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Peripheral Sharing Article 124: Upgrading RGB to another level—TTC Ice Static Axis V2 Experience

Since I got started with the TTC Ice Static Switch last year, I have also changed my mind from the slapping green switch feel to the soft pressure, silent linear switch, and the soft bouncy feel of the Ice Static Switch. I fell in love with it and used it at home. The silent keyboard switch body can also reduce the chance of being violent at home, so this year I saw that TTC has upgraded the V2 version of the Bingjing switch. What an upgrade.

In terms of packaging, TTC has basically used this kind of boxed transparent packaging since this year. On the one hand, it is convenient for storage, and it looks smaller and fresher than the original one.

The overall appearance of Ice Static Axis V2 is still crystal clear, and its appearance is still online. The crystal clear shell will also bring better RGB light transmission performance.

Simply from the appearance point of view, the Ice Static Axis V2 version is still significantly different from the V1 version. First of all, the design of the condenser is added, and the silver plating process is upgraded on the metal terminals.

The ice static shaft V2 is the same as the V1, the bottom shell is still milky white, and the shaft cover and shaft center are still made of transparent materials.

It can be seen from the dismantling of the shaft body that the V2 version has an additional design of the condenser part. The condenser lens is closer to the LED patch light part and can gather the LED light, which can make the light guide performance of the shaft body better and bring more light. Nice lighting performance. The terminal part in the shaft body is also consistent with the recent upgrade, using an anti-oxidation coating silver plating process to improve the durability of the shaft body, and the silver color is not very different in the transparent shaft body Obtrusive, so that the color of the shaft body looks more consistent.

The upper cover and the axis part look the same as the V1 version, but TTC still optimizes the transparent material to make this part look more transparent. The axis part of the axis body still uses the original dustproof wall design, while the middle part It still has the design of the silencer ring, which is used to eliminate the rebound of the shaft center and the collision sound of the shaft cover, and the shaft center is also lubricated. Careful friends can find that the bottom of the axis of the V2 version has been optimized from the original flat design to a spherical design. When it touches the bottom, it feels softer and the noise is smaller than before.

The spring part is the same as the metal terminal, with an anti-oxidation silver-plated coating design. The parameters of the ice static axis V2 are as follows: 39g trigger pressure, 3.5mm total stroke, 2.0mm trigger stroke, 50 million trigger life, two versions It is obvious that the V2 version will be triggered first, which also shows that the overall smoothness of the ice static axis V2 has also been significantly improved.

Afterwards, the two versions must be compared with each other. The picture below is the V2 version with two static shafts on the left and the V1 version on the right.

In terms of lighting performance, the improvement of the Ice Static Axis V2 version is quite obvious. The addition of the condenser greatly improves the lighting, the lighting is more evenly distributed, and the perception of the front or side will be softer and more uniform. Friends who like RGB are worth recommending an upgrade.

The V2 version of Ice Static Axis, based on the V1 version, has three main upgrades, one is to add an anti-oxidation silver coating, which improves the durability and oxidation resistance of the shaft body, and the other is to add a condenser The module has improved the light transmission performance of the shaft body and brought the RGB performance to a higher level. Finally, the shaft shaft cover has also been upgraded with a more wear-resistant and transparent new material, which makes the shaft body more smooth to use. Therefore, there is a lot of improvement in appearance, durability, lighting, and performance. For friends who like RGB lighting kits, this wave of upgrades is great.

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