Peripheral Sharing Article 166: The first Alice experience - IFKB alice wireless keyboard sharing

I have been playing keyboards for many years, but I have never tried the keyboard with alice arrangement. During the Chinese New Year this year, a friend asked how this arrangement works. I have never played it myself, so I don’t know how to recommend it to my friends. I am decisive. I want to try it myself. I originally wanted to get an aluminum lump in one step, but there are no new products launched recently, and I am afraid that if I don’t get used to this key position, I will overturn the car, so I still go to the seafood market to find a kit to experience it, so there is I have shared this article today. At the beginning, I think this IFKB is a product made by a big guy himself. He also made a lot of other arrangements, but because there is basically no sharing of this keyboard on the whole network, so just get in the car and play by yourself.

The content of the kit is not much. Since the keyboard is stacked with acrylic, there are various acrylic plates, and the surface is covered with a film to prevent surface scratches. Various copper pillar screws of the keyboard are packed in small bags and marked According to the usage scenario, at the same time, screws and so on are given as gifts, in case it is not enough to lose. The version I have is Bluetooth dual-mode, and I can also choose Bluetooth, 2.4G three-mode version, but I only tried it, so I chose the Bluetooth version, and I didn’t add the sound package, and you may know why I No more.

The PCB of the keyboard adopts a slotted design without RGB lights. After all, it is a Bluetooth keyboard, so power saving and battery life are more important. There is a small screen on the left side, which can display Bluetooth wireless status, button layering, upper and lower case, etc. The upper knob part can choose the ESC position or the lower position, or not install it, and the freedom of choice is relatively high. The full keyboard shaft seat is hot-swappable, and it is very convenient to change the shaft by yourself. The usb interface does not separate the small board, because the hole in the slot at the back is relatively large, so the problem is not big, and I must play wireless when I get it.

The positioning board adopts a transparent pc positioning board, and it is best to use copper pillars in the middle to fix it. The structure is also a gasket, and foam is added to the edge of the positioning board. What, so the pc is set to see the pcb directly below.

It is very simple to stack several layers of acrylic. After the kit is installed, the switch body I chose is TTC’s Ice Static Switch V2 version. The transparent keycaps are paired with the static and transparent shaft body, and the transparent pc positioning board. It feels good to have an unobstructed view of the entire keyboard. This is why I don't choose the sound pack, because there is basically no sound when typing. . .

The Alice configuration of the kit is not difficult to use as a whole, and it is more comfortable to type for a long time. As long as you usually use the normal input keys, this configuration is actually worth recommending. This kit is easy to install, supports viaL for driver configuration, and is very convenient to use. However, if there is no engraved keyboard, it depends on your familiarity with the keyboard. Do you dare to challenge it?

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