Peripheral Sharing Article 171: Multi-color Russian Experience - Key to Mars UTA ​​95 Russian Retro Keycaps

If you have been involved in the peripheral circle earlier, you may know that around 2016, at that time, the retro keycaps were still popular, and the Caicai Russian keycaps from EnjoyPBT, due to their excellent workmanship The quality and quality are also very popular with everyone, and today in 2023, fashion is always in a circle, and it’s time to start liking retro themes, and I recently bought the UTA 95 Russian from Key of Mars. Text retro sublimation keycaps, so follow me to see what kind of standard this retro keycap is.

The packaging style of the keycaps is still the design style of the Key of Mars family, which is consistent with the style of the previous customized keyboards.

The keycaps are packaged in two layers. The total number is 141, which is basically a small set. There are 7 carriage returns and 7U spaces are also prepared, but it is a pity that it does not support Alice arrangement.

The whole keycap adopts the height of the original factory, the sublimation character process, and at the same time, the multi-color character processing process is used. The highest single keycap is a four-color treatment process. I find the thickness of the keycap is quite amazing. The thickness reaches 1.7mm, which is the first such thick PBT keycap on the market. At the same time, this set of keycaps has very fine prints, very comfortable hand feeling, and the flatness of the large key position is also very good. After installation, the overall large key position feels very consistent, and the consistency of the trigger rebound is processed. Not bad

At the same time, I also observed that the overall consistency of this set of keycaps is very good. Whether it is the edge treatment of the nozzle or the thickness consistency of the keycaps, they are all done well. I feel that the precision of the mold is still quite high, which is guaranteed. The keycaps feel stable and the workmanship is also very solid.

Although it is a retro keycap style, I also want to try to put it together with a more modern acrylic transparent kit. As for the switch body, I use the Ice Quiet Switch V2 version from TTC for this kit. The quietness and rebound feel are very good, and it is my favorite shaft so far. The kit also only uses the Gasket structure, slotted PCB, and the feel is still very soft and elastic.

Since the UTA95 keycaps do not support the arrangement of Alice, I chose some replacement keys for the selection of split spaces and double B subtitles. At the same time, I also chose my favorite space reverse installation for the space position. This set of UTA 95 keycaps, The hands are not as rough as ordinary PBT keycaps, and the touch is still very smooth and comfortable. The sublimation process from Enrong products is quite good. For daily typing, the English characters engraved on the side and the Russian characters engraved on the front are also very eye-catching, and the overall use feel is quite good. Due to the use of the mute shaft body, the keycaps will have a stuffy feeling when typing, but the mute processing makes me prefer the typing experience of this kind of keys.

This set of retro sublimation keycaps from Key of Mars has a warm feel, and the sublimation character processing is quite excellent. Whether it is the choice of fonts or the matching of colors, it is also very harmonious. In addition, the stable keycap workmanship, Design, for players who like retro style, it is a keycap worth a try.

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