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Peripheral Sharing Article 138: Experience Upgraded Hand Feel—Dareu A87 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Sharing

Dareu’s A+ series has always been its high-end product line, and it hopes to bring more fun and trendy products to players. The recently well-received A98 and A87 Pro are this series of products. Recently, the A87 Pro A new Twilight Gray color scheme has been brought, so follow me to see how the new color scheme performs.

The packing box of Dareu A87 Pro is quite design. In addition to the data cable of type-c interface, there are also two-in-one puller, shaft puller, dust cover, and several supplementary color keycaps. As well as manuals, shaft promotion cards and so on.

The A87 Pro adopts the standard 87 configuration, and the cloud gray color scheme adopts a three-color design. At the same time, the bright orange keycaps are used on the ESC and ENTER buttons to bring a good-looking color contrast. The indicator light part of the keyboard is also placed above the arrow keys.

The switch of the keyboard is placed in the upper left corner of the same model of the A98 series, with the same wave switch structure. The evening cloud gray color scheme is a wired version, so this switch provides a quick two-level configuration of the light, and the light is turned off.

The back design of the A87 Pro is also relatively simple. It provides a three-way outlet structure and a two-stage foot support, and the input angle that the foot support can provide is marked. The height design of the third gear can basically meet everyone's needs. The interface design of the type-c data cable is quite special, and the compatibility with the data cable is not high. Friends who want to replace the data cable may need to pay attention.

After looking at the exterior part, do you feel that the A87 Pro is mediocre, so let's take a look at its inner part. The A87 Pro adopts a full-key hot-swappable design, supports tripod axes and pentagon axes, and is basically compatible with about 99% of the mechanical switches on the market. In addition to the built-in Dareu sky axis V3, it is also very simple to change the axis by yourself. At the same time, after removing the keycaps, you can see that the A87 Pro uses a slotted PC positioning plate, and at the same time, it is filled with thick sound-absorbing silicone between the PCB, which can effectively reduce the impact of the keyboard during typing. The vibration noise ensures the consistency of the feel. It can be seen through the PCB that a layer of purple silicone is filled under the PCB to reduce the cavity sound from the keyboard bottom case, and at the same time it can bring the HIFI sound effect that many friends like.

On the side, you can also see the sound-absorbing silicone filled with the positioning plate just mentioned by the keyboard. This layer of silicone adopts the structural design of the fence interlayer, and the layer of silicone can be well fixed by the buckle of the upper and lower shells, so it brings a better use feeling.

You can see that at the position of the big key, Dareu adopts the version of the sky axis with the blue axis. What is the difference between it and the ordinary sky axis? You may understand it when you see the above picture. Lanxin’s sky switch adopts 45gf pressure spring, which brings better feedback strength of the switch body compared to the original version of 40gf, so that the rebound performance of the large key position can be better, and the satellite switch is also fixed when it leaves the factory. After tuning, the consistency in use is very good, and the rebound force feedback is also very comfortable.

The keycap part adopts two-color keycaps made of PBT material. The characters adopt a closed design, and the surface is also very delicate in matte texture. The overall typing oil resistance and comfort are very good. It is convenient to match the color scheme you like. For example, if you like plain, you can remove the contrast color supplement.

Thanks to the standard 87 key positions, in addition to the supplied keycaps, it is also very convenient to replace the keycaps by yourself.

The A87 Pro provides good RGB lighting effects. In the drive-free mode, you can switch between various lighting effects through the FN+F6~F11 keys. However, for the opaque PBT keycaps, the lighting may be more of an embellishment effect. If you like lighting effects, you may wish to replace some transparent keycaps or transparent keycaps for better performance.

All keys are hot-swappable, the sky axis with a good feel, the fence-style Gasket structure, the "hand-feel sound package" with full configuration, and RGB lighting with various gameplays. Dareu has brought you a very good keyboard at the price of 400 yuan. One of the choices, if you want to experience a different feel, Dareu A87 Pro is worth experiencing.

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