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Peripheral Sharing Part 122: How does it feel to have two axes at once——HELLO GANSS Yuesoul and Pinyue axis sharing

In today's domestic shaft market, all peripheral manufacturers are embarrassed to release new products without their own shafts. Gauss, an old peripheral factory that is not willing to be outdone, has recently launched its own brand HELLO GANSS. The new switch, and there are two switches with different feel when they come out, namely the Pinyue White and Green Switch and the Moon Soul Silver Switch. Let me take a look at how the two switches feel.

The packaging of the switch body I got is in a transparent can. This package does not represent the packaging of the retail version, but this kind of jar can also hold keycaps and other things in addition to the switch body, which is quite good.

The Pinyue White Green Switch and Yuesoul Silver Switch can be distinguished from the names. The intuitive difference between the two switches is that they use a white-green axis and a silver axis respectively.

Both shafts adopt the design of the pentagonal shaft, and both the shafts are made of POM and the PC transparent shell design. None of them adopt designs such as dust-proof walls, but adopt the standard MX axis cross structure, but the stability of the axis is handled quite well.

After dismantling, it can also be seen that there is basically no difference between the pinyue switch and the moon soul switch except for the difference in the axis and spring.

The pinyue white and green axis belongs to the advanced stage axis. It adopts a single-stage design spring of 18mm. The trigger pressure is 35±5gf, the stage pressure is 50±5gf, the trigger stroke is 2.00±0.3mm, and the stage starting point is 0.5±0.3mm, so it is basically pressed. Trigger paragraph feel, the total key stroke is 4.0±0.3mm. For friends who like the feel of the paragraph axis, the early paragraph axis has obvious feedback on the paragraph feel. At the same time, it is different from the obvious click feel of the green axis, and the weak paragraph feeling of the brown axis. It feels unique and interesting. It is worth a look. try.

The moon soul silver switch is a standard game fast trigger linear feel switch body. Since the silver switch generally reduces the conduction stroke, how to prevent ordinary accidental touches? The general method is to increase the initial trigger pressure. The soul silver axis uses a 22mm single-section extended spring, which brings stronger trigger pressure. The initial trigger pressure is 43±5gf, the conduction stroke is about 1.0+0.4mm, and the total stroke is 3.5±0.3mm. The shorter trigger conduction stroke, after getting used to it, can improve a lot of speed whether it is gaming or office typing, and it is not a problem to be one step ahead.

Due to the use of a fully transparent PC shell material, the support for the RGB effect of the keyboard is quite good, and the overall display of the light will not have an attenuation effect. Friends who like lights can rest assured.

HELLO GANSS has launched two new axes, each with its own characteristics, which meet the different needs for paragraph axes or quick-trigger axes. The axis has good stability in the daily experience of the axis. At the same time, it has friendly support for RGB lights. As the initial stage of GANSS The new products of the shaft body, these two shaft bodies believe that it is easy to find the corresponding users. Today, as hot-swappable keyboards are popular, I believe that many friends will want to experience various switches, and look forward to more switches with different feel for players to choose from HELLO GANSS.

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