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Peripheral Quiz Part 4: Girlfriend’s Peripherals—Daryu Small Cube Z82 Keyboard + Donut Z10 Mouse

As a person who used to be in the peripheral circle, I haven’t bought a keyboard for my daughter-in-law. The main reason is that my daughter-in-law will “KO” me if she knows that a “bad keyboard” costs hundreds of dollars. This year’s Double Eleven After doing some work, on the principle of making her treat herself better, I plan to buy her a set of keyboard and mouse.

When the picture was sent to Xiaofangtang Z82, our boss stopped looking at it instantly and told me that this is the only one, not to pick.

Hey... woman...

The vitality powder version that the daughter-in-law likes, pink is indeed the favorite of girls. Bought the matching mouse by the way.

In terms of accessories, the warranty card manual is published. The keyboard only has three replacement keycaps, one data cable and a silicone cat claw knob cover, and the mouse only has one data cable. In the past two years, it can be said that there are very few.

The keycaps of the keyboard are made of PBT material, which is similar to SA keycaps. It is stronger and more wear-resistant than ABS material, and it is not easy to oil up after long-term use. It has the traditional advantages of SA-like ball caps. The appearance is really high, and the hand feel is really average. It may be better for thin fingers. Like me, the five big and three thick fingers are a bit stuck.

The engraved character design is also relatively coordinated, with a high value, and the side engraving also indicates the function of the FN combination, which is very well designed.

But because of the uniqueness of the keycaps, don't even think about changing the keycaps.

The top of the keyboard is a three-stage switch, which can quickly switch between 2.4G and Bluetooth modes. In the Bluetooth connection mode, press and hold the FN+Q key combination to perform Bluetooth pairing. Next to it is the Type-C charging interface, 2.4G wireless reception The device is stored under the charging port.

There is a striking cat's claw knob on the upper right of the keyboard, which is a physical switch that can adjust the system volume, and there are also three indicators, which are caps lock, Bluetooth pairing, and charging indicators. There is an obvious sense of paragraph when the knob is turned, which is much smoother than adjusting with a mouse.

The mechanical keyboard of Dareu Small Cube Z82 uses the sky axis V2 axis body, linear axis, 37gf, the keyboard also has a built-in noise-cancelling silicone pad, the overall sound is good, there is no cavity sound and noise, and there are satellites on both sides of the large keys in the keyboard The shaft body has inconsistent feel, except for the blank space, which needs to be adjusted again.

The keyboard has a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used continuously for 15 days without turning on the backlight without frequent charging. The backlight brightness and display mode of the keyboard can be flexibly switched through key combinations.

The double-stage foot support can adjust the height according to the needs, but I personally feel that the arc is already very good without the foot support.

The SA-like ball cap itself has a height difference, and the keyboard shell also has an angle of inclination. The overall feel is more comfortable when the feet are not used.

The lighting effect is skipped. After all, Dareu is also focused on the lighting effect, and the effect must be full. In addition, the keycap is not transparent, the upper light position, and the wireless keyboard. I think normal people should not turn on the light when using it.

In addition, the keyboard has a white backlight lighting effect, and the lighting effect has a variety of display modes. The lighting is soft and not dazzling, which is very convenient for use at night.

The shape of this donut mouse is peculiar enough, the middle is empty... so the feel is also quite peculiar.

Don't think about the prone grip, it is suitable for grip and pinch grip.

In a more creative place, an FN key is designed on the side of the mouse, and some specific functions can be realized through combined gestures. The actual experience is that if you memorize these gestures, you can indeed improve your work efficiency to a certain extent.

There are storage compartments, switches and mode switches on the back of the mouse.

As a straight man, to be honest, I would not consider buying this set of keyboard and mouse if I used it with a high probability. However, girls decide to buy this set of keyboard and mouse. Really, all you need is one glance, what kind of feel, what kind of hot plug Pull out, good looks are enough, as a gift for your girlfriend or daughter-in-law, they will be happier giving this than you giving a minila.

Generally speaking, the positioning of this set of keyboard and mouse is too accurate. With good workmanship, sufficient configuration, and perfect appearance, it can definitely capture the heart of your girlfriend.

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