive is the high degree of DIY function, full-key hot-swappable, you can DIY replace the keycap shaft body, all-key 104-key programmable, you can DIY macro settings by yourself, and give the DIY authority of the keyboard to the user, which can be played Sex is relatively high.

It is a pity that there is only a wired connection version at present, but the wireless connection version should be released later, if you are not in a hurry, you can wait and see.

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