Peripheral Sharing Article 167: Switches from the Year of the Rabbit—TTC Rabbit Switch RGB Version Experience

With the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit, TTC, which began to "reorganize" according to the zodiac, must be helpless, and immediately launched the OG version of the Rabbit switch for the Year of the Rabbit, and after a while, the RGB version of the rabbit switch is also Followed by it, the overall feel is of course consistent with the OG version, maintaining the characteristics of the silent switch, but the light transmission will be better, let me take a look below.

The RGB version of the Rabbit axis is still composed of TTC’s dustproof wall design and Lego-style structure. Compared with the OG version with an opaque upper cover, the upper cover is replaced with a pink transparent upper cover, but the axis is also Replaced with an opaque design.

However, unlike the RGB and standard versions of the tiger switch, the upper cover of the tiger switch adopts a one-piece design, which does not retain the independent shape of the tiger. As for the RGB version of the rabbit shaft, the rabbit shape on the upper cover still adopts a split design, using high-precision injection molding technology, and inlaid with a snow-white rabbit shape. The difficulty of the process is even higher. Of course, this position also There is no light guide column structure that I prefer from TTC. With the blessing of the rabbit logo, in fact, the RGB version of the rabbit axis and the OG version are only different by one number.

The shaft body adopts a five-legged shaft design, whether it is installation or daily use, it will feel more stable in the hand. At the same time, the guide column structure at the bottom adopts a split design. The bottom is also added for the mute effect. The structure, this operation also makes the key of the axis body softer when the axis touches the bottom when it is triggered, and the hand feel is not so rigid. At the same time, an anti-penetration glue process is added to the position of the conductive terminal at the bottom, which can prevent some bad things from entering the inside of the shaft body and ensure the reliability of the shaft body.

After dismantling, it can be seen that the rabbit shaft adopts the same silent shaft design as the TTC ice static shaft, and a square ring sound-absorbing part is added in the middle. According to the shaft parameters, the trigger pressure is 42gf, the trigger stroke is 1.2mm, and the total stroke is 3.8mm. It is a quick-trigger silent switch, and it also has a kind of rabbit feeling. In order to ensure that the short trigger stroke is easy to trigger, some spring pressure is also slightly added. The rabbit shaft also adopts the treatment process of wearing gold and silver. The surface is coated with electroplating process, and a layer of 99.99% metallic silver is electroplated, which brings more stable reliability. At the same time, the pink shaft covers the back of the rabbit, and there are two characters of Guimao engraved in ancient Chinese characters, which has an even more ancient charm.

The switch body itself has a pink feel, so I also chose my red Heijue AC067 keyboard. It will be booming at the beginning of the year. The overall red color matching with the white switch is really pretty.

Due to the use of pink on the upper cover of the switch body and the occlusion of the rabbit LOGO, the RGB lighting performance is actually weaker than that of the transparent Ice Static switch, but the light transmission performance is not bad, and the overall performance is acceptable. The lighting performance is still acceptable, and the overall impact on the brightness is not very great.

Compared with TTC's last silent ice-quiet switch, the Rabbit switch highlights the characteristics of fast triggering and quietness in terms of feel, and also maintains TTC's usual stability of the switch body, anti-oxidation silver-plated coating, and double noise reduction Excellent noise reduction design, very comfortable bottoming rebound feel, I believe it is worth a try for friends who need game operation speed and silent special effects. Suddenly, I am looking forward to the follow-up zodiac axis.

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