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Peripheral Sharing Part 38: Pink Cat’s Claw Q Adorable Dalyou Small Sugar Cube Z82 Mechanical Keyboard Sharing

Today I will share a Dareu keyboard---Small Cube Z82. A few days ago when I was surfing the Internet, I accidentally saw it, and I was immediately shocked. Now, there is a soft and cute song blowing in the wind of the mainstream theme pattern of the keyboard.

1. Color powder The keyboard has 2 color appearances, canvas white and candy pink. According to my straight male aesthetics, candy powder is the first choice for girls. In the past, the so-called masculine fans, I personally think it is mainly the appearance of the whole pink, the color is relatively heavy, and some boys' temperament can be controlled, and there will be no sense of disobedience when using it. The Z82’s color scheme is different from the previous masculine fans. It is white and pink, with a higher proportion of white, and a few purple buttons.

2. Small size The keyboard is 75% small in size, with a length of 330mm and a width of 140.6mm. With the wireless design, there is no need for wires and the bulkiness of traditional 104 keyboards. convenient.

3. Appearance round The keyboard looks round as a whole, with a lot of curved elements, and there are border corners around the keyboard, and the curves are quite large;

There is a curved inner frame like a cat's claw, which is soft and cute.

4. Cute keycaps Adding an important touch to the soft and cute style of the keyboard is its keycap, which is different from the traditional square keyboard or the round keycap of cyberpunk style in the past. Z82 has improved the keycap. Combined, it looks more rounded. Thanks to this keycap, the Z82 is distinguished from the retro printer keyboards currently on the market.

The big cat claw round button in the upper right corner is the finishing touch of the keyboard. To be honest, when I saw the keyboard, I was more attracted by this cat claw. When the cat's claw keycap was popular a few years ago, I really wanted to own it, but it stopped at the price, and this time, although it is just a cat's claw silicone cover, I am satisfied with this appearance.

5. Wireless cool As such a cute keyboard, wireless use is the correct way to use it, without the fetters of wires, and with the small size design, it is refreshing to put on the table.

Thanks to its small size, high-quality appearance, and special-shaped keycaps, the Z82 looks a bit like a retro printer keyboard at first glance, but I had a bad impression of the retro printer keyboard because it feels bad to use. For example, the following disadvantages

1. Ergonomics. Most retro printer keyboards have no steps, and the keyboard is completely flat; or completely blunt steps, several rows of keycaps are like steps from high to low, and the typing experience is very poor, especially for people who are used to me. Man with mechanical keyboard. Fortunately, the Z82 is designed according to the ergonomics of the current mainstream keyboard.

And there are two-level feet on the back to adjust the height.

2. Keycaps . The cyberpunk round keycaps of retro printers are good-looking, but generally have shortcomings such as small inscribed circle area, no curvature of the keycap itself, and too smooth material used for the keycap, which further leads to poor hand feeling. Fortunately none of these exist on the Z82.

The front surface area of ​​Z82’s keycaps is not smaller than that of traditional keycaps, and its own curvature exceeds that of traditional keycaps. The inner concave surface is more like a ball cap, which can further fit the fingertips during use.

The material of the keycap is PBT, and the surface of the keycap is treated with a frosted coating. The overall feel is silky, which makes me feel like I can't put it down. The keycap technology adopts two-color molding, and the overall has a good wear resistance; the character position is centered, the character size is appropriate, and it has a good aesthetic.

3. Shaft body The Z82 adopts the V2 sky switch customized by Dareu, which is a linear switch body, the trigger pressure of the button is 37g, the total stroke of the button is 4.0mm, and the trigger stroke is 2mm. It is not a new switch body, it has been widely used in the previous A series keyboards, and it is a relatively mature solution. Although I have used it many times before, its performance on the Z82 seems to be different. Although the feel is soft, it is not too soft, but a bit Q-like; There will be no fleshy feeling when touching the bottom, and the absorption of sound is not as obvious as imagined. In short, I feel that the firing is smooth when used comprehensively, the keys follow the hand, and the typing is smooth and smooth. At the same time, the adjustment of the large keys is proper, and the uniformity is very good.

1. Three-mode The keyboard has three connection modes: wired, 2.4ghz wireless, and Bluetooth, and can be connected to various devices such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets.

Although these are relatively mature solutions, there is still a translucent sticker on the front right of the keyboard, which is convenient for new users to connect and use. Wireless is very friendly to users who need to be portable, and the keyboard is very eye-catching to use in coffee shops. What needs to be concerned about is the battery life of the keyboard. Its built-in lithium battery has a capacity of 2000mAh, and the actual battery life can last for 15 days. Anyway, just remember to charge it regularly.

2. Backlight The keyboard has a pure white backlight. In view of the weak backlight effect and power saving, my personal suggestion is not to turn it on.

During the day, the backlight is basically invisible, unless it is in the opposite direction, and it is a waste of electricity when it is turned on.

There is only a faint light transmission at night, and the characters can be barely recognized.

3. Interface The TYPE C connection port and switch are located on the left front of the keyboard. It is very convenient to use the toggle switch at this position. After you are familiar with it, you can just stretch out your left hand and press blindly; after the connection port is plugged in, it may slightly withstand the computer; the receiver storage compartment This is also well received.

4. Arrangement 75% arrangement, 82 buttons, all of which are basically commonly used buttons, just need to be a little familiar with the location, such as the DEL commonly used in office, such as the crtl and alt buttons on the bottom row.

5. Special characters By side engraving on the keyboard, it does not affect the appearance, but also reduces the user's learning cost.

6. Volume adjustment If you don’t have some unique design of the current keyboard, you’d be ashamed to take it out. The cat’s claw keycap on the upper right corner of Z82 is not just for decoration. If you take off the silicone cover, you will find that it is actually a volume control button. You can adjust the volume by rotating it left and right. Press the center to mute, simple and practical.

7. Support mac users In the future, if a friend asks me what keyboard supports the mac system, I will have another recommended choice. Use the Fn+Del key to switch between the two systems, and the corresponding function keys will also change accordingly, such as win and alt become opt and cmd.

8. Exclusive recipe Z82 uniquely implements mouse operation on the keyboard, and realizes mouse movement, click and other operations through Fn plus related combination keys.

9. Accessories There are 3 keycaps in the accessories, ESC, carriage return, space, and the color tone is exactly the opposite of the keyboard itself. I think there is no difference after replacing it. It is a bit tasteless. It is recommended that the manufacturer spend more money and simply add 3 theme patterns. keycap.

From the first time I saw it, I thought this keyboard was good. After using it for several days, the keyboard did not disappoint me. Jinyu is not only in it, but also in it. Whether it is appearance, feel, or operation, it is perfect. There is no shortcoming. What is even more exciting is that the daily price of the keyboard is 469, and the lowest price can reach 409 during Double Eleven.

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