Pennefather V700DIY Mechanical Keyboard Review: Good-looking and easy to use, perfect for office games


Anyone who likes PC games knows the importance of the keyboard to the game. I especially hate the situation where the keyboard keys get stuck and cannot be ejected at critical moments. In the past, I used a membrane keyboard, and I often encountered the situation that some keys on the keyboard were not sensitive to rebound, or even stuck. Especially the SHIFT key, CTRL key, space bar, enter key and other large keys. It can easily affect my game performance, and it can directly cause me to lose the game. Therefore, a good keyboard is really important.

In the choice of keyboard, I immediately thought of Rapoo. Rapoo is the world's leading manufacturer of peripherals such as keyboards and mice. I have been using Rapoo's keyboard and mouse products since more than ten years ago. Its products are cost-effective, the price is right and the quality is good. It is also true that its sales volume has been number one for several years in a row. Therefore, after comparing several keyboard products, I chose Rapoo's latest V700DIY.


Let's unpack the box first, and you can see that there is a keyboard host, a USB-C data cable, a manual, and a key puller. Judging from the built-in key puller, this keyboard should be hot-swappable, that is, even in the working state, you can directly change the key shaft without re-plugging the USB data cable of the keyboard.

The design of the Rapoo V700DIY backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is quite retro, which is my first impression. The first is its silver aluminum alloy bottom plate. This color is not only classic but also has a noble and fashionable atmosphere. Especially the scroll wheel design in the upper right corner of the keyboard, which brings the retro classic taste to the extreme.

The keycaps of the entire keyboard are white, and the PBT material is used for two-color injection molding. Through a more complicated injection molding process, the transparent plastic and the opaque plastic are integrated together to form each of the keycaps. kind of characters. Such keycaps are not only good-looking, high-grade, but also wear-resistant and will never fade.

The size of the entire keyboard is very compact. In addition to the 104 commonly used keys, the Rapoo V700DIY has an additional 5 keys, one of which is a scroll wheel key. The support and protection of the aluminum alloy bottom plate where the keys go, and the positions without keys are saved, reducing the size of the keyboard and occupying space as much as possible.

The size of Rapoo V700DIY is about 435*149*48mm, and the weight is about 835 grams. The workmanship is solid, there is texture, and the materials used are quite sufficient. From the appearance of the entire keyboard, it looks very delicate and elegant, without the cheap feeling of plastic.

In front of the keyboard, there is a USB-C data interface, which can be connected with computers, tablets and other platforms through this interface, which is quite convenient to use.

Turn it over and look at the back of the keyboard, you can see some soft rubber mats, which greatly improve the anti-slip performance of the keyboard, and the placement is more stable, and it is not easy to slide around on the desktop.

In addition, it also has two support pads, which can raise the angle of the keyboard, making the keyboard more ergonomic, and can be adjusted according to personal habits.

key shaft

After seeing the appearance of the keyboard, let's take a look at its axis. This is called Rapoo KA-12 quick silver shaft, which is independently developed by Rapoo.

The keycap and key shaft can be easily removed with a key puller. You can see that the fast silver shaft equipped by Rapoo is gray. It can be adapted to most of the five-pin hot-swappable switch keyboards on the market, and is very versatile. Not only your own Rapoo mechanical keyboard can be used, but most other mechanical keyboards can also be used. And it is made of self-lubricating PVC material, which feels quite smooth and has no friction. The trigger is sensitive and rebounds strong, and the feel is quite good. The most important thing is that the sound is relatively quiet. In this way, it can be used not only for playing games, but also for office work.

The stroke of the fast silver axis is 4mm, and the trigger stroke is 1.3±0.5mm. The trigger pressure is 45±10gf, and there is no sense of transition in the whole process, only the smoothness of pressing to the bottom. Of course, as for the lifespan, the official claims that it can reach 50 million times. It is estimated that I will never use it in this life.

game experience

As the popular PC masterpiece "Jedi Escape", this game fascinated me for a while, and the same game has very high requirements for the keyboard. What you want is extreme sensitivity and smoothness.

As I said before, the fast silver switch button equipped by Rapoo feels quite comfortable, and the key point is that its noise is also very small. After all, when playing games, loud sounds can also distract you. When you are so nervous and exciting, a little noise will make you more nervous.

Rapoo V700DIY also has its own game mode or office mode, which can be switched directly through the M function key in the upper right corner of the keyboard without complicated key combinations. I would like to give a big thumbs up to this. Not to mention, compared with the general gaming keyboard, its appearance design is still very elegant and classic, so it is appropriate to use this shape for office work.

In addition, its lighting mode key can be switched directly and quickly through the V1 key, and there is also no need for complicated key combinations, which not only avoids the embarrassment of shortcut key conflicts, but also makes the operation more worry-free and trouble-free. In addition, the V2 key can also switch the working mode of the scroll wheel, such as the volume adjustment key or the brightness adjustment of the keyboard light. The V3 is a mute button, which can be muted directly with one button. This is especially useful in the office mode. You can switch the fishing mode with one button.

The Rapoo V700DIY has 18 backlight effects, among which 19 can be customized in the game mode. If you install Rapoo’s driver software for the system, you can directly change the lighting customization in the system and also edit macros, that is, just one button can trigger a series of complex button operations, which is very useful for combos in games.

Once the game is finished, I am quite satisfied with the performance of Rapoo V700DIY, it really allows me to play the game perfectly. Let my left hand play handy without any hindrance. To put it an exaggeration is that my left hand and the keyboard have been integrated into one in the game, and I can play wherever I point.


As a veteran first-line keyboard and mouse brand, Rapoo's products have never disappointed me. For example, this V700DIY gaming mechanical keyboard, whether it is the occupation of the space size, or the layout of the keys, the feel, the full key without punching, etc., allows me to better control the keyboard, quickly and agilely interspersed in the game world through the keyboard middle. If you also like to play games, then this hot-swappable game mechanical keyboard V700DIY will definitely be very suitable for you.

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